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Tuesday Nov.11,2008

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I think Lorne’s a great guy but I don’t like the car that he drives. He called my dad earlier today and he told him that his car was that little Volkswagen that was parked on the street in front of my neighbours’ house, Marvin and Marjoree’s. I said to you in previous E-mails that I would like to make it through my life without riding in a Volkswagen or a convertible (or a PT Cruiser) so I am therefore having thoughts about trying a different worker. Of course my mom is not being flexible about this, she said that I will probably have lots of workers in my life and some of them will have cars I like better than others. I said to my mom that it shouldn’t be hard to find a worker who has a car that I will ride in, but she didn’t think so. She also thought it’s harder to find someone who has a flexible schedule and can work Saturdays. And when I said to my mom that I want all of the workers that I will be having to have vehicles that I will ride in, she said that it’s hard to find a good worker like you or Lorne but I myself disagree here and think that there are lots of good workers out there. I’ll even tell you that back when Carol was working with me and before our relationship ended, she would sometimes bug me about getting a male worker who could come on weekdays while she would’ve been in school and one of the things that she said to get me interested about the idea was that maybe he might have a quote “cool car.” When she said that, I’m sure she meant a car that I would like. I know that what Carol said wasn’t a promise, but I would like to see what she said be lived up to. Carol never said anything to me like what my mom said about me having a lot of different workers throughout my life and that some of them might have cars I don’t like.

Speaking about going out into the community, you were there yesterday when Lorne asked me if I’d like to start going on the buses again. I said to you a few times in previous E-mails what I think about that idea, I don’t want to go on the bus at this point with anybody other than Carol and I said that I’d be a hypocrite to go on the bus again with her after she ran to my neighbour, Gary across the street, on the day that our relationship ended in August of 2007. I’ve since learned from you that “hypocrite” would not be the word to describe what I felt, it’s hard for me to describe what I’m thinking about when I say that I don’t want to go on the bus with Carol after what happened and I don’t know what word to use instead. Anyway, this is why I feel that I will probably never ride the bus again.

And one other heavy note. If I had gotten more than just three hours of sleep last night and also if I didn’t have to spend time today writing you this message, I should be working on my cousin Jenny’s slideshow trying to get it finished up. You heard her record a message yesterday afternoon on our answering machine asking us about the slideshow. Anyway, she called my mom on the day before yesterday (on Sunday) to let her know that her second anniversary with her boyfriend, Danny, is coming up next Thursday (on the 20th of this month) and she said that she would like the slideshow to be done in time for that date. My mom and dad would like Jenny to come over here one day before I burn the slideshow onto disks for her so that she could check it if over to see if anything needs to be changed. They would like to have her come out this coming weekend so that this will be done and over with, but I’d rather if this could happen on a weekday that my dad will be taking off work so that you could be here. If my sleeping patterns weren’t messed up and if I wasn’t too lazy during the few hours of the day that I am up, I might’ve had the slideshow finished before now and would’ve therefore had plenty of opportunity to have her come out on a weekday.


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