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> ...that was an insightful email .I really get a sense of what your focused on...I really think your writing me these
> emails is worthwhile . As long as you feel ok after writing them .i'm hoping it doesn't stress you to go over your
> thoughts with such detail...

Iím glad that these E-mails help to give you a better understanding of what Iím focused on and I donít find it stressful to write you the long E-mails. Again, I know I donít have to rush because I know youíre coming ďtomorrow,Ē itís just that I knew Raynor would be coming back soon and I also knew that Serenaís visit was coming up yesterday so I therefore thought that itíd be best to write about as much as possible that we discussed with Raynor before we talk to these people again. Remember I had said that if I didnít have to send you such a long message two days ago I wouldíve sent you a bunch more of the images we had scanned, if I did decide to send them two days ago then I would have been unnecessarily rushing myself. And keep in mind one of the things we discussed yesterday is the fact that sending E-mails (as well as other stuff on the computer) is one of my most well known fields, most well known talents, most well known hobbies, etc.

If youíre going to forward some of my E-mails to Raynor and to Dr. McKibbin, I want to be sure itís clear to them that Iím aware the probability for me living with Carol doesnít look good. You did say though that probably everybody has a dream of owning their own house or living in a certain environment. I do regret saying that ďI no longer wish to have any contact with my parents after moving outĒ and that I donít wish to have any visits, I told you that I always felt comfortable around and enjoyed being with my parents whenever there wasnít an altercation and therefore wouldnít even have these kind of thoughts if it could be that way all the time. Also remember I said in the last message I sent you that I wouldnít want to bother Carol about wanting to live with her if I felt comfortable living where I am now.

I had a big messy toot just before doing my teeth last night when going to bed, this got my pajama bottoms dirty inside the leg and then I had another messy toot that was just as bad before I put on a clean pair of bottoms. I had messy toots all through the night last night and was awake for a long period of time in the middle of the night from sometime between 3AM and 4 to around 7AM, one of the messy toots during this period got the second pair of pajama bottoms dirty so I therefore had to put on a third pair and wear those for the rest of the night. Mom will be busy doing laundry today. I also had a messy toot when in the middle of shaving this morning.

Iíve been going poop lots for three days in a row last week (Tuesday the 19th, Wednesday, and Thurs) and a lot of them were bigger and messier ones. I remember yesterday I went through one whole role of toilet paper in my upstairs bathroom. I put a new one on just before you came because I ran out and then I finished that new roll just before I went to bed last night. Thereís nobody else I want to be around besides Carol whenever Iím feeling like how I describe in both situations that I just talked about.

I was already aware that there is no family who doesnít have a disagreement of some kind, but I do know there are a lot of families that are better off than myself and my parents like most of the relatives on my dadís side right now for example or like my friend, Mac, and his mom.

I remember Raynor said last Friday that moving our on your own for the first time and becoming more independent are things that most people look forward to, again I feel punished to have to become independent only because I donít feel comfortable where I am now. And my mom told me the night before yesterday that if I have my own place I could decorate it the way I want it to look, so I already was aware of that before you came here and told me the same thing yesterday. I was kind of hoping to finish renovating this house though before moving onto the next place.

This message is now a page long so far and I think thereís no rush to write about my thoughts after Serenaís visit, she hasnít even called yet to set up the next visit. I think I should give myself an easy day and get you caught up on all the light-hearted stuff that we havenít talked about yet. And if thereís anything else you think I should write to you about in detail before we see Raynor next, please let me know and Iíll do so in another message sometime before we see him again.

Iím also glad that you were finally able to read my dadís message without any problems. Strange that I can receive these kind of E-mail from you no problem while for some reason you couldnít receive this the first time I forwarded it to you.

I guess it was safe for me to bet that what you made out of ping pong balls and cat spring yesterday on our computer desk would hold together long enough for me to get a picture, I got one picture of it last night and then not long after I took that one picture the cat springs fell off. Remember I told you in the message I sent you on Friday February 8th that I took as many as seven pictures of your paper boat next to what you made last time. I havenít yet downloaded those seven pictures. I wish that Carol could see these pictures and see all these amazing things that you build while Iím scanning.

