Here are all the updates on my site. Be sure to check these often if you want to know whether or not I am still updating my site. I will try my best to keep it updated, I will try to update quite often and I hope this site never goes dead.

Monday Jan.14,2002
I now announce the winner of my first Stunts contest: Mikael. Go to high scores page for more details. 

Also, it's been a while. Well, I had some problems with my computer, that's why announcing the winner of my contest got delayed. Anyway, I told you in my last update that I am now 19 years old. Now that I'm 19, I started getting income which means I shall soon get my first credit card. As soon as I get that I promise I will finaly move this site to a better server and everything shall be fixed. This site may no longer be updated until after it has been moved. I also hope to get those annoying pop-ups off the message board.

Sunday Oct.14,2001
Happy Birthday to me.
I am 19 years old.
Yes, I am 19 today. Not 91, 19. I had a birthday party and I got lots of new computer games. 

Also, the end date of my Stunts contest is now Oct.25 .

Friday Sept.28,2001
I have postponed the end date of my Stunts contest to Oct.15,2001 because so far no one has entered. The end date is no longer Sept.30 .
Sunday Sept.2,2001
Contest #1 starts today. 
Contests Page
Monday Aug.27,2001
I updated the rules page for the message board and added an administraters page. Starting tomorrow I will be making some changes to the board.
Saturday June.30,2001
Damn, I think FateBack (the place I uploaded KMO to in my last update) no longer allows external linking already. I guess I'll have to find another host.
Thursday June.28,2001
It seems like the link won't download directly from Yahoo Briefcase, so I uploaded KMO to another location. Try going to the Commander Keen page and downloading KMO from the new location.
Wednesday June.20,2001
I added some new tracks to the tracks page and some new replays to the replays page.
Friday June.15,2001
I created my Yahoo Briefcase account. Just to test, I uploaded the first file. It is the Keen1 editor, KMO. You can download it from my Yahoo Briefcase on the Commander Keen page.
Thursday June.14,2001
Wow, it's been a while. And sorry if it's been a while, FortuneCity lost their File Manager so I had to learn FTP. There's lots of news today: 
I added some new tracks to the tracks page

I added lots of new links to the links page

I changed one of the rules for the message board

Finaly, I found a good file storage place. I think I will try Yahoo Briefcase. I will try to create my account sometime within the next few days then I will upload all the downloads that were lost from this site.

Honestly, I don't really like FTP uploads. I'm use to it now, but I prefer browser uploads or even a File Manager. So, I will soon be moving this site to another provider. I'm just trying to decide which one. I'm looking for one with no ads so I won't have to continue using this banner-remove code that I use here on FortuneCity. I hope to have this site up at the new location before the end of this month. Oh and BTW, another reason to move would be that FortuneCity has just reduced the size of their free space from 100 MB to 10 MB. Anyway that doesn't really bother me, my space at the new locatoin (server) will probably be even less than 10 MB.
Saturday Apr.28,2001
I added a new link to the "Miscellaneous" section of the links page.
Monday Apr.16,2001
I added Moslo for download to the "Other Programs" section of the games page.
Monday Apr.9,2001
Do you like Commander Keen?
If yes, check out this funny picture.
Thursday Mar.29,2001
Check out Zak McKracken's Stunts Page. There are four Stunts-like racing games. I'll let you know that these four games are just as old as Stunts. Eventually, there will be more old racing games there. Go directly to the current four by clicking here. I will soon download some of these games, try them out, and maybe put them on this site if I like them. First, I have to get my Crosswinds account working again incase FortuneCity doesn't accept these files. Just incase I can't get my Crosswinds account working, does anyone know of some good file storage places? I'm looking for one where you can link directly to the file. See February 2nd's update for more information about this.

Also, I added a few links to and removed a few links from the "Message Boards" section of the links page.

Thursday Mar.15,2001
I updated my page of rules for the message board. Eventually that page could be like a big TOS page.
Tuesday Mar.13,2001
InsideTheWeb along with all its message boards is now deleted. I managed to archive my old message board (mb767874). Today the archive is on my site. Here it is.
Saturday Mar.3,2001
I added some new links to the "Message Boards" section and the "Stunts Sites" section of the links page. I added one new track to the tracks page.
Sunday Feb.25,2001
ATTENTION: This is an important announcment.
Widde's message board "The Stunts MessageCenter" will no longer exist as of  Mar.5,2001 . There is now a new Stunts message board that can be found at 
It is run by me, we will also have some moderators and a few other administraters. It is currently up to you whether or not you register, you have to be there before March 5th if you want to continue being a part in the Stunts discussion. First, I recommend you read these rules before posting. I have updated my rules page for the message board.
Friday Feb.2,2001
Remember I said a few updates ago that I was having trouble with the downloads because Crosswinds was down for upgrades? Crosswinds is finaly back up but all my files were lost during the upgrade so most downloads on this site are now gone. I could just upload them to the same Crosswinds account again but those files take quite a long time to upload. Maybe I should just find a good file storage place for them. It's just that with most file storage places I know of you get reffered to a page of advertising where you download after you click on a file to download. I'm looking for a place that goes directly to your download when you click on it and doesn't change pages. For example just so you know what I mean, when you click on one of my few downloads I'm able to store at FortuneCity you can automatically download them instead of going to another page. Any help with this would be appreciated.

Gee, does each one of these updates get longer than the last one?

Sunday Jan.21,2001
It's nice to see people visiting my site. Even a few of them signed my guest book. What a lot of them said was that the bright lime green background on this site is a bit hard on the eyes. A few people liked it, but most wanted it changed. I like it. I just don't know what to change it to, maybe dark blue or something. I don't know, it's just that green's my favorite colour and it always has been.
Wednesday Jan.17,2001
Sorry if some of the downloads aren't currently working. I upload some of my downloads to Crosswinds because there are certain types of files I can't upload to FortuneCity. Crosswinds is currently down for big upgrades. They keep saying they'll be up shortly but this seems to be quite a massive upgrade. Meanwhile, good luck with what else is here. Gee, I hope the next update is related to Stunts.
Sunday Jan.7,2001
Sorry I haven't updated for a while, not many people have visited this site so far. I will try and get this site better announced. Thank you for your patience, I will try and keep each one of my updates less than a month apart. By the way, I added a few new links to the message boards section of the links page.
Tuesday Dec.12,2000
Well, I finally opened the site. However, some things are still being worked on. Do enjoy what I have done so far. Hopefully soon I will have the grand official opening.


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