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Celebration, a great thing has happened! John and I finally saw a cat when we went for our walk yesterday. And again, this is the first time that we saw one together after the year and a half that we’ve known each other.

Also, my neighbours’ hedge caught fire at 6:30 PM just two nights ago on Saturday. My mom and dad didn’t know anything until just after they left to go out yesterday afternoon when they saw the part of the hedge in the front yard was all burnt up. They then parked in my neighbours’ driveway and my dad went to knock on their door while my mom came running back to catch John and me just as we were leaving to go for our walk. We walked back over to the neighbours’ house with my mom, I couldn’t see until we got closer to their yard that the chain-link fence that was between their hedge and the walkway is now visible from our side. They said that there were fire trucks, but we didn’t see or hear anything when it was happening. They suspect that the fire was started by kids fooling around, we don’t know if they had fireworks. When my mom walked over there this afternoon to get the mail, she saw that the mailbox was covered with ashes and that the walkway was all black. Maybe I could take you over there tomorrow and show you before we go for our walk.

My friend, Kris, is now out of the hospital. He phoned me last Tuesday after you left and he said that he was at his apartment by himself. I thought that he might be staying with his grandparents for the first while after getting out of the hospital. He’s not able to carry anything seeing how he’s on crutches, so he had to call his neighbour at 9PM that evening (last Tuesday) to come over and plug a few things in for him. Kris also said that he’s on lots of medication including painkillers.

And did you hear about that girl who died when she was struck in the head by a laptop during a car crash? She was in a Volkswagen when it collided with a tow truck at 103rd Avenue and Scott Road. I might’ve known the girl. She was a year younger than me and I said to my mom last Thursday after John left that I remember a girl in my class in grade three who’s name was Heather Storey though I’m not sure if this would be the same person. We lived in Whalley when I was in grade three and we were going to school at Betty Huff Elementary.


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