My dad phoned my auntie, Karen, last Wednesday evening (the 20th) to see how her foot was doing. Her foot is now in an air cast and she has to keep her foot elevated off the hearth. You heard my dad say yesterday that sheís now laying on the couch while Robert is stuck with doing all the work when he was suppose to be off work on holidays. Theyíre suppose to leave for Maui in a few days and I guess Karen hopes she will still be able to go.

My dad didnít tell me that his gum had been bothering him for a week and half before he saw the dentist last week. I guess that the popcorn kernel was stuck in his gum and it was on Nordel Way after he came off of the Alex Fraser bridge on his way to the dentist when it fell out. He continued onto the dentist anyway to have it checked out and the dentist told my dad that his gum was a bit swollen.

At 10:20AM this morning, we had a phone call from my psychiatristís office (the one on Scott Road). They called us to confirm an appointment we originally had scheduled there for tomorrow and I guess my mom had forgot to phone and tell them that we decided to stay with the Mental Health one. My mom phoned my dad immediately after this phone call to let him know that he didnít have to phone the psychiatristís office on Scott Road today now that she had told them that we wonít be going there anymore.

Last Wednesday afternoon (February the 20th) at around 4PM just before I sent you my message titled ď My thoughts after the meeting,Ē we got that message a fourth time about Concept 2 Lighting owing money. I told you that my mom had written some stuff down when they called the third time, but she didnít tell me until after I sent you that message last Wednesday that she didnít write down all the information because they said it too fast and there was a lot to write down. She got all the information down when they called the fourth time, and then when they called the fifth time last Thursday afternoon (the 21st), it had gotten to the point where my mom just hung up and then you heard the message when they called the sixth time just before my parents came home last Friday. I also found out that the message that we got the first couple times they called was recorded by a male voice and then it was a female voice the next bunch of times. After they called the seventh time at around 11:30AM last Saturday morning (the 23rd), my dad finally called the number and explained to them that David had passed away and there wasnít any money left.

My dad took the whole day off work last Friday (the 22nd) and then he only took the afternoon off yesterday. After Serena left yesterday afternoon, my parents went to Safeway first (the one in Peninsula Village), then they went to Shoppers Drug Mart (the one on 16th Avenue across from Semiahmoo Mall) to pick up a few things, and then they decided to drive home along the beach after Shoppers because it was a nice day for it. When driving home along White Rock Beach, they saw that the Trolls Restaurant was up for lease. I remember it being up for sale last summer while it was still open, but it is now closed and I guess itís up for lease now because no one has bought it yet. I remember them having good fish and chips the one time I ate there many years ago, when I reminded my mom this after you left yesterday she said that there will always be lots of places to get fish and chips along White Rock Beach. And thatís one good thing I got living here in South Surrey, another being that I donít live too far from the only Safeway we know about thatís got the Chinese food I like. The reason why my parents picked South Surrey out of all the place I told you we looked at before moving was because of me, because South Surrey at the time we moved was one of few areas where there isnít as much bullying. This message is now two pages long.

And for your information, John, I've had a bit more interaction with my dad lately. Especially yesterday. I came and saw him in the family room for just a few brief couple second long periods, once after he looked at your message titled ďFw: 7 Amazing HolesĒ when he had left it up on the screen so I went into the family room to ask him if he was done and if it would be okay that I close it down. Another time yesterday evening while my camera was in the middle of charging, I went into the family room to ask my dad if it would be okay to unplug it so that I could take that picture I told you I took of what you built and then I told him that I would plug it back in to finish charging once Iím done. He said that it should have enough charge for just a still picture if I want to unplug it and take one and then plug it back in when Iím done. Funny thing was I had then realized after this that my camera was charging in the downstairs computer room and I had enough cord that I didnít even need to unplug it to do what I wanted to do.

