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Wednesday July 15,2009 at 4:38 PM



I told you that there are so many things that my mom and dad don’t tell me about. I didn’t know until yesterday when my dad came home just before Larry left that Raynor had called my dad one day last week to let him know both your and Larry’s contracts had been extended or that he (my dad) left a voicemail with Larry after my dad talked to Raynor.

Remember I said that I would like to do Deas Island with Larry on next Tuesday depending on the weather? Now Larry said to me yesterday that Deas Island would be a place that we could also go to in the winter and then he asked me if I’m into the kind of things such as festivals and events because he said he knows that lots of those will be on all summer. He and Natascha were at Critter Care on last Saturday (the 11th), they were having an open house last weekend. Larry sent me a link to Critter Care via E-mail ( ) and then later on he might send me some links to summer festivals and events. And he also suggested that maybe sometime we could meet with his friend, Shona, who doesn’t live too far from Tynehead Park and I could walk her yellow lab puppy who’s name is Spring.

Larry was reading in the Vancouver Sun yesterday afternoon when he was here about the bike lane trial on the Burrard Street Bridge. My mom already told me about it a few days before and she told me that it started just last Saturday (on the 11th of this month) and that lots of people were complaining about the bike trial because it slowed down traffic. And I already knew before you mentioned it last Sunday that the Japanese Emperor is in town.

I haven’t told you that Larry’s been bringing his CDs the last several Tuesdays and on some of those Tuesdays we listened to a couple while we play our board games and we also listened to a few on some of the times when we went out in his car. When he first put on one of the CDs that he brought here yesterday, he wanted me to wait and see if I recognize the music before he tells me which movie the soundtrack is from. He also gave me a hint when he put the CD was from a big movie. And then a couple tracks into it, I said to him that I don’t recognize any of the music so far so he showed me the CD’s front cover. Now of course I wouldn’t have recognized it, because it was the Gladiator soundtrack. I told you in the message I sent you on January 31st 2009 that Larry asked me if I saw the movie Gladiator and then I said that blood/guts films such as Gladiator, Braveheart, or Troy are not my thing. Larry also asked me if I’m into such movies as “The Lord of the Rings” film trilogy, I told him that I’m not into those but my dad has all three of them on DVD. And then Larry took a look at my DVDs that I have underneath my TV in the living room to see what kind of movies I do like, he saw that I have the first of the three Spider-Man films. He asked me if I’ve seen the second two Spider-Man movies so I told him that I haven’t yet but I didn’t tell him why because he doesn’t know that I haven’t watched any movies with my mom since the time almost five years ago when I was going to watch “the Grinch” with her. Larry also saw when he was looking at my DVDs that I have the fullscreen Indiana Jones movie franchise which includes “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” “the Temple of Doom,” and “the Last Crusade.” He asked me which I like the best of those three, but I didn’t have an answer for him and then he asked me if I own the new Indiana Jones movie, “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.” I then told him that my dad has that one and I’ll remind you that this is a movie I would never see even if I was able to watch other movies right now unless it’s ever available in fullscreen. My mom bought that one for my dad for Christmas instead of buying it for me because the DVD’s only available in widescreen format and from what we could see it doesn’t look like “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” is available at all on VHS.

Now today will be the last day of work for my auntie Karen. It was in the E-mail I sent you three months ago on April 13th 2009 when I first told you that she’s going to be laid off from her job, well she has since decided that now is a good time to just retire. My dad also talked to my auntie Ann back East on the phone last Sunday morning (on the 12th) and she told him that her husband, my uncle Les, will turning 60 tomorrow and that he is thinking about retiring soon.

And also on last Sunday on my mom’s way up to the shower after she dropped me off at your place, she said that they have a “now hiring” sign on the front of the building where the new Dairy Queen’s gunna be so she doesn’t think that it will be too much longer before they finally open. I guess that tomorrow though we’ll have to go to the Dairy Queen again that’s further North on 152nd up in Scott’s territory. And I guess that this is also the closest DQ to Larry’s neighbourhood, he told me that him and Natascha sometimes do their shopping at the Save-On-Foods store that’s across 91st Avenue from it.

See you in Port Coquitlam at 1PM tomorrow.


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