Here are all the tracks I currently have. Eventually, I will hopefully have all the Stunts tracks on the web. If you have tracks you made that you would like to see here, feel free to send them to me in a ZIP file. Note one thing, it is best that you keep a maximum of 255 tracks in each ZIP file or you won't be able to read the names of the tracks while opening them in Stunts. Maybe soon I'll even have some screenshots here from some of the tracks.
TIP: While in the track editor, press Shift-F1 and you will be able to edit the terrain.

download the original tracks that come with the game - 10 tracks

89 tracks - the very first tracks I made for uploading
106 tracks - my second batch of tracks
56 tracks - my third batch of tracks
30 tracks - my fourth batch of tracks

10 tracks by my friend, Mac

1 track by my friend, Nathan

11 tracks by my friend, Kris

10 tracks by my second cousin, Kiernan AKA Fuzz

4 tracks by MAG

2 tracks - don't know who made these tracks but they are quite some tracks

127 tracks by Alex Nilssen (includes a small TXT file)

1 track by Charles

12 tracks called "Longtrack set" by Eric Nelson
        8 tracks called "Willy Wonka set" by Eric Nelson

17 tracks by Jonas

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