You asked me before my parents came home last Friday afternoon (the 22nd) what I had planned to do for the rest of that afternoon. spent the rest of that afternoon putting together my dadís message in HTML format to send to you instead of spending that time on the couch. You also asked what was for supper that same day and then what would be for my snack later that evening. I attached a little chart to the bottom of this message that should get you caught up on all my meals and snacks after last Friday and before today. One thing I will tell you now is that my mom got me some JELL-O OREO PUDDING SNACKS to try when she was at Safeway yesterday afternoon. I think I will try one for dessert after supper tomorrow night because those have milk in them and I didnít want to have one for dessert at supper yesterday after having a Banana Split, so I just had an ordinary fruit jello cup last night which my mom sprays whipped cream on top of after she opens them and before she gives them to me for dessert. I told you that lots of things were on sale when my mom went shopping last Monday (the 18th), she picked up four things of Nalley brand chip dip that day; two ďBacon & OnionĒ and two ranch. I had some Old Dutch Rip-L potato chips last night for my snack with one of the things of ďBacon & OnionĒ dip and I plan to finish off the leftover red and green Christmas Smarties for my snack this evening.

Speaking about leftover Christmas snacks, my dad took that box of truffles I told you my grandma sent home with him to work last Wednesday (the 20th) and set them out there for everybody. You also remember that just before you left last Friday, my dad told you that one of the other guys at his work was selling boxes of Caramel chocolates the day before (the 21st) for one of his kidís fundraisers. My dad bought a box and then he phoned my mom and told her. She told him not to bring them home because we already got enough chocolates leftover from Christmas so he then set those out for everybody at work to have that day.

All they had left at that Safeway in Fleetwood for Valentines Day cakes when my parents stopped there on their way home after our meeting with FVMH were just two white ones. I didnít tell you yet that my dad drove over to Spagnols, the beer and wine kits store on Annacis Island, the next day (Friday the 15th) before going to pick up my grandparents in Abbotsford. We decided weíd have him try a couple other Safeway locations on his way home to see if they had a double-layer cake leftover from Valentines Day. This was when my dad stopped at the two locations I told you he tried including the one where you regularly shop at 138th and 72nd but neither of those two locations had the cake. The other location that he tried was again the big one on Scott Road near the Scottsdale bus exchange. I thought I better get my Valentines Day cake after finding out on such short notice about my dad wanting to go with my grandparents down to the casino in Washington state.

My dad brought home scratch-and-win tickets for all three of us after our meeting with FVMH including a "Set for Life" for me. No win for me even though I got two $8 on one of the three games and two ďCASH 25YEARS" on another. My dad brought us home three more scratches, one for each of us, the next day (Friday) after he went to Spagnols and we ended up with three duds this time. Of those ďthree duds,Ē mine was a "DOLLAR SIGNS" where I got two $5 on the game where I have to match three identical dollar amounts. Last Saturday the 23rd, dad brought home scratches for all three of us again including a "Set for Life" for me. This time I won a free ticket on the second game. I got two $50 on the third game and two ďCASH 25YEARS" on the first, my mom had hoped that my free ticket would have been the one that had got me cash for 25 years but later on when I got my free ticket it ended up being yet another dud. You saw how good my math was in one of the previous messages a while back where I calculated how much my total would come at the end of 25 years and that I thought it might be enough for Carol to afford to retire now. Why canít I be one to win a bunch of money at the casino like the amount you said Dianne had won, how much money did she win again? This message is now three pages long.

Speaking about casinos:
-last Monday when I told you my mom went to the one in Cloverdale and lost $40, that was her first time in a casino by herself (without my dad or anybody else with her).
-I found out that my grandparents have a coupon for the Nooksack Casino every Friday and not just the Friday when they went with my dad.
-my parents went to the Cascades casino in Langley last Friday after Raynor left. My dad came out with an extra $100 than the amount he went in with and my mom came out with less than the amount she went in with. They also saw when they were there that day that theyíre building onto the Cascades casino. It was at the McDonald's location that you and I ate at a few times at 32nd Avenue and King George Highway where my parents went through the drive-through and each got a burger which they ate on the road on their way to the casino.

