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Wednesday Feb.19,2003
Sorry if I haven't updated for a few months, I thought that was going out of business. I found out a few days ago that they aren't so I just signed up for another year of hosting with them plus three more months of CSC Gold on the message board.

I got my fish aquarium for my birthday last October, a 32 gallon. And for Christmas a few months later I got a six gallon fish aquarium for my bedroom to use as a breeding tank when the fish in my big tank have babies. I already have over 30 baby platies, approximately five baby swords, one corey catfish, and one small algae eater in it. I now got some pictures of the fish in my big tank, you can go here to see them. And a few weeks ago, my cousin's girlfriend picked up a stray cat she found. It is deformed, it has seven toes on each foot instead of five so it has 28 toes altogether on its whole body instead of twenty. That girlfriend is now away on a business trip for two weeks so she gave my parents and me the cat to look after while she's gone. If the two weeks go well, we might get to keep the cat. They didn't go well atfirst because my dog almost had a heart attack when she first saw the cat, now they're getting along a bit better each day. The cat doesn't have a name yet. I already took some pictures of the cat, I'll scan them in and put them up here as soon as they're developed.

That's all for now. Lots of Stunts-related updates soon to come.

Oh and by the way, have you been searching all over the internet for years and could never find a site about the game "Duke Nukem I?" Well, the first site like that was just created and here it is. Is it "Duke Nukem I" or is it "Duke Nukum I?"
Sunday Nov.3,2002
I signed up for a new mailing list with so you can now subscribe to receive E-mail Notification of these updates.

The message board could soon be moving because EZboard (my current message board provider) just installed version 7.0 which I don't really like. So if you haven't recently visted the message board, I encourage you to go here and vote.

Also, I changed one link on the links page.
Sunday Oct.13,2002
Tomorrow is my birthday and I will be 20 years old, so I updated all pages on this site where it says I'm currently 19 to say I'm 20. I also updated all pages on this site to work with Microsoft Internet Explorer. I had several complaints from people saying that the buttons on the main page would line up horizontal and not vertical in Internet Explorer. They would line up properly in Netscape, but now they line up properly in both. Most pages in the archive have also been redone to work with Internet Explorer. Also in the archive, you can now easily access the contests page and the high scores page from the index page. Pretty well everything should work now except for some reason the white border I made doesn't show up around the images on the other games page in Internet Explorer. Now back to the issue of my birthday. So far, I got the game "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" and I will soon have some screenshots. I also hope to get an aquarium with some fish which is something I haven't had for ten years. I promise that once I get my aquarium going and once I have fish in it, I will take some pictures of my fish then scan them in so you can see.
Thursday Sept.26,2002
I opened the other games section of this site so you can now see what other games I play besides Stunts and you can download some of them too. Also, the main page has been redone and I added a ScreenThief tutorial to the downloads page.
Thursday Aug.8,2002
I added a new link to the links page. It is currently under construction, just liike this site. Also, checkout the downloads page for alphabetised downloads. I added the file sizes to each of the downloads. And view my guest book archive here.
Monday July.29,2002
I finaly updated my guest book so it would look like this site. There was an error when I changed it all so I had to delete all the old entries, however I was luckily able to archive them before deleting them so you can view them here. Also, Phaistos (my current guest book provider) recently gave me the option where I can pay to remove the ads from my guest book. I wonder if I should do that? I think you might only be able to pay with PayPal which I won't sign up for. I finaly have my first credit card so I prefer to pay with either that or a cheque or a money order.

Yesterday, my second cousin, Kiernan, came to my place. We had some mini competitions while playing Stunts on my older computer. He beat me at a few of those, but most of them I won. Here you can download a few of the tracks we had our mini comps on and see our results. Wow that was fun, I oughta open the competition section on this site soon.

I also alphabetised the downloads on the downloads page. Checkout the links page for lots of new Stunts links.
Tuesday July.9,2002
There is now a new Stunts WebRing which I just entered this site in. Also, the links page and the downloads page were redone with a new look. The links page also has a few new links.
Monday May.13,2002
I updated the rules page for the message board and I added a new administraters page.
Saturday Apr.20,2002
The downloads page is now up due to high demand. You can download Stunts as well as many add-ons for it, it's just tracks and replays I don't have up yet.

Also, the bcentral FastCounter (That's my hit counter) on my index page is now fixed and you can now see the links in these updates.
Friday Apr.19,2002
What do you think of this? It's an ad to sell cow waterbeds to farmers. I made it for a contest at the DBM Forums.
Wednesday Apr.3,2002
Sorry if this site has been down for the last few days, there was a big mix-up with my host ( and they accidently deleted my account. I currently pay them $5 Canadian per month for 25 MB of space, to make up for what happened they gave me 100 MB of space and I still only have to pay $5 per month. Wow lots of space, thanks to them. And don't forget to update your bookmarks (and links) to my new URL: 
Wednesday Mar.6,2002
Wow, I finaly moved my site.I'd say this paid host is much better than FortuneCity.

Also, this site is now open to the public. But however, it's not perfect. When I say "it's not perfect," I mean that the contact forms don't work. You currently should be able to subscribe to receive E-mail Notification of these updates successfully, it's just that the contact forms don't work because I haven't been able to get the help I need with the HTML source so just use my E-mail until I get them working. If you know what's wrong with my forms or if you're interested in helping me, please let me know. Also, the link to bookmark this site on the index page currently isn't working. I will post an update here as soon as the contact forms and the link to bookmark this site are working.

As you can see, this site also isn't finished yet. It's still under construction. I promise, I'll have the grand official opening as soon as it's all finished.

That's all for now. Enjoy what I've done so far.

Oh, and did I say yet that I archived what this site use to look like before I moved it? Well, here it is.

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