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Did you get both the E-mail I sent you yesterday and the one that I sent you two days before on Friday? My mom was complaining this afternoon that she had a bit of a sore throat and she hopes that she isn’t coming down with something. My dad’s taking tomorrow afternoon off work and he and my mom had made plans for while Larry’s with me...on Saturday at one point when they were at the wedding, my dad was talking about the casinos and then my auntie Ann said that she wouldn’t mind going to one of them one day while she’s out here. So my auntie Karen and uncle Robert will bring Ann in tomorrow from the valley and they’ll meet my mom and dad at my uncle Gordon’s house, then the five of them will go with my uncle Gordon and auntie Sue to the Starlight.

Also at the wedding, my cousin Jeff said that they might have a house warming at the end of August. My mom and dad told him that they could probably make it as long as they phone us a few weeks before they have it so that we’d have some advanced notice.

And when my mom and dad got home from the wedding on Saturday evening just before 9PM, they brought in with them three little white boxes wrapped with blue ribbon. Each one contained a miniature cupcake, everyone who attended the wedding got one and my uncle Robert gave his to my mom and dad to take home to me because I wasn’t there. I had all three yesterday for my dessert after supper because three of those in my opinion would equal just one ordinary cupcake and that is one of the reasons why I never tell my mom to buy the miniature ones, because I prefer the regular size cupcakes. All three of the ones that I had yesterday were white cake with white icing and one had a little lemon candy on it, the other two had a little orange candy.

Please let me know if we’re still on for Thursday at 1PM.


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