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Official Stunts Sites

Broderbund - distributers of Stunts.
Electronic Arts - originally called "Distinctive Software," created the game in 1990.
Mindscape - distributers of "4D Sports Driving"


Alan Rotoi's Competition de Stunts - in Portuguese.
Bonzai Joe's Worldwide Stunts Rating List - the overall ranking of all the Stunts competitions.
FRANCE STUNTS COMPETITION - competition founded by the Orion Team.
IMSA Cup - managed by Krys TOFF.
ISA Competition - International Stunts Association Competition
Stunts LOL Competition
The World Of 4D Driving & Stunts - Charles's discontinued Stunts Competition
WRC Stunts - another competition managed by Krys TOFF.
Zak McKracken's Stunts Site

home of the biggest and the best competition. This site is now available in either English or French and has its own separate forum.


4dStunts Speed Track
Andreas Altinger Stunts-Fanpage - in German.
Bart's Stunts Racing
CMG´s megatracks & more - in German.
Gomecks Stunts Site - in German.
Igor's Stunts Page
Jonas Prior's Stunts Site - in English.
Jürgen Athen's Stunts Tracks
KHR and JTK's World of Stunts Driving - this site has everything Stunts-related.
Luke's 4D Sports (Stunts) Driving Homepage
Mach_5's Home Page - nothing much Stunts-related here except mainly just two tracks.
MAGz Web - contains some Stunts stuff.
Marvin Karl's Homepage - A website in German which also contains some Stunts stuff.
Metal Marine's Lair - contains some Stunts tracks.
Ra's Stunts Pit Stop
RoyForever - contains lots of Stunts stuff including "The Stunts/4D Sports Ultimate Guide."
Selahi's 4D Sports Driving Page
STUNTS4ALL - in German I think.
Stunts - A name says more than 1000 words - currently under construction.
Stunts Are Us - the one and only newspaper about stunts.
Stunts Crashes Homepage
Stunts GT - in both German and English. This new Stunts site might even have a competition someday.
Stunts homepage from Banse
Stunts Main Page
Stunts Picture Gallery
Stunts Track Archive
Stunts Zone
SWIRL - Stunts World Internet Racing Leauge - Brad Vinady's Stunts Page
The PitStop - Widde's PitStop
The Stunts Shrine - Alan Robinson's Stunts Site
The swedish official Stunts page! - a cool site with a terrible background.
TSST - The Swedish Stunts Team
Tyrone Settleymer's Stunts Racetracks - a good place to get tracks.
WP Stunts - in both Finnish and English with information, tracks, and links.

Stunts2 Homepages

The following links are to homepages of Stunts2 fan projects that are currently under development:

Stunts 2002
Stunts Mania

a site about "Stunts Mania," the fan-made sequal being made to the currently existing "Stunts" AKA "4D
Sports Driving." This sequal will feature multiplayer and will have much better graphics.
Ultimate Stunts -

this fan-made sequal will work on UNIX-compatible systems (like Linux) and on Windows as well as provide more modern features such as openGL graphics, 3D sound, and internet multiplaying.

Archived Stunts Websites

Edusol's Stunts page - in English.
Neil's Stunts Site - My Old Stunts Site
Petrol Pete's Stunts Page - Peter Fortman's Stunts Page

Team Homepages

Cork's Crew
Crow & "Varyag" stunt team
Looping Warriors
MeganiuM Aces High
Noobs & Newbies
Orion Team's Home Page
Unskilled Drivers Team

Message Boards

The Stunts MessageCenter

the most frequently used Stunts message board, which I am proud to say is associated with Stunts Illusion.
Zak McKracken's Stunts Message Board - associated with Zak McKracken's Stunts Site.

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