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Thursday Nov.6,2003
I added two new Stunts links to the links page, I took some more pictures of my cat, Chloe, then added them to her page, and yesterday my dad E-mailed me this picture.
Saturday Oct.18,2003
Quick update: I added JTK and KHR's 2003 contest tracks as well as the first of Krys TOFF's WRC tracks to the tracks page and I added three new Stunts links to the links page. Also, my birthday was four days ago and I am now 21 years old.
Thursday Aug.7,2003
I had always wanted the actual domain for this site. But sadly, that currently belongs to a guy who goes under the name "Yun Ye" and you might want to check out this article. He watches WHOIS databases for popular domains to expire and if you forget to renew one of those domains before it expires, BOOM he's got it. Here are some examples:
And once they're in his hands, he re-directs them to his gambling site because he wants lots of traffic to come to it. A few months ago, I sent an E-mail to his address which is then a few days later I got a response saying that he'd give me the domain if I give him $5,500.00 U.S.. Don't forget that I live in Canada, so paying for that domain would cost more than that ammount for me. Instead, I just reserved and activated a different domain for this site. And the site is no longer called, the new domain is
Why I chose that domain, you ask. Because it is almost similar to my current subdomain which is
But please update your links and bookmarks to my new domain if you can because I might not have the subdomain forever.
Who knows, maybe someday I will come up with that huge ammount of money (even though it would be unlikely) then I can pay that guy off and re-direct the domain to my current one. This way, I could possibly set up a free E-mail service and offer a few lucky Stunts fans free E-mail addresses such as for example. Or maybe someday I'll pack up my tent, travel to where he lives in Hong Kong, and camp out on his lawn until he releases not just the domain, until he releases all the domains listed above because I'm sure this would also be unfair to those people above who didn't renew their domains on time.

Also, the message board has finaly moved. The new URL is
Eventually, I will archive the old message board and upload it to this site so everyone can look back at all the old posts.

The tracks page is now open and I added some more custom landscapes to the downloads page. Next update, I will hopefully have the replays page open.

Remember in February 19th's update I told you about a deformed cat? Well, the two weeks went well and we still have her. We named her "Chloe" without the quotes and I now have the developed pictures uploaded here for you to see. Also, have a look at this picture. First look at it normally then look at it upside-down.
Sunday Apr.27,2003
A new Stunts competition (IMSA CUP) started today. I won't add it to the links page because it only lasts for five weeks and is not permanent.
Saturday Apr.12,2003
There's lots of news today. I'll start off by saying that I got a new computer a few weeks ago:
-Pentium4 2.4 GHZ
-512MB RAM
-120GB Maxtor hard drive
-3.5 inch 1.44MB floppy drive
-Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
-NEC DVD writer (with CD-burner combo)
-secondary read-only DVD/CD drive
-GFORCE 4 MX440 8X AGP video card
-SoundBlaster Live 5.1 sound card
-17 inch tower case
-Canon i550 colour Bubble Jet printer

So finaly, goodbye Pentium 1 GHZ. I re-designed this site so it will also work with "Netscape Navigator 7.02 ." Site will now work with "Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 ," "Netscape Communicator 4.79 ," or "Netscape Navigator 7.02 ," but out of all three site still works best with "Netscape Communicator 4.79 ."

Now for news related to Stunts, I finaly joined
the old Stunts WebRing which Alain has been bugging me to do for a long time because he finaly obtained management for that old abandoned ring so he can eventually delete the new one and I added a redone links page.

Episodes 2 and 3 of "Jill of the Jungle" have been released as freeware so I added them as well as an old freeware DOS version of "Wheel of Fortune" to the other games page and I added WinZip and WS_FTP to the downloads page.

I have some pictures to show you. The first one is of a Volkswagen with a logo from one of my most favorite TV shows on the back, Malcolm in the Middle. There is also a logo from the Simpsons on the side of the car. The picture was taken at an auto show (a car show) in my area last week. The second picture is one that I have been meaning to show here for a long time.

And finaly before I go, this is IMPORTANT. Remember I said in November 3rd's update that the message board could soon be moving? Well I haven't got many votes so far, only two. One for phpBB and one to stay with EZboard plus RoboRed wanted a vBulletin and Forge315 didn't vote but said that I should go with phpBB. I don't know, maybe I can count that as two votes for phpBB. Anyway, if you haven't voted yet I encourage you to vote now before it's too late because my CSC Gold expires on Monday June.2,2003 and if I don't get anymore votes by then I think I am going to just close that board and install a phpBB because it is 100% free.
Saturday Mar.15,2003
The polls page is now open. Vote for your favorite car and opponent.

Off-line Petrol Pete's Stunts Page and Edusol's Stunts page have been archived. And trust me when I say that the top half of Petrol Pete's Stunts Page currently looks better than the bottom half because Notepad kept giving me the error message "Not enough memory available to complete this operation." I archived both sites using The WayBack Machine which is a great tool for archiving old websites. I will be archiving more of the old Stunts sites over the next while. One site I will not be archiving is "Mike Mallett's Stunts doohickies" because I once downloaded some replays from that site (this was a few years ago back when his site existed) that screwed up my computer.

I updated the download links to "Broderbund Stunts 1.0" and "Broderbund Stunts 1.1" on the downloads page and I added some Terrain Editors and Custom Landscapes.

And finaly, I now have some screenshots from "Stunt Driver." Check them out at the other games page.

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