Neil's Fish Aquarium

Here I am filling up my aquarium after I first got it in October 2002.

Here I am infront of my aquarium a few weeks after it was set up.

In my aquarium I currently (as of February 2003) have the following: one albino catfish, one salt and pepper catfish, one big angelfish, one blue male betta, one white female betta, one male orange sword, three platies (two male and one female), five glow light tetras, two lemon tetras, four strawberry tetras, one green mixed-fruit tetra, one green glass fish, one kuhli loach, one yellow algae eater, and one pitbull plecostomus. I use to have two pitbull plecostomuses, but one died a few months ago and I haven't found one to replace it since. They sure are hard to find. Do you want to know another fish that's hard to find? Black sail fin mollies. I also have two black mollies in my tank now, one male and one female. But the male one has just a big fin and not a sail fin. I'm hoping to breed those two until I eventually get a black sail fin molly, then if I do I can breed it. I also use to have two german rams and I was hoping to breed them, but they both died only a few days after I got them. Rams are the hardest fish to keep.

Now, here are a few close-ups inside my tank:

This is a close-up of my angelfish.

This is a close-up of my yellow algae eater on the side of the castle.

This is a close-up of my one sword and my three platies.
As you can see, my sword has a bent tail. This is because he use to be my cousin's fish and the other male sword in his tank kept bullying him so he gave him to me for my tank.

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