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News Flash: I have gone through and added a bunch of files e-mailed to me over the last year or so. These files do not show up as links on this page but are in the archive zip files which contains all the downloadables. Please see the bottom of the page for directions to the stprog.exe self extracting archive if you've bought the game but some files got corrupted on your disk. Please see the cracks section below to bypass the "security" system / password phase if you've lost the documentation. Web page owners: feel free to mirror my site and expand upon it.

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Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Stunts News
  • Info (to become a mini-faq)
  • Other Web Sites
  • Submit tracks or I'll have to have a Stunts pledge-a-thon.
  • Tracks
  • Replays
  • Competitions comparing track completion times and replays.
  • Cheats
  • Cracks
  • Other Programs
  • Miscellaneous
  • E-mail me for any questions or comments.

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    Visit: The 4D-Driving/STUNTS ring (suspended)


    Hello, Stunts by Broderbund is one of my favorite games and so this web page is completely devoted to all aspects of the game. In particular I have an extensive collection of tracks and other downloadables. For the time being, you will not be able to access them through the FTP site, only via HTTP. Or you can download everything by getting the archive file which is updated the most often (but still not often).

    I apologize for the bare bones look of this page. I don't have a whole lot of free time, so this ended up being one long page with a lot of text.

    Feel free to email me with any new tips, technical info, links, ideas, etc. so that I can put it on this web page. If you attach a file for the archive, please send a description of the file too. ;)



    I have made a new directory called misc which will hold a lot of new information and other neat stuff. Check it out. I will be putting info I get about Stunts there, tech info, tips on Stunts and Win95, etc.
    If you have a question you want posted to the web page, I can put it there. Answers will be put there too. So if you want a message posted there please specify in your e-mail.

    I also have put up a lot of descriptions and such like for all these files. I noticed people don't download individual tracks without a description, so I am working on getting a description of each of these tracks.

    I have put one file containing the entire archive (except for the large stprog.exe) called which will be updated every time I log on. The .zip file is now just over 400k... so it's not very big considering the number of files within.

    You can also access these files without the trappings of this web page by going directly to the files by accessing the root directory of this web page. You should be able to select directories and grab the files directly from there. Often you will find files there that are not yet on the web page. I might completely remove some of the file listings entirely. So it is important that you send along a descriptive text file or the like when you submit tracks, etc.

    Does anyone know what happens if you use a "cheatcar" to record a replay and try to play it back using a normal car? I know the replay file includes the track information, but does it also include the car info?
    I've got an answer from Markus Nagelholz / Mark Nailwood:

    If you have not got an answer to your question about the replays so far:
    The replays only contain the NAME of your car, of the opponent and of
    the opponent's car, the track- (and terrain-) Information, and the
    keyboard-events during driving. This leads to the following
    1) You must provide EXACTLY the same car in the Stunts-root-directory if
    you want to view a replay.  :-(
    2) If only 1 byte of the replay is altered - especially in the
    keyboard-event-section, the replay will be chaotically from this point.
    So hacking around in the replay-files is not useful.  :-((
    3) The replay does not contain any information that you have not
    continued your driving from the end of the replay - so if you've crashed
    (it may happen sometimes ...) then you only have to continue from a
    previous position and try again. Then you must save the replay before
    the finishing line, re-load it and finish with a (I hope) good
    highscore.  :-)))

    Also soon... A mini faq is to come. There's a lot of information about stunts thrown out there but not in a coherent form. So I'll be working on that.

    Thanks to Lukas Loehrer, I know have a way to get screen captures in Stunts. You can get the software in the program section. It's called

    Also, there is some news about some new software for stunts being written by stunts fans like yourselves and I'll keep you posted on that. If anyone out there wants to help , feel free to e-mail me.


    Information about Stunts

    Stunts is a classic driving game written by Broderbund. I own version 1.0 which was written in 1990. There exists two other versions of Stunts for MSDOS, version 1.1 and another by Mindscape which was named 4D SPORTS DRIVING. Stunts can be run under Win95 (full screen), and Windows 3.1 but sound is a problem. To play with sound, run under DOS. Any info on how to get sound under Windows?

