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Riding for their father

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Monday June 1,2009 at 3:57 PM



My mom read me the story two days ago that was in Saturday’s edition of the Peace Arch local newspaper about Michael Doan. He was in my class for my last three months of grade seven when I was going to school at Bayridge Elementary after we moved to South Surrey. Anyway, he and his younger brother, Evan, will embark on a month-long bike ride on which they plan to raise awareness of leukemia after their dad was diagnosed with it last November. Almost immediately after Dale’s diagnosis, his two sons who had always planned to one day ride “an epic trip” across Canada switched gears and pointed their compasses due south for a 3,200-kilometre adventure. They will now ride from Vancouver to Mexico. The pair originally hoped to raise $10 thousand, but they’ve already surpassed that mark through community donations. Now they’ve set $15 thousand as their goal. And yesterday when I showed this story to John, he said that he thought Michael sounded like he’s a nice guy. I could show you the story when you’re here tomorrow. And Michael also had an older brother who was going into medicine.

Also, I rode across the Pattullo Bridge with my dad one time on our tandem bicycle. We first road over the Alex Fraser and then through NewWest before we came back over the Pattullo.


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