Other Games I Play

Here is a list of other games I play besides Stunts. If you click on a game, either you will download it, or you will go to a little page I have on information for this game (this page might even contain things like level editors or custom levels for the game), or it will just be a listing of a game I like but I don't have any information or downloads for it right now.
NOTE: You may notice that some of the games have registered/full versions but you can not find them here for download. The reason why they are not here for download is because you have to buy them yourself and it is illegal to put these games up for download. Even some of the games here that don't have links are illegal to download and you have to buy them. Please don't ask me for registered copies of the games. Do enjoy what I have here.

Bio Menace
BlakeStone 3D (episode 1)
Commander Keen
Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure
Dangerous Dave
Duke Nukem
Duke Nukem II
Jetpack by Adept Software
King's Quest
Math Entrap
Monster Bash
The Monuments of Mars
Need For Speed - High Stakes
Pharoh's Tomb
Railroad Tycoon
Space Quest
Ultimate Doom
Wheel of Fortune (for DOS)

I will soon be looking into editing levels for games like Bio Menace and Ultimate Doom.
I will eventually be looking into games like Jazz Jackrabbit.
I will soon have more games here.

Other Game Links

Apogee 3D Realms Site
Adept Software
Sierra On-Line
Happy Puppy
Games Nostalgia

Other Programs

ScrennThief - takes screenshots from DOS games
GifCon - creates animated GIFs
The Games Factory (TGF) - make your own platform games for Windows
Click 'N' Create (CNC) - a newer and better version of TGF
NeoSoft IconForge for Windows 3.1 - make your own icons
Graphic Workshop - converts pictures files (BMP to JPG for example)
PKzip - You will need this to unzip most of the other programs I have for download on this site.
Moslo - This is suppose to make fast programs run slower.

Required Files

Here are some required files needed to run the programs I have for download above and the programs I list above.


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