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Both my ears had been plugged

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Friday July 3,2009



I don’t know why it wasn’t obvious to you that I should’ve phrased my previous E-mail like this where I said that I don’t want to go anywhere in South Surrey:

> ...but then I remembered something...that the East Beach is in South Surrey and we can’t go to any public areas
> in South Surrey/White Rock as long as Carol is out of school for the summer...

Now in your response to that E-mail, you wrote:

> ...We had a bbq.I wish we could have had you over...

If I remember correctly, you kept going on yesterday in person when you were here detailing about what kinds of burgers you guys had after you had already told me in your E-mail response that you had bbq burgers and corn on the cob? Why would I come if you were having burgers?

And if I did go back to watching the news on a regular basis, you know I’d let you know as soon as I did so. My mom told me about the three-year-old boy who was mauled by a dog after she saw the story on the news on Wednesday. You thought that it happened in Abbotsford, the boy and his mother were visiting the mom’s sister in Chilliwack when the sister’s dog attacked him. The mom had to pry her son’s head out of the dog’s mouth and then she took her son and ran to a neighbour’s to get help because her sister had no phone. And they don’t know why the dog attacked, police say there is no record of previous biting incidents involving the dog.

Larry told me about the Yemenia Airbus that had crashed in the Indian Ocean on Tuesday when he saw me later on the same day. He also told me that they rescued a young boy who’s just five years old and that he’s believed to have been the only survivor among the 153 who were aboard.

And another thing that was in the news, did you hear that Billy Mays died? My mom told me about his death on Sunday. They mentioned him because he did a lot of commercials selling stuff and what’s with all the celebrity deaths in a row? His was the fourth within just 96 hours.

Now remember in the E-mail I sent you on Saturday June 13th I told you that my mom bought two new kinds of SPF 60 sunscreen for me to try on my arms and legs? Well, I tried a bit of one on my leg last Monday and then I rubbed some of the other brand on my other leg and it seems that both kinds need some time to my arms and legs might look a bit white for the first bit when you see me on Sunday and if I use one of those two sunscreens on that day. And also, I tried on the “BANANA BOAT” brand “Face” stuff the last couple times when I put on sunscreen but my eyes bothered me in the evening on both of those days so I guess I’ll probably go back to putting on the OMBRELLE brand for now.

Last night my mom decided to try putting the mineral oil in my ear that wasn’t bothering me hoping that any built up wax might loosen. And then that ear plugged up just a few minutes after she put the mineral oil in the same ear. I managed to unplug the one ear after I scratched back and forth inside it with my finger, but it later plugged up a few more times yesterday evening and there were times when I almost couldn’t hear at all while both of my ears were plugged. Normally on days when I go into my bathroom upstairs at 6AM I can hear my dad having his shower but today I couldn’t hear the water running while he was having his shower when I woke up at six o'clock this morning and had to go use the bathroom. My hearing seems to have been much better today since I got up though I worried a few times last night about the possibility of both my ears being plugged for up to two weeks. Funny how my ears sometimes plug up when I lay down in bed and then they unplug and I’m able to hear again once I’m up going to the bathroom.


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