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Please read these following rules before you enter the message board.
Thank You

1. No spamming or any other type of advertising.
2. No swearing or profanity.
3. No fighting or arguing.
4. Speak English, German, or Swedish. They are the only languages accepted on this message board.
5. Your IPs are logged, so don't try anything stupid.
6. HTML and EZcodes are allowed in your posts.
7. You are allowed to post pictures in your posts. Just don't post any pictures related to pornography or they will be deleted.
8. You currently don't have to register to use this board. However, if you misbehave or break any of the other rules I will make it so you have to register.

If you constantly break any of the rules above, one of the administraters will send you a warning E-mail. If you continue to break the rules after the warning E-mail, you will be banned. So note that this board has banning capabilities. We can ban you by your IP, we can ban you by your account (if you're registered), or we can ban you by your E-mail address.

The following people are currently banned: RyanAlexander, Shockshund

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About the Forums

There are currently six forums. Make sure you post all your messages in the appropriate (forum that most relates to your message) forum. Just be aware that if you post your message in the wrong forum, one of our moderators will move it to the right forum.

General Stunts Discussion
Get any help you need with Stunts 1.0, Stunts 1.1, or 4D Sports Driving. Anything else that's related to Stunts that doesn't belong in another one of our Stunts-related forums will go here.

Stunts2 Talk
This is where you discuss anything related to Stunts2, that's if there will ever be one.

Stunts Site Announcements
Use this forum to announce your Stunts-related site.
NOTE: If the URL you announce here is not related to Stunts, your post will be considered advertising and will be deleted immediately.

Stunts Comp in General
Use this forum to discuss any contests you have planned that are related to Stunts.
NOTE: We also have some individual forums for competition that only relates to certain Stunts sites:
                                    -Charles's Stunts Competition

Off-Topic Discussion
Discuss anything here that doesn't belong in ANY of our other forums. Also, you can post off-topic messages here that aren't related to Stunts.

Private Mods/Admins' Forum
We also have a private forum just for moderators and administraters. We use this forum to discuss issues related to the board itself or to discuss things like if a member should be banned.

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Here is a list of all our moderators in alphabetical order by their nick name.

We temporarly don't have any moderators.

To find information on administraters, see the administraters page.

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You have now read all the rules and everything else you need to know before you enter the board.


You may now enter the
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If you have any further questions about the rules or about the message board itself, please contact me.

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