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Here are some other games I play besides Stunts. Just note.
NOTE: I do not support warez. The only downloads you will find here are freeware/shareware versions. So if you're looking for registered versions of the games (warez), then get off this site and go find them yourself. Okay, that's unless you decide to go to their sites and buy them. Enjoy what I have here.

Classic Games
Current Games


Publisher: Adept Software

This is my second favorite game (of course my most favorite is Stunts if you don't know by now). You fly around in a jetpack collecting gems. This game also includes a built-in level editor.

Download Jetpack Full/Registered Version (now released as freeware)
Download my First Levels (100 Levels)
Download My Second Levels (51 Levels)

Commander Keen

Publisher: ID Software




I also like this game a lot. For more information about this game (and more downloads), visit Cerebral Cortex 314.

Cerebral Cortex 314 - the #1 Commander Keen site.
Commander Keen Newsletter - Visit the Commander Keen Newsletter for all the Commander Keen news.
Public Commander Keen Forum - ask an expert, get any help you need with Commander Keen.

Download "Commander Keen1 - Marooned on Mars"
Download "Commander Keen 3.5 - Keen Dreams" DEMO
Download "Commander Keen4 - Secret of the Oracle"
Download "Commander Keen6 - Aliens Ate My Babysitter" DEMO
Download My First Commander Keen1 Levels (15 Levels)
Download My Second Commander Keen1 Levels
Download "Commander Keen7 - The Universe is Toast" unofficial DEMO by me DISCONTINUED

Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure

Publisher: Apogee 3D Realms




This game is similar to Commander Keen. You must help Cosmo find his parents after they vanish on a trip to Disney World.

Download episode 1/3

Jill of the Jungle

Publisher: Epic Games

Jill of the Jungle Center - a "Jill of the Jungle" forum.

Download "Episode 1 - Jill of the Jungle"
Download "Episode 2 - Jill Goes Underground" (now released as freeware)
Download "Episode 3 - Jill Saves the Prince" (now released as freeware)
Download "Jill Edit version 1.0 by Rory Fisher" - level editor for all three episodes.

Stunt Driver

Publisher: Spectrum HoloByte (now owned by Hasbro Interactive)

This game is similar to Stunts, another classic racing game. Hop into a 60s Mustang and get behind the wheel. Drawbridges, loops, banked curves, hills and oil slicks will all challenge your driving skills. This game also gives you a maximum to have three opponents while Stunts only allows you to have one, but I rate Stunts better than this game because:
1. Stunts has better graphics in my opinion.
2. My Pentium 133 only supports the internal speaker when playing Stunt Driver while when playing Stunts it stil supports the Labtec speakers I have hooked up to it.
3. Stunt Driver runs too fast on my Pentium 133 and I have to use moslo to slow it down.

Download "Stunt Driver version 1.2"

MidTown Madness 1.0 & 2

Publisher: Microsoft Games

MidTown Madness 2 Central

cars and other downloads for MM2. Also find information about "MidTown Madness 3" coming soon only to X-box.

Need For Speed - High Stakes

Publisher: Electronic Arts

I like this game as much as I like Stunts and MidTown Madness. There are about 20 different cars to choose from. There are five different driving modes to choose from: test drive, single race, hot pursuit, tournements, and career mode. In career mode, you can race your way to more money to buy things such as better cars or upgrades for your current class 3 car.  Also in this game, you can have up to eight opponents.

Need For Speed - information about and screenshots of "Need For Speed - High Stakes" and the other NFS versions.
Download "Total Patch" by R.F. Bisschop

this patch for "Need For Speed - High Stakes" can do many things such as enable all cars and all tracks as well as give you lots of money in career mode.

Duke Nukem I, II, and 3D

Publisher: Apogee 3D Realms




Planet Duke - includes files and information on the Duke Nukem series of games.

Download "Duke Nukem I Episode1 - Sharpnel City"
Download "Duke Nukem II episode 1/4"
Download DukeEdit - a full level editor that works with all three episodes of "Duke Nukem I."
Download My First Duke Nukem I Levels (for all three episodes)
Download My Second Duke Nukem I Levels (for episode1 only)

Test Drive Off-Road 2 & Test Drive 5

Publisher: Accolade



Wheel of Fortune 2nd Edition

Publisher: Hasbro Interactive

I don't know what it is with this game, but ever since I got it all it would do was freeze. This game freezes in different spots of the game rounds. I couldn't find a patch for this game, so I guess there isn't one but hopefully Hasbro Interactive will change their mind one day and make one. I am currently running this game on a Pentium 1 GHZ with the following: Windows 98 2nd Edition, 256 MB of RAM, a 52x CD-ROM. If you had this problem and if you know how to fix it, please E-mail me and let me know.

Download "Wheel of Fortune" DOS version -

an old freeware DOS version of "Wheel of Fortune." Please don't ask me for a copy of "Wheel of Fortune 2nd Edition" because IT IS ILEGAL.

I will soon be adding more games to this page.

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