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Friday July 17,2009



I think that putting a tracking device on Carol is a great idea so that weíll always know where she is. This way Iíd be able to find her and then Iíll ask her to start seeing me again. Also, I remember you said yesterday that if you call her up and tell her that you donít get as much ice cream this summer, you thought she might say quote ďtoo bad.Ē I think that you should phone Carol and complain to her about you wonít have as much ice cream this summer.

Now just because I didnít talk about Carol in my E-mails leading up to yesterdayís meeting, even though I usually do whenever weíre about to meet with Dr. McKibbin doesnít mean that Iíve let her go. I will always hold on to her seeing how she is my nearest family member. And I remember that it was brought up yesterday about me working up to eventually getting back together with our own relatives, and I told you before that Iíve been avoiding my relatives for long before Carol stopped talking to me. I donít ever want to have anything more to do with them and if I could have my way Iíd still wish that my mom and dad also couldnít see the relatives anymore after I was cut off from seeing Carol. It didnít take more than just one day to end Carolís and my relationship and it only took just a day for Carol to permanently change the way that she thinks about me, until that day she had agreed to do more respite with me after she retires from her school job. She was hoping that she wonít have to work past June of 2011 and she agreed to come here on as many as two or three days per week after she does retire. I donít think that our relationship shouldíve ended or that I donít see her again after I first met her almost 15 years ago back when I was going to elementary school when I lived in Whalley and Carol also knew Kris then. I also think myself that I could handle three days per week easily or more than that if Carol was the one coming here all the time and if I didnít have either you or Larry, I think that Carol would not wear me out as easily.

Though it was mentioned yesterday at the meeting that it was a good thing Iíve met a lot of t he people you know it just isnít right that Iíve met Dianne, Trish, Ida, Shylo etc and I donít really want to meet any of the people that Larry knows because I wouldíve rather met more of Carolís friends, family members, as well as other people that she has connections to. Instead of coming for a barbeque at your place or having a picnic in the park with Larry, Iíd rather attend family gatherings with Carolís relatives and have a picnic in the park with her friend, Holly, and the young girl that Holly provides respite for. Carol suggested one time while she was working with me that maybe sometime she and I could meet up with the two of them and then have a picnic at the park. And Iíve already said before that I wonít have anyone who isnít Carol come stay with me overnight while my mom and dad are away. I will now remind you about everything else that I wonít do without Carol even though I already wrote to you before about all of this stuff:

ē I wonít go and get ice cream at the place in Crescent Beach with you (or with Larry) because I had originally planned to do so with Carol on the day when we had the big altercation that ended our relationship and stopped us from going out on that afternoon.

ē I donít really want to keep in touch with Kris or Mac as long as Carol thinks about me negatively though I did call Mac on April 10th of this year to let him know about Kris getting hurt on the day before. And my mom said to me just yesterday that if I do want to call Mac sometime I could invite him to go with my dad fishing, but if they do get together and go my mom said for me to ask Mac if heíll be available on a weekday because weekends are usually too busy where dad goes fishing at Alouette Lake. My mom and dad saw Mac yesterday while they were out in the car by the way, they passed him when he was sitting at a bus stop.

ē I especially donít want to go on the bus (or skytrain) ever again, I donít want to go on the bus with anybody other than Carol and also I donít want to take transit with Carol after she ran to my neighbour, Gary who lives across the street

You said that youíll probably see me taking skytrain again sometime in the future and also that youíll hear Iíve stayed at home by myself even though I said before that I wouldnít. And you also said something about youíd see me do those things eventually even if I was thinking yesterday while you were actually talking about them that Iím still not going to do them. Now, I do want to live a life in which I donít do those things. If there ever comes a time when my mom and dad have to leave me alone for a few minutes, then I want arrangements to be made for Carol to come and stay with me. Jennifer, who Carol also provides respite for, canít be left by herself at all and I told you before that I want the same designation. Also, Carol respected that Jennifer didnít like to go out much and she didnít promote the kind of things such as going out bowling, teaching her how to play Chess, or walking over to the tennis court. Now you didnít seem to remember until it got brought up yesterday about the one time when I did get left at home by myself, here is where I wrote about it before in the E-mail I sent you on December 17th 2008:

> My mom has to go for her mammogram tomorrow morning at 11:10 AM. My dadís taking the time off work to stay with
> me while she goes and gets that done, but he might have to drive her there in his Subaru if the snow isnít gone by
> then which therefore means that I would be at home by myself. I wish that you and I could go out for lunch tomorrow.

