Stunts Illusion 45
Should the paitient who started the flood get billed for restoration?


Stunts Illusion 44
Which counter style do you think?

Digital LCD B Green

Digital LCD C Green


Decoder Big Green

Scoreboard C Green Big


Color Balls

Jelly Beans

Stunts Illusion 43
Which colour scheme do you think would look best for Stunts Illusion?

current Stunts Illusion scheme (text="#FFFFFF" bgcolor="#000000" link="#008000" vlink="#00FF00" alink="#5EFFAE")
My scheme based on the hex values of the United States flag (text="#002868" bgcolor="#BF0A30" link="#FFFFFF")
Use this Green Diamonds background (greendiamonds.gif)
Other (leave comment)

Stunts Illusion 42
Do you think it was right for Reed Murray of Avail Networks to lash out at me for starting new tickets instead of replying to previous tickets, especially if they were having problems with their helpdesk system at that time?
Do you think he should have been confused as to why I keep starting new tickets?
Do you think it should have not been obvious to him why I kept starting new tickets?

Yes to all
No to all

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