My dad got me two BLACKJACK scratch tickets when they were at Shoppers yesterday afternoon, I didnít win on either of them. There isnít as much to choose from for scratches at Shoppers. Remember in the car on our way back to my place after we left A&W last Friday we were talking about betting on horses at races? Thereís yet another way to make money. I told you in a previous message a while back about my gambling:

> ...Or maybe I could bet on teams. I could start by betting as little as $5 and then if I win the bet and win $10 , I could
> bet $5 again and then if I win again this time try betting $10 the next time. If I manage to win so many times in a row,
> I could keep doubling until I get up into the bigger numbers then maybe I can start betting quarters instead of halves
> like maybe $125,000 out of $50,000 for example instead of $250,000...

Remember just before we turned off 20th Avenue yesterday on our way to Dairy Queen we passed a little red two door car that I told you looked like Carolís Yaris which is also red and has two doors. That was just before 2PM and High Schools donít end the day until just after 2:30. Plus we werenít anywhere near EMS which is over on 16th Avenue, Semi was the High School we were near. Carolís Yaris is a 2007 and had already been in three accidents. Brian Lindberg, the TA I told you about who now works with Carol at EMS, says itís because her car is red and whenever someone sees a blonde driving a red car theyíll bash into her. I also remember at Kristaís wedding last summer they had a parade of three Yarises; Carolís, Kristaís Yaris, and Hollyís (Carolís friendís) Yaris. Carol had told me months before Kristaís wedding that she would show me the wedding pictures. I looked forward myself those many months to seeing the pictures including the ďparade of yarisesĒ but itís my parentsí mistake that I never got to see them because Carol didnít get most of the pictures until after she stopped seeing me one week after the wedding.

> ...She even named the cat she has now ďYariĒ after the Yaris...

Both names are pronounced the same way they are spelled. The letter ďsĒ on the end of ďYarisĒ (the carĒ is not silent.

My opinion about the Yaris now, I remember Carolís looked like an ugly little K-car on the outside that was nice and roomy on the inside. I do miss riding in that car though and if I do get to ride in it again the next time better not be the last time.

And speaking about my red cars, my mom told me a story about one she saw when she was out with my dad yesterday afternoon after Serena left. After they left Peninsula Village and were on their way to Shoppers, they were South on 152nd Street near the ďTim Hortons/Semiahmoo MallĒ area where there was a red Volvo in the lane beside them and a little ways ahead of them. There was a couple times when this red Volvo veered into the other lane like the people in it were distracted. After this and while the Volvo was in the curb lane, a motorcycle drove up and was driving where it wasnít suppose to between the curb and the Volvo. This made my mom very nervous because it looked to her like the man on the motorcycle was gunna get crushed by the Volvo and she didnít think that he was gunna get out of there. This message is now four pages long.

Remember my mom went to get the mail just before you left yesterday afternoon and after they came back from shopping. On her way to the mailbox she passed our neighbour, Gary, who lives across the street from us and who isnít doing well right now. We donít know whether or not heíll live because he doesnít have a diagnosis yet. This is the same neighbour who Carol went running to last August by the way. Heís in his mid 60s right now and if he doesnít make it he will have died younger than my neighbour, Mike, who I told you passed away at age 71 last month.

Thatís a lot of change I got rid of yesterday at DQ. I had a bunch more change in the pouch on my wallet before that which I dumped into a pile on the kitchen table last weekend. My mom then dumped out a bunch of change she had in her wallet into the same pile and then we put it all in my piggy bank. When doing so, I noticed that my piggy bank is getting near full and will soon be time to roll up some change for my bank account. Now because you know I donít want to ride with my parents, when my piggy bank does get full do you think that taking my change into the bank would be something that you and I could do? I could show you my bank. And maybe you could go with my mom and me to the grocery store in a few weeks from now and Iíll pick out my Easter candy from the bulk section. Speaking about the bank, I got a notice in the mail last Friday (the 22nd) that said theyíll be changing my bank account. Theyíll be changing it to something a bit different for people who have the same type of account I have and who donít use their account too often. My rent is currently $375 per month and I added an additional $1000 when I wrote out my last rent cheque last week for my parents to hold for me in their account because my account was getting near the $3000 limit before I wrote that cheque. Iíll be cut off disability if I go over that limit.

