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Tuesday June 16,2009 at 7:33 AM


Hi Neil,

Crescent Park would be wonderful! I had thought that if you still needed to pick up a fathers day card for your dad you may want to go by the mall and also do that…have you been following the news on the new Golden Ears Bridge? It would be interesting to go see it sometime…

Natascha and I are going to Kelowna and staying at a bed and breakfast.


From: Neil McRae
Sent: June 15, 2009 4:39 PM
Subject: Plans


I told you in person when I saw you last Tuesday that I received all three of your responses you sent me in the morning on that same day, in the one titled “RE: Campbell Park” you wrote:

> My emails register here as sent…you don’t have my response to “Riding for their father”? Or “My thoughts
> on a nice Saturday”?

I don’t have your responses to either of those. The same issue occurred a few times previously when I had sent E-mails to John whereas my messages to him register here as sent though for some reason he did not receive those few.

I helped John walk his dogs again yesterday. Yesterday was only my second time walking his dogs and then on next Sunday we might walk them around the trails in the Watershed Park. I never been yet to the Watershed Park with John, the only time I’ve went there was just a few weeks ago when I went there with you. Now for our plans tomorrow, I thought that maybe we could drive to Crescent Park before we have our snack at my place because I haven’t gone there with you before. We can enter Crescent Park from the 128th Street entrance on the West side of the park. And I can understand that you’re use to entering my neighbourhood from 20th Avenue seeing how you usually come here down 152nd Street, so I attached a map of the neighbourhood to this E-mail. My house is where the “X” is on the map and if you study the map you’ll see that I live closer to the

And because I can’t remember where you said you’re going next week on your vacation, I don’t know what to say to John who asked me a couple of times where you’re going. I do remember you told me that you’ll be doing some wine tasting near the Penticton area, but I just can’t remember the name of the town where you said that you’ll be staying.

See you tomorrow at 1PM.


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