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Friday July 7,2006

Sorry about the rather huge delay in updating. Four months ago back in March of this year, VeoWeb (who took over my previous host,, in early 2004) went out of business so I went to look for a new host. After a whole four months of me not having a website, I finaly got Stunts Illusion back up with the host I went with in the end being Hosting Department. However, Hosting Department wasn't my first host after VeoWeb going out of business. I tried signing up with Avail Networks at first, but I went to ask them for support and they sent me a rude reply. What had actually happened was that I was in the middle of a conversation via a helpdesk ticket between myself and Reed Murray, their staff member who I've been dealing with, when Reed told me to E-mail him because they were having problems with their helpdesk system. So I E-mailed him and at first I thought that he didn't reply because for some reason I didn't receive the reply that he sent me so I went back to the helpdesk ticket where we were having the converstaion and I added a reply to that ticket asking him why he didn't answer my E-mail. He didn't reply to that reply I added to the support ticket because he had been missing some of my replies that I had been adding to tickets, so since he missed that reply I started a new ticket asking him why he didn't answer my E-mail. He never had any problems missing new tickets that I started, he just had problems where he missed some of my replies to previous tickets. Now it was his first reply to this new ticket I had started that was rude. In this reply, he said things like he considers me starting new tickets instead of replying to previous tickets as spam and that I should either just E-mail him or use the helpdesk system instead of doing both. And what else could I have done if he was missing my replies to my previous tickets and if for some reason I was unable to receive E-mail from him? Because of all this, it seemed that the only way to get a hold of him was to start a new ticket each time I wanted to ask him for support or each time I wanted to add a new reply to something he had said previously. And him missing my replies wasn't the only thing that was wrong with their helpdesk system, their helpdesk system was rather faulty and here are the other problems I had with it:
-it wouldn't function in Netscape.
-for some reason I stopped recieiving E-mail notification whenever a new reply was added to one of my tickets even though I did receive E-mail notification to start with.
-Whenever I tried to attach a file to one of my tickets, the file didn't attach once I submitted my ticket.

So that's a total of alteast four things that was wrong with their helpdesk system at that time including the fact that he would miss my replies. Their faulty helpdesk system and the rude reply to one of my tickets weren't the only reasons why I gave up on Avail Networks, a third reason why I gave up on them would be because when I first signed up with them and was asked to enter my street address and billing information, it denied creating my account because it said that the street address I entered didn't match the billing address of the cardholder (me). I was entering the right address so I contacted Avail Networks support regarding this issue and they activated my account while saying that they would solve the billing issue later. I never heard anything more about that since then so the billing issue was never solved and it wasn't until sometime after Reed sent me the rude reply to my helpdesk ticket when he told me that my payment was not going through because I am international meaning that I don't live in the same place where Avail Networks has their servers located. At first when their billing system was denying my account being created, Reed said that it might have been because I was entering "home" without the quotes in the "company name" field. So I tried signing up and entering all my information all over again while this time leaving the "company name" field blank, and it still denied me so this is when Reed activated my account while saying that he would solve the billing issue later. I think it might have helped if he had said something then if he had knew then that my payment was not going through because I am international instead of waiting until after I gave up on hosting with Avail Networks. It sounded like he knew all along that my payment was not going through because I am international. They have a new helpdesk system now, but with both the issue of my payment not going through and my problems with the faulty helpdesk both occurring within only the first month after I signed up with them, I feel in my opinion that those were signs of more problems to come in the future if I had decided to continue hosting with them. Some people provide their paid webhosting services just to make money and don't care much about customer support. He didn't get any of my money however because like I said we couldn't get my payment to go through, but how do I know that he didn't treat other customers the same way he treated me and was able to get their money? I don't recommend hosting with Avail Networks. I don't recommend hosting with any of these following hosting companies:
-Avail Networks
-FWSH (Fire Website Hosting)
-Innerweb Host

FWSH (Fire Website Hosting) was suppose to take over VeoWeb after they went out of business, but Ron Tomasetti, one of their staff members, managed to botch the transfer and lose hundreds of websites including mine so after that I decided that it was time to look for a new host for Stunts Illusion. Luckily, I had a copy of Stunts Illusion backed up on my hard drive so I didn't lose it.

And I don't recommend hosting with Innerweb Host because they use to be known as who VeoWeb took over in early 2004 after they went out of business until two years after that Innerweb comes back into business as Innerweb Host. And I didn't sign up with at first to be transferred to VeoWeb and then be transferred from there to FWSH, I signed up with to stay with them. So how could they bump me off of their servers like that and then go back into business not letting me keep my hosting with who I had originally signed up with? I signed up with at first because I wanted to keep my hosting with Innerweb and not be moved around between other hosting companies. Anyway, I decided not to sign up with Innerweb again after they went back into business under the name "Innerweb Host" because after being bumped away from them the first time I could get bumped away from them again sometime in the future to yet another hosting company. So I think there should be something wrong with the company if first being sold and return back. And another thing about the Innerweb hosting company, remember I said in the update of Wednesday February 19,2003 that I had stopped updating this site for a few months because I thought that Innerweb was going out of business then? Well, just before those two months they said that they were no longer going to provide webhosting services and were only going to continue providing domain hosting services, but I was wondering for a while during those few months because Innerweb's site was still up so I thought that they just didn't turn that part off yet. After the few months were over, I noticed that they had updated their site and from that update it looked to me like they will still providing webhosting services so I E-mailed them and asked them about that and then they replied and told me that they were only going out of business for two months. I'd rather have a host that doesn't tell its customers they are going out of business when actually they're not.

Now, if I had stayed with Avail Networks, I would have got 1.5 GB of space, 15 GB of bandwidth per month, 20 E-mail accounts/addresses, and 627 FTP accounts. With my account that I have with Hosting Department I get 3GB of space, 10GB of bandwidth per month, unlimited E-mail accounts/addresses, and unlimited FTP accounts.

My domain is now hosted with because Reed Murray of Avail Networks told me that it would be better if I transfer my domain to a main domain registrar instead of to the domain hosting services of the web host where I decide to set up my site at incase anything happens to the host and I lose my domain by a "hostage" type situation which is what I thought might happen to me once Innerweb went out of business after I started hosting with the domain hosting services of the Innerweb hosting company when I first created my domain in August 2003. Also, is now the master domain for this site so I no longer have the subdomain . And now that is the master domain for this site, I now have the E-mail address I always wanted which is . So finaly, goodbye to that free Yahoo E-mail address that I had for the last bunch of years where I got all that junk mail. It was Jayna Peters of the Innerweb hosting company who told me that I couldn't enable E-mail on the domain when I was hosting with them because at that time that domain was parked on top of the subdomain which was the master domain for this site at that time and E-mail can only be enabled on master domains but not on parked domains.

I will be back soon for more updates, I promise.

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