You heard my dad say yesterday that itís almost time to take those platies I have into the fish store and get a store credit for them because they are getting so big. Because I wonít ride with my dad, do you think that this would be another thing you and I could do? You could watch my dad catch the fish and dump them into a bag before we leave for the fish store, you know that he gets a lot of Thursday afternoons off work so if we do this one Thursday afternoon maybe I could show you my favorite fish store (which I know youíve been to already) and then we could go out for our snack. My dad talked at one time a few years ago about having someone volunteer to help me look after my fish if I still have fish once Iím eventually living somewhere else after theyíre gone. Pretty much all I can do is feed them and I have a hard time seeing when it comes to maintaining the tanks and doing all the other stuff. My dad also moved those baby mollies downstairs that he had been meaning to do for the last month because they were getting so big. He moved them after you left yesterday afternoon and he only moved four in total because thatís all there were for big ones in my upstairs tank, I thought there would be more.

Would 3PM be okay for you to come on Saturday? My mom thought maybe we could do 3 to 7PM. We could leave at a quarter after 5 to get our Chinese food so weíll be back at my place in time for the news at 6PM and we can eat at the kitchen table. Or I forgot to say to you yesterday, we could also do Sunday if it would be better for you. Either way, I'm lookin' forward. This will be the first time I watched the news in just over two months. And speaking about the news, I got one news story for you but I can detail it in another message because Iím getting tired now and you told me that I donít have to rush when E-mailing you. I hope you enjoy this message.

I spoke to my mom and she thought that it might be a good idea for me to have a quiet day on Thursday and we could go to DQ one day next week for onion rings. Maybe Iíll have the next five pieces of my Terryís Chocolate Orange for my snack that afternoon. My mom told me that the weather forecast on todayís Noon News was the same updated forecast you gave me yesterday after the one I gave the last time I E-mailed you, so maybe weíll get to go for a walk before snack time on Thurs. And we now have another image to scan, my mom's gardening magazine came in the mail this afternoon and thereís a picture in there of a cat sleeping in the flowers.

This message is now five pages long (six including the meals chart) which should be about half the length of the last couple I sent you. I previously told you that the last one was nine pages long, it came down to eight pages before I sent it to you after I read through it with my mom before sending it to you. Again, I hope you enjoy reading this message.

Itís almost suppertime now and I will spend this evening on the couch after the lousy kind of sleep I told you I had last night. Remember I told you that lots of evenings after the altercation a few months ago I would lay for a bunch of hours on the big couch in our living room and my cat, Chloe, would spend that whole time in the same room as me while laying on the loveseat.

And if I don't send you another E-mail tomorrow, Iíll see you Thurs at 1PM.


P.S. Here is the ďmeals chartĒ :

Friday Feb.22,2008:

Afternoon snack: next five pieces of Terryís Chocolate Orange

Supper: Iím pretty sure I remember having for supper this night; bacon,

the Save-On brand hash browns that I like, and leftover carrot salad that my mom made.

Evening snack: General Mills Cheerios Snack mix (HONEY NUT

CRUNCH flavour) +water to drink

NOTE: The evenings when I do have milk with my Honey Nut Cheerio Mix, I drink the milk separately in a glass and instead of pouring it on top of the cheerio mix. Same thing when I use to drink milk with cereal at breakfast, I just liked the cereal plain.

Saturday Feb.23,2008:

Evening snack: HERSHEYíS EGGIES

-enough in this bag for 2 snacks.
-my momís pretty sure that it's also milk chocolate inside of these.

Sunday Feb.24,2008:

Afternoon snack: Tried having some of the OASIS brand cranberry juice

that I told you my mom got to drink with this snack.

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