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First, Larry will be visiting the Elephant Island Winery one day next week when heís on his vacation but theyíre staying the whole vacation at a bed and breakfast thatís in Kelowna. After I E-mailed him on Monday to ask him again where he was going, he wanted to joke around so he told me in person when I saw him on the next day to tell you that heís going to Elephant Island but not to say where it is. I did remember before I E-mailed him on last Monday that he told me theyíll be doing some wine tasting on their trip, but I just couldnít remember where exactly he was going. And Larry mightíve been to Italy, was Italy the name of the country where the Elephant Island is that you found when you Googled it? And you thought that Larry might go there because you know that he likes the beach. We do know however that Larry has been to Greece and to Germany. Natascha has relatives who live in Germany.

You asked me if I knew what my mom was up to yesterday afternoon. She started to look around for a dress to wear to my cousin, Janiceís, wedding on August the 8th. And also when she was out, she went to Shoppers Drug Mart and got me one stick of the OMBRELLE brand ďFaceĒ sunscreen that Iíve been using lately as well as a stick for me to try of 60 SPC ďBANANA BOATĒ brand. She said that it will be good if the BANANA BOAT brand ends up working out for me because it isnít as expensive as the OMBRELLE face stuff. And she also told me that if you spend $80 at Shoppers, you get a free Future Shop gift card for $20 so my mom bought me a box of Smarties to bring her purchase up to $80. The gift card has to be used before July 9th and my dadís thinking that he might give the card to Kiernan but we donít know if there are any Future Shops near where he lives.

I also remember that you said yesterday about my dad didnít take Thursday afternoon off this week and I told you in my last E-mail that he instead decided to take off all of today to go fishing with my uncle Robert at Alouette Lake. Speaking about it, my dad just phoned a few minutes ago and he said that they caught six fish. And Save-On phoned our house earlier this afternoon to let us know that our table and chairs are in. Remember my mom and dad ordered a couple new deckchairs with a small table using the points that they saved on their Save-On-More Card? Anyway, my mom told my dad later when he phoned that theyíre in so he said that heíll come home and clean up first and then heíll go out to pick up the deck table and chairs.

When you saw the baby boy, Marshall, at the beginning of the video that was taken at the baby shower, you remembered right away that this wasnít the baby who the shower was for because he would be too old for a shower seeing how heís almost a year old now...but then you thought that the shower was for a younger baby girl. My cousin, Jeff, and his wife, Jen, named their baby Jacob and I told you in the E-mail I sent you on Monday May 4th that my auntie Karen and uncle Robert (still) donít have any granddaughters:

Monday May 4,2009:
> ...And my mom said that she was sure they were gunna have a girl. I can see why she would say that, because
> my auntie Karen now has her third grandson and she doesnít have any granddaughters.

And you asked me if Iím doing anything with my dad on Fatherís Day, I did get a card for him but Fatherís Day is on This Sunday and you know very well that itís the day on which you and I might go to the Watershed Park< font color="#000000">. I asked in my last E-mail to you if just you and I should walk around the trails in there now that I realize you didnít suggest bringing the dogs. And I meant that my mom and dad will still drop me off at your house if we take the dogs...or otherwise you can pick me up if weíre not taking the dogs and if my parents will be going in a different direction, if so weíll drive straight to Watershed Park from my place and we wonít stop at your place at all on Sunday as long as we wonít be bringing any dogs. Please get back to me about Sunday.


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