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STUNTS (or 4D Sports Driving)

Stunts has been one of my most favorite games since I was 10 years old. I am now 21. My favorite car is the Porsche March Indy because it is the fastest. I give my opponent (usually Helen Wheels) the slowest car there is. Stunts is a great game and I made lots of tracks with it over the years plus I eventually created this website. Here is what this site looked like when I first opened it in December 2000. You can find Stunts for download on this site and on other sites. (Yes, Stunts is FREEWARE)

Now, look through the menus below (or the buttons on the left side) and have fun. 

News & Updates
• Downloads: 
       -Tracks - lots of tracks. 
       -Other Stunts-related Downloads - track editors, car editors, the game itself, and many more... 
       -Other Games - checkout or download some of the other games I play. 
• About: 
       -Stunts in General 
       -Me - information about myself, a picture of me, my interests, and a short biography. 
• Tips 'N' Tricks - A few cheats for Stunts and the passwords.
• High Score Table - Got a really high score? Enter it here or view other peoples' scores. 
• Contests - enter my current contest or view older contests. 
• Pictures: 
       -Stunts-related Pictures - screenshots from the game. 
       -Stunts Art - self-drawn or other Stunts-related pictures that are not screenshots. 
       -Other Pictures 

       -MidTown Madness 1.0 Pictures - screenshots I have taken and modified from this game.
       -Dogs - dog pictures.
• Forum - discuss Stunts-related issues and meet other Stunts fans.
       -Rules - a few rules (and other information about the board) you should read before entering.
       -The Board Itself - enter the board.
Links - links to sites of Stunts distributers and publishers, competitions, and other Stunts-related websites created by fans.

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