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Once you told me about the walk that we could do with Dianne, Mike, Trish, Addie, Dottie, and Bubbles at the East end of White Rock Beach (down by the Semiahmoo Indian Reserve), I almost immediately said to you in person “okay let’s set it up for next Sunday” but then I remembered something...that the East Beach is in South Surrey and we can’t go to any public areas in South Surrey as long as Carol is out of school for the summer. However, I do like your other idea that you mentioned just before you told me about this walk that you and Dianne had talked about, your other idea being the one you suggested that you and I have our snack at the DQ on 152nd Street and Highway 10 one day after we walk the dogs in your neighbourhood. Or we could do Diary Queen on the day we have our appointment with Dr. McKibbin in two weeks.

My mom found a couple things yesterday at the Christophers store in Scottsdale Mall to give to my grandma for her 80th birthday, first some nice hand lotion that the lady who works in Christophers told my mom was made in Canada and it won some awards. My mom also found for my grandma a set of notepads that has three different sizes of pads, and there’s a different word on the side of each notepad; the word “cheese” is on the side of one, “wine” is on the side of another, and “friends” is on the side of the third one. And also yesterday in Christophers, my mom saw these dogs that bark when you walk by them and she said to the lady that she must get tired of listening to them all day. Then the lady said “nope” because if she’s busy she’ll know this way when someone comes into the store and then can keep an eye on them in case they need help or if they try to shoplift. My mom and dad will probably drive the gifts out to my grandma when you’re with me on Thursday afternoon.

My mom read on the bottle of mineral oil that she bought for me yesterday afternoon that it can also be used as a laxative. I had Epsom salts one time a few years ago to soak my foot in after I had an ingrown toenail removed and I remember that it could also be used as a laxative. And I also remember that one evening when I went in to soak my foot back then, Chloe almost drank the Epsom salts before I put my foot in so my mom stopped her and said to her that she’ll be up all night going poop if she drinks that stuff.

Did you hear anything yet about this story my mom told me she read in the newspaper yesterday morning and she also saw a bit about it on the news? She told me that she didn’t know the whole story, but they found a barn full of cats and kittens somewhere in Richmond or Delta and some of them weren’t very healthy.

And I think I already told you that I sent an E-mail to Larry last Sunday (on the 21st) in the evening to tell him about walking your dogs at Watershed Park. I wrote to him in the evening hoping that he hadn’t left yet on his vacation, but I think that I probably missed him seeing how he hasn’t written me back. He said he’d check his E-mail on the 28th (that was yesterday) but I still haven’t heard anything from him, so I don’t know yet what will be on the books for Larry and I tomorrow.

By the way, my mom baked mint chocolate chip cookies this morning and then I had a couple today for my dessert after lunch.


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