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Tuesday June 9,2009 at 8:01 AM


Hi Neil,

My emails register here as sent…you don’t have my response to “Riding for their father”? Or “My thoughts on a nice Saturday”?

I think you are able to safely walk all of the designated paths at Campbell Valley Park and that you would probably quite like many of the side trails. Keep in mind that I know the park very well as I have been there literally hundreds of times. However it is your choice which trails we walk. I think we both had a very nice time together at Campbell Valley Park…


From: Neil McRae
Sent: June 3, 2009 4:22 PM
Subject: Campbell Park


I checked my E-mail yesterday after you left but for some reason I didn’t get the response that you said you sent me. You asked me yesterday how long it’s been since the last time I’ve been to Campbell Valley Park, that was a few years ago when I went there with my previous worker, Carol, who also told me about the different walk with the boardwalks that you and I could’ve taken back to the car. She was a little worried however about taking me that way because she seemed to have thought that you would need to go via a side trail that might not be on the park map in order to get over to those boardwalks. Is that true? She said that you start to see other people again once you come off that side trail and get over to the boardwalks even though she sounded like she was the only person who knew about that side trail, so there must be another way to get to those boardwalks. If I had decided to try that different walk yesterday when you asked me whether I wanted to continue on the “Little River Loop Trail” back to the car or go left and try the other walk, is there anything about this trail that I might not like such as any difficult spots?


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