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Saturday Oct.12,2013

I was a patient on the psych ward at Peace Arch Hospital when they had that flood last month. Another patient had pulled the cap off a drain in the room next to the one that I was staying in. The ward was then put on lockdown for three hours. The end result, it looked like hell had ravaged through. This was on the fifth floor and the floor below had even more damage. I wore earplugs for the next several days as they had fans going all over the place and am very sensitive to loud noises.

Wednesday Apr.7,2010

We have new tracks from Rohan Edwards, Alex Sacarubba, and Jarkko Piispanen. To download them, go to the tracks page.

Now starting today, each update that is made to this website will come with a poll question usually pertaining to something that I'd written about within the associated bulletin or otherwise something else in relation to the site. Today's poll question is about hit counters. The hit counter that used to be on the index page is no longer active since Microsoft discontinued the FastCounter by bcentral, so I will ask you to choose between a few counter styles that I picked out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the style given the most votes is one of the ones that I know is supported by someone who has the option for setting my hit counter to only count Unique Visits, meaning that the counter will only increment once rather than keep counting each hit if a user comes back in five minutes or keeps reloading the page. I will post the results of today's poll question in the next update. And you'll still be able to vote on today's poll after I post the first results even though a new poll question will be posted with the next update. All polls in this section will permanetly remain open instead of closing after a certain number of days. And this time I thought I'd try using the free web poll service offered by Sparklit Networks Inc (rather than go with Alxnet again) because they have the ability for voters to post comments. There's not a lot out there for free remotely hosted polls that allow commenting.

Also, I've been making an online archive of the messages that are in my ISP E-mail address to August 19th 2009. Obviously I still have a lot more work to do before all of the messages are clickable, but have a look here at how far I've come along as of right now.

Wednesday Sept.12,2007
You heard about Madeleine McCann, the four year-old British girl who disappeared in May 2007 from a posh resort in Portugal where she was on vacation with her parents. Even my host, Hosting Department, where I currently host Stunts Illusion were getting in on this and supporting her safe return. Two days after her disappearance, they setup this dedicated site with a guestbook which that site's viewers could sign to show their support. I learned while watching yesterday's news that this case now has a British Columbia connection, that's the Canadian province where I live. Norah Paul, an aunt of Madeleine's mother, Kate, and also Madeleine's godmother also lives in B.C.. She lives in Vancouver, B.C., Canada which is the largest city in the province and also the third largest city in Canada while I live a one hour drive away from there in Surrey, B.C. which is a suburb of Vancouver and she had visited the family in England not long before they left for Portugal. She is determined that the allegations are wrong and that the parents did not play any role in their daughter's disappearance, here is an excerpt from the story posted on CTV's website:
Posted on: Sunday Sept.9,2007
Excerpt from story: The father of a missing British girl says he and his wife played no role in her disappearance...Things changed dramatically this week when Portuguese police brought the McCanns in for questioning.
The police said new forensic tests had found minute traces of blood in the couple's car. By Friday, the McCanns were considered formal suspects in their daughter's disappearance.
Kate McCann told the Sunday Mirror Newspaper Portuguese police had tried to push her to confess to killing Madeleine accidentally...Norah Paul, Kate McCann's aunt and godmother, told CTV News Sunday the allegations are wrong.
"They just want them out of the country I think," she said. "(Portugal police) have blown their budget for the next decade and it's bad for their tourism.
"Our Kate can be really, really strong and they're going to fight this because it's just so not true," she continued...Read the full story.

This update comes on the day after the sixth anniversary of 9/11, the day when four commercial airliners were hijacked, of which two were flown into the World Trade Center, one was flown into the Pentagon, and the fourth plane crashed in a field in western Pennsylvania. Many lives were lost on this tragic day and millions of people around the world were so impacted, shocked, and devastated including those who lost loved ones. I didn't know any of the people who lost their life on this date, I remember my dad took a y-day that day. He got up early that morning while my mom and me were still sleeping and he turned on the news and then it's obvious what was on that very second right when he turned the TV on. He told my mom and me what had happened as soon as we got up later that morning. I'm trying a new colour sheme just for this update based on the hex values that represent the United States flag. Keep in mind that this is not a new permanent colour scheme for Stunts Illusion. Maybe I should put up a poll that asks what you think of this American colour scheme. I also put up a September 11th memorial background on just this one page of the news section and you can hear a MIDI playing in the background of the United States national anthem "The Star-Spangled Banner." Download that MIDI here.

I hope to have another update in less than one year from today. I've had some issues in my personal life with my family and with other people (so therefore I haven't got around to updating) that I had to take care of including one thing that I can share here which I didn't tell about in the last update, I had to put my dog down in December 2005. Only two weeks after that, something even worse happened. If my dog had made it atleast one more month, she would have lived to be 15 years old. I haven't forgot about Stunts Illusion, I have many files keep piling up on my hard drive (and I only used 60MB so far of the 3GB that Hosting Department had given me) which I hope will finaly come to Stunts Illusion in the next update. I also hope to have in the next update, a page with pictures of a new kitten I got in August 2006, eight months after my dog passed away. I now have two cats, this new one that you haven't seen yet is now just over a year old. And to use up some of that space Hosting Department gave me, I have unlimited FTP accounts so maybe some of the Stunts fans who don't like the free hosts would be interested in having their Stunts-related wbesites hosted on Stunts Illusion.

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