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Yesterday, I got out for two walks with Larry on the same day again, one before supper and one after. We ate at the White Spot in Tsawwassen, the one at which Carol can’t show up. Larry also brought five DVDs with him, for if we had a bunch of extra time after we come back home. And he didn’t stop promoting his DVDs, he kept saying all afternoon while we were out that we should watch a DVD first thing when we get back to my place and then we can play our games. He also did say that it’s up to me to decide if we play games for the whole time and that we didn’t have to watch any of the DVDs that he brought. I said to you almost a month ago in one of my E-mails that Larry doesn’t know I hadn’t watched any movies with my mom since the time almost five years ago when I was going to watch “the Grinch” with her (nor did I say anything about it to him yesterday). Anyway, among the five DVDs that he brought with him yesterday:

• Wallace and Gromit (the three Short Films, not the movie “Curse of the Were-Rabbit”)
March of The Penguins
• and “Ice Age” which you know that I too own a legal copy on DVD but haven’t saw the sequel yet.

Now, here are all of the other questions Larry asked me yesterday throughout our visit on which I did not give an immediate answer or that I just didn’t feel comfortable answering right now:

• He asked me if I thought whether the few weddings I did go to previously were boring or enjoyable. I didn’t say anything for a few minutes after he asked the question until he asked me after I didn’t say anything if it was hard to say. After he asked me if it was hard to say, I said nothing more than just “yah.”
• He asked me if I think I will get married one day. After I answered him by saying “I don’t think so,” he then asked me if I’m not interested in girls and then he said that he guesses I’m happy staying single.
• At one point when we were walking along the beach in Tsawwassen after we went down the stairway from Fred Gingell Park, I could hear a ship’s horn off in the distance so I asked Larry if it was a the horn from a BC Ferry nearby. He said that it was probably the four o'clock ferry leaving Tsawwassen and then he asked me if I’d been on the ferries before. I said that I’d been on them a few times but I didn’t tell him that I hadn’t been on one of those since before I stopped doing hotel trips with my mom and dad. And even though Larry doesn’t know that it’s been five years since I’ve slept away from my own bed, he said to me at one point yesterday during our six hours together that he feels just like he’s in his own bed at anyplace in the world that he stays. I’m not surprised he said that because I know that he does a lot of traveling so of course it would be obvious to me that he’s use to feeling safe when he sleeps far away from his own bed for a long period of time.
• I used my $10 White Spot gift card that Mac gave me last year for my birthday to pay part of the cost yesterday for my supper. Now when I told Larry who gave me the gift card, he asked me how long it has been since the last time I saw my friend, Mac. I just said to Larry that it’s been "a while" though it was really on the same birthday (almost a year ago now) when I last saw Mac in person.
• And also at White Spot...I asked Larry to cut my fish and I think he was surprised that I don’t cut my own food, I’m under the impression that most other people he knows who are my age cut their own food. After I asked him to cut my fish yesterday, he asked me if I wanted to try cutting it myself or if I still wanted him to do it for me and he said again that it was up to me.

On another note, Larry phoned us at home on Friday just two days ago not long after I sent you my E-mail that was titled “A lot going on.” Speaking about that E-mail, did you get it? Anyway, he phoned us to say that everything’s approved and he’s coming back on this Tuesday to work with me again. Now, Larry asked me yesterday in person if we’ll be playing Chess on Tuesday because we didn’t play it yesterday and then he said that we better play it again soon or otherwise I will forget all of the rules...but do I want to remember those rules? Larry also said that after I play a few more Chess games with him, maybe I could have my dad a game sometime because Larry thought that it would be a good father-son thing.

My dad took lots of pictures yesterday at the wedding including one shot of an RCMP wedding that was taking place in the same spot where Janice’s ceremony was held earlier in the afternoon when he went back to that end after they had everyone from our family at the other end of the building for photos after the ceremony. You and I could look at all the photos on Thursday and my mom saw a dog image in one of the papers that she cut out for us to scan. We could also look at that YouTube video Larry sent me and I hadn’t looked at yet, I had previously suggested two weeks ago in the July 24th E-mail that you and I look at that video on the next day once we’re back at my place after walking the dogs.

Now, I was in my upstairs bathroom putting on my sunscreen yesterday before Larry showed up when my mom came by to tell me that she was going to use her hairdryer after she had washed her hair in the shower earlier and she wanted her hair to be dry for the wedding, and then she said that she’d take her hairdryer downstairs and do it there because I was still in my bathroom upstairs. My mom doesn’t use her hairdryer too often and she always tells me before she does go to use it because she never remembers that the noise from it doesn’t bother me. She should remember that I had to use her hairdryer myself during the time when I had to soak my foot in Epsom salts on every evening for a while after my ingrown toenail was removed. Anyway, she stayed upstairs yesterday to blowdry her hair and it still couldn’t bother me where she did it because she did it in her bedroom which is on the other side of my bathroom wall. Also she closed her bedroom door before she started.

Also yesterday before Larry came when my dad went upstairs to feed my one platy that had been growing in my six gallon fish aquarium, he turned on the aquarium light to find out that it wasn’t working very good and now it doesn’t work at all. A new bulb won’t fix it because my dad took the hood apart to see that the ballast had “broke/popped open.” I need to get either a whole new six gallon aquarium or a new hood for my current six gallon. My dad phoned the Big Al's store in Richmond yesterday afternoon and they told him that I can get a new hood for just forty or fifty dollars or a new “Marineland Eclipse System 6” for around $80. If the Richmond store has any hoods in stock right now, then I’ll have to get over there with my dad within one of the next few Wednesday evenings because I can get double points added to my membership card for every item that I buy there on Wednesdays.

At first Izzy disappeared and my dad didn’t see her since this morning when he got up and let her outside. Both mom and me were still in bed so of course neither she or I had saw her since before the last time when my dad saw her. And then she showed up about four or five hours later in the middle of the afternoon with what my mom had at first thought was a dead bird. Before my mom could get it from her, she took the bird and sat with it behind my 38 gallon fish tank in the dining room so that my mom couldn’t get at her. Not long after, my mom found a big dead grasshopper on the floor in the middle of the dining room and she flushed it down the toilet. And my mom hadn’t since found a bird so she figures that maybe it was just the grasshopper that she saw Izzy run behind my fish tank with.

Also, after my mom picked out the anniversary ecard last Wednesday evening and she called me into the downstairs computer room to come fill it out, I was walking over there at around 9:30 PM after she called me to come in there. And on my way there, I passed Izzy who attacked me by swatting at the back of my foot.

My mom almost threw the “Cheers” button in the garbage and my dad took the batteries out of it two days ago (on Friday) because it seemed to have been going off every time he walked by it. It was Larry’s idea to put the batteries back in the “Cheers” button when I told him yesterday just before we started playing our board games that we won’t be using the button “today.”

Please let me know if you got the E-mail I sent you on Friday.


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