    In this game, you get to one of several cars to drive around tracks which include various "stunts" like jumps, loops, etc. You may choose to race against the clock or one of the computer opponents, each of which have their own skill level and personality. Your results are saved in a high score file which can be compared with others. The best part of the game, however, is the ability to make your own track.

    The tracks can be interchanged between all three versions but the cars in Mindscape's version cannot. The only difference between Stunts v1.0 and v1.1 is that in v1.0 there is a bug/feature which allows you to go through the top of some of the track pieces (tunnels, etc.). That changes the gameplay quite a bit.

    One of the good cheats is that you are able to modify the cars attributes which include a surprisingly sophisticated physical model of a car (or at least a good list of attributes). You can download a set of replacement cars. To find out how to install the replacement "cheatcars" just read the documentation file included. This is one of the reasons that I encourage you to send a replay file along with your high score file when submitting a challenge.

    Sometime I will get descriptions for all of these files. If someone would like to summarize each of these tracks and send the summary to me I'd be very happy. :)


    Other Web Pages of Interest and Contact Info

    Andrew Shugg's 4D Stunts Driving Page:
    Andrew Shugg ( )

    A. Doff's Stunts Page
    Join A Doff's Stunts competition, or download his many tracks.

    Ray ( )

    David Leadbetter Review of
    STUNTS from Broderbund / 4D SPORTS DRIVING from Mindscape

    Adam ( )

    Kerhop's STUNTS Page
    Frank Laughlin ( )

    Luca Gelmetti's Stunts Page
    Luca Gelmetti (

    Stunts Competition Page on Geocities is now offline.

    NEW! Lukas Loehrer's 4D Sports Driving page
    I really nicely set up page with some great inside info. Check it out.

    NEW! Markus Nagelholz's Stunts' page
    A page with really cool utilities for Stunts! A must see!

    Mark's Stunts Stuff
    A page with ratings of designers (gave me the lowest rating!) and a competition page. No hard feelings, as I'm putting your page up here. And it's still there in 2001!

    Matteuz Stunts Page

    Br0derbund - STUNTS

    Mindscape - of 4D SPORTS DRIVING

    If you know of any other relevant resources, please e-mail me. Also, feel free to put a link to this web page on your page, if you wish. I also have no problem with someone copying most of my files and putting them on their own web page. Heck, if someone wants to mirror my archive, I'd be happy. You can easily do it by downloading the archive which includes all the files on this web page except for stprog.exe. Or you can download it, unzip it to a directory and use Netscape to browse the archive offline! is just a plain and simple ZIP archive file. Make sure you unzip it with the directory structure intact! (pkunzip -d



    You are now able to submit tracks via e-mail attachment. The FTP archive has been transferred to the HTTP server. I have been getting few FTP uploads but many submissions via e-mail, regardless of my request against it. But now the point is moot, since I've circumvented the problem I had with e-mail attachments.... Anyway...

    What I would like to require for uploads is a ZIP'ed archive (PKZIP compatible) that contains your .TRK file (or files), the corresponding .HIG files and preferably a description file. The following is just a suggestion:

  • The name of the track...both the short .trk name and possible a longer cooler name. :)
  • Your Name / Handle
  • Your e-mail address
  • Info about the track, possibly including:
    Which terrain: original, modified, custom? (brief description)
    Is there more than one path to the end, or is it multipathed?
    Your own estimate on difficulty level.
    When it was created
    What car do you drive on it.
    Approximate completion time.
    Any other information you can think of to help describe the track.
    For instance: How many "Stunts" are there? Is it straight forward, or is it tricky? Is there a lot of ice or sharp turns to watch out for?

    For example:

    VALHALLA.TRK - Valhalla
    by Petrol Pete
        Custom terrain.  Big plateau in the middle with ravine.
        One path.
        Survivablity - Mostly Harmless.  
          The main challenge is to get a really good time.
        Indy Car
        takes at most 7 minutes
        Not a lot of stunts or suprise turns.  Good straightaways and banked 
        curves with a fair amount of jumps.  A fast, and fun track to drive.
        Can use "6th gear" for Indy car, but be careful!

    So, to follow this example what you would upload is something like VALHALLA.TRK (the track), VALHALLA.HIG (the high score file), and VALHALLA.TXT (the description) zipped up into a file called VALHALLA.ZIP. You would attach it to your e-mail message and in the body of the message leave a short, one-line description of the file". For example: Indy car track, fast, banked curves, < 7 min. Have fun! -- Petrol Pete

    This goes for other submissions. If you want to submit a utility or replay or anything, please zip it up with a description including your name and e-mail address, attach it to e-mail and give me a short description to put on the web page.