And then I did actually get left at home by myself on the next morning even though I laid awake in bed the whole time while they were gone because I couldnít fall back asleep and I had an upset stomach on that morning. You also didnít remember that I agreed to let Larry come while both of my parents attend my cousinís wedding, and now here is where I told you so in the message I sent you on June 3rd 2009:

> And Larry canít come on Tuesday June 23rd because heís on vacation that week. He had his day planner with
> him yesterday and he booked off August the 8th from two oíclock to 9PM.

Also, you already gave me the link to Icon Archive in the message that you sent to me almost a year ago on Sunday August 31st and then I responded later on that same day and said this:

> Wow, thanks for the site, John, but the Kermit icon there isnít very big. Maybe we could look through that
> other site when youíre here tomorrow afternoon and see if they have a 96x96 icon of Kermit...

And then the only two Sesame Street muppets that we found on that site were Cookie Monster and Elmo. You thought that Iím not gunna join Facebook until I find the right icon, I already created my account with Facebook on August the 29th of last year and then I posted my first request at the Muppet Central Forum to have a Kermit icon but again it looks like that request was ignored. And then I put things on hold as soon as I went on the Olanzapine and it started to make me feel sleepy during the day so I hadnít been feeling ambitious enough to do a lot at that time and I have not got around to getting back to this since then.

Are you interested at all about what has been going on with my cousin, Jenny? You didnít mention anything about it in your E-mail responses nor have you talked about it in person after I told you last week in the July 7th E-mail that sheís been having fights with her caregiver, Judy. My mom had a call this morning from Jenny letting her know that her friend, Carrie who lives out in Mission, has been acting weird lately and now she doesnít want to be friends with Jenny anymore. Now also remember that Iíve mentioned before in a few of the previous E-mails about Jennyís boyfriend, Danny? I didnít tell you yet though that Jenny phoned my mom on the evening of Sunday March 15th 2009, this has now happened four months ago, to let her know that she broke up with Danny. He was too bossy and he wanted everything his way. And then almost a month later on April 12th, Jenny phoned us and said that she phoned Danny to wish him a happy birthday even though the two of them had been broke up now. He pretended to not know who she was when she phoned to wish him a happy birthday because he just acts weird sometimes.

And because you saw one of my momís reusable grocery bags yesterday on our kitchen table, I guess that I should tell you about those now. My dad first got them on Sunday February 1st of this year, he got five green reusable bags when he was at the Save-On-Foods store in South Point but both he and my mom donít remember to use them a lot of the time. They donít usually realize until once theyíre in the store that they left them in the trunk of the car and then they come home with these unnecessary plastic bags that we donít need. And these didnít even cost my dad anything, only a thousand Save-On-More points. Then he realized later that these hold so much and he said that he shouldíve only bought three instead of five.

And I would have talked about the above things when they actually happened but you obviously know now that we just had too much else going on then. Also, I started to drink SUN-RYPE brand juice when I was sick back in March. Even though youíve seen me drinking Oceanís Spray brand cranberry juice most of the times lately when youíre at my place for our afternoon snack, Iíve been drinking SUN-RYPE juice on almost every second day since March and as of now Iíve tried many different flavours of it including ďApple Orange Peach.Ē My mom picked up a bottle of the Safeway brand ďApple Orange PeachĒ flavour juice one time a couple weeks ago for me to try because she said that itís not as expensive as the SUN-RYPE one, I didnít have a glass of the Safeway brand for the first time until just two afternoons ago on Wednesday and then I had another glass of it today.

Now, is Trish going to be home this weekend and is she still on for Sunday? If you respond to let me know whether or not weíll still be walking over there to see the bird and the three cats, then Iíll wear the proper footwear this time. And please donít say anything at all on Sunday if you see me looking at my watch.


P.S. Here are again all of the links that were at the bottom of my previous message except the one that has a blue star (*) beside it wasnít in that same message but was in one of the other two responses that I sent you on the same day:

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