    If have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.

    Petrol Pete's Tracks

    This includes many Stunts tracks, high score files, replays, etc. I once had each of these available separately, but since they are so small there was no point. I highly recommend VALHALLA.TRK. It is my finest track. It doesn't look like much from above, but it's a well thought out track. I will soon have a second file containing ones I am particularly proud of. I'll include a list of the files here later... it will include Valhalla. Petrol Pete's Tracks - some good, some not so good. Most are variations leading up to Valhalla, none I'm too proud of. There are some sample modified terrains you might be interested in, though.
    paf-trks.txt Indy car track, fast, banked curves, < 7 min. Have fun! -- Petrol Pete
    valhalla.txt Tracks I am particularly proud of.
    paf-trk2.txt coming soon

    The "Originals"

    These files are modifications of some of the originals plus some more. Actually, these are just the ones that I first started modifying. A lot of them were done by friends of mine, but I forget who. These were all kept in the stunts directory and I lost track of which ones were which. Now that I know you can select a subdirectory (press up, and then type in the name of the subdir), there's no need for confusion.
    Download The Originals

    More Tracks

    I now have each file zipped up with their respective .TRK, .HIG, .RPL, and .TXT file. The accompanying .TXT files are descriptions of the tracks. When you make a submission, Please send along a one line tagline too. Indy car track, fast, banked curves, < 7 min. Have fun! -- Petrol Pete
    valhalla.txt mostly a test of skill in redlining the car, but not getting out of control. A track with no description
    sikotic.txt A really bizarre track. by
    track-3f.txt Edited terrain, Multiple paths
    misc. unknown authors' tracks
    anontrk1.txt "Here's a track I made to jump over 3 buildings" - Auke Damstra -
    a_4.txt Whose tracks are these?
    adamtrks.txt by a guy named Adam whose handle is "God" Three tracks, all terrain #5, Indy Car
    bthrough.txt Just a replay file... but can drive track if "restart driving" Does anyone have this track?
    confuser.txt by Prem, Believe me, it does live up to its name.
    ivantrk.txt by Ivan ( lots of tracks
    nrtrk.txt Tracks by Nathan ( lots of tracks, replays too.
    sally.txt by Prem, Lots of sharp turns. 20 min in Indy
    tb.txt by Andre Doff, Most of them are quite long, but very driveable. [No surprises]

    You can access these tracks via the track directory. There are probably files there now that are not listed on the web page.
    Remember, you can download the whole lot of them by getting



    A new file area is dedicated solely to replay files.

    Pete's Replays This file contains a lot of cool replays that I've recorded... mostly spectacular crashes or jumps. (Actually it contains only one right now, but it will be updated under the same name.
    Your replay could be here! Send your replays to me via e-mail along with a short description of what happened.

    If you want to send a number of replays, please zip them up together with a descriptive text file.

    You can access the directory listing of this section, which probably includes files more recently added in the replay directory.


    Competitions and Challenges

    Here's the list so far: (copy the source below as an example for your upload)

    Peter Fortman / Petrol Pete -
    01-31-96 - PAF-TRKS.ZIP Just try and beat these! :)
    10-21-96 - ORIGINAL.ZIP

    Andre Doff -
    10-06-96 - TB.ZIP (B)eat this ;-) !
    10-06-96 - Valhalla

    Auke Damstra -
    07-01-96 VALHALLA

    Markus Nagelholz / Mark Nailwood -
    02-14-97 - PAF-TRKS.ZIP Incredible highscores for baka/barrier/bars/default1 !
    02-14-97 - TB.ZIP Fascinating highscores for all 'all*'-tracks !
    02-14-97 - VALHALLA.RPL A replay from the King of Valhalla !

    Above is a list of people who are interested in "competing" against another person. This can be done by comparing the high score list and the replay. You will be able to submit your .hig and .rpl files via e-mail into the incoming directory and other people can download them from compete/ and try to beat their scores. What I suggest is zipping up the .hig and the .rpl file and a some sort of text message indicating who you are, your e-mail address, the date, and any sort of taunting message you like. ;)

    You can access the directory listing of this section, which probably includes files more recently added in the compete directory.

    I highly recommend zipping them up with a PKzip compatible compression utility together into one file. I am going to suggest a naming scheme. Let's say that John J. Doe submitted JJTRACKS.ZIP which included tracks and high score files. Later, John Q. Public downloads those tracks, and beats all the high scores and saves replays of his triumphs. He wants to submit them to this archive, so others can be amazed as his prowess and technique. So he names the file as such.
    jjtracks is the set of tracks this refers to,
    96-12-31 is the upload date
    and J.Q.P. are his initials.

    He submits it as an e-mail attachment and in the e-mail message writes:

    John Q. Public / JP -
    12-31-96 - JJTRACKS.ZIP I beat your score on EVERY track, JJ! Ha!

    JJ. Doe sees this soon after John Q. Public sends his e-mail since the maintainer of the Stunts archive only needs to save the attachment in the right directory and cut and paste the above into the web page. (hint hint)
    So JJ doesn't sleep for three nights and furiously tries to outdo John's high scores until he finally beats one! It was his first track, JJDOE001.TRK. After watching the replay of his flawless run, he saves the replay and zips up the high score file and the replay as a file called

    He submits it as an e-mail attachment and in the e-mail message writes:

    John J. Doe / Doe-Boy -
    01-04-97 - JJDOE001.ZIP (from JJTRACKS.ZIP) Those were just test runs... try and beat this!

    So then John Q. Public, beats the high score in that very day and sends a file with a line in the message body of the e-mail like:

    01-04-97 - JJDOE001.ZIP (from JJTRACKS.ZIP) Ha.  That was pathetic! I beat that on my lunch break. 
    And so on and so forth... get the idea?

    When these files are downloaded, most programs which can't handle more than 8.3 will take the last extension and use the first eight letters of the file. This means you should be careful when you download more than one file with the same first eight letters if you don't have Win'95. But, in most cases, you'll want to download only the most recent anyway, so this shouldn't be a problem. When you have uploaded a "challenge" I will look for the informational text inside the zip file. What would really help me is if you included a line in the message body like those above.

    You can access the directory listing of this section, which probably includes files more recently addd in the compete directory.


    Cheats and Hacks

    Contained in this section is information pertaining to the innards of Stunts. Right now we just have stuff about how to modify the car files. But soon I would like to have data about file structures, track pieces, etc. Any info useful for hacking Stunts.

    Info on hex editing the car files
    Documentation on pre-edited car files, the file itself

    You can access the directory listing of this section, which probably includes files more recently added in the cheat directory.



    St-loader for Stunts (v1.0 Br0derbund), by Michael Yakubovich, September 1992. Run ST.COM in the same directory as STUNTS.COM and the doc-check will not come up.

    Neverlock crack. Run STUNTS_K.EXE in the same directory as STUNTS.COM and whatever you type in as the missing word will be accepted.

    STUNTSQA.TXT by A list of all the doc-check questions and answers.

    You can access the directory listing of this section, which probably includes files more recently added in the cracks directory.


    Other Programs

    You can get a lot of other software in the program section. This includes STPROG.EXE and a lot of editors and randomizers.



    You can access a lot of neat miscellaneous stuff in the misc directory directly. There are answers to questions, people's questions, comments, screen captures, etc. I suggest you check it out.


    This page has been accessed times since Feb 1997.
    Last revision date: Friday, January 2nd, 2001
    Last update date: Sun Dec 2 08:02:53 EST 2001
    If you have any suggestions or comments, please send e-mail to:


    And now, for those who have lost or corrupted their copy of Stunts:

    Here you can find STUNTS by Broderbund, version 1.0
    as STPROG.EXE.
    STPROG, by the way, is a self-extracting, self-installing ARJ executable archive. Some people have had problems running it due to older versions of DOS and such. If that is the case, just get a copy of ARJ and manually extract the files. (arj x stprog.exe).
    Please, you are on your honor here. Broderbund no longer distributes this program. I am attempting to contact the company to see if they will release it as freeware (not free-domain) or re-release it (perhaps with other "classics") or even write Stunts 2. I sent them the idea, but I have had no response. I am attempting again.