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Wednesday June 17,2009



I got your E-mail response titled “Bubble Boy” and in which you wrote:

> ...Also I remember suggesting going to watershed park but did i suggest bringing the dogs? hmmm,I think that
> might be your idea ? ...

Oh, but in the E-mail that you sent me on Friday May 29th and was titled “message at bottom,” you didn’t specify that we won’t bring the dogs and the part where you suggested going to Watershed Park was right after you talked about doing the walk that we did on last Sunday with the dogs:

Friday May 29,2009:
> Hi Neil ..the section through the woods is steep but i think you could manage .I think going down 56th to 132a and
> along 55a and then going up the steep woodsy part. If the trail seems to much we could always double back.Let
> me know what you think .Another idea is the waterdhed park from hwy 10 one day..Cheers for now...john

Anyway, I guess now just you and I could walk around the trails in Watershed Park on Sunday afternoon. Either you could pick me up at 1PM on Sunday afternoon or my mom and dad could drop me off at your place (in the Honda Accord) and then we’ll go from there (in the Pontiac) to Watershed Park? Either way, we’d drive straight back to my place after Watershed Park.

Yesterday in the morning before Larry left his place to come here, he responded to my E-mail that I told you I was going to send him on Monday. In his response he said that the new Golden Ears Bridge would be interesting to go see sometime, but if him and I are going to drive over it he suggested that we should do it sometime while it’s still free and after he comes back from his vacation. It will be free to cross the new bridge for the first month, but the tolls will go into affect one month as of the day the bridge opens to the public which was yesterday.

Larry also said that he and Natascha were thinking about going down to the Golden Ears Bridge celebrations that were happening on last Sunday, but decided not to once they heard about it being crowded. My mom said that she wouldn’t want to have been there if it was that busy. Did you hear that one pregnant woman who was on the bridge during the celebrations was going into labour, another pregnant woman was having problems, and that a third person was also taken to hospital with heart attack-like symptoms? And my mom also said yesterday that she wonders how long it will be before they have their first car accident on the new bridge.

Also in the news, did you hear about the mountain lion who had been hanging around outside someone’s house somewhere down in California? The family’s three Chihuahuas cornered it in the garage but they didn’t say what had since happened to the mountain lion or if the mountain lion’s still hanging around their house.

And my mom told me they said in the business segment on today’s Noon News that now Petcetera will be closing out all of their locations for sure.

Last night after Izzy came in from outside, my dad asked why did he find a feather on the kitchen floor. And then my mom said that Izzy better not be up to her old tricks again. We haven’t found the rest of that bird yet by the way.

My mom went out two days ago (on Monday) and picked me up a chicken cobb salad from Safeway to have for supper on that day. She also got me one of their yellow and pink sprinkled donuts to have for dessert, except this time she got me a chocolate iced long john that had yellow and pink sprinkles because she said that they only had a few round ones left and they looked messy. Once I took a bite out of the long john, I noticed that it wasn’t hollow in the center. Or it wasn’t completely filled with cake all the way across if you know what I mean. The donut still tasted the same though.

Did you see the bulldozer that has been sitting for the last few days in the front yard on the other side of Muriel? Yesterday when my dad was driving home from work, he saw that they were trying to start it. We think they might be doing some landscaping in their front yard, but once they got the bulldozer going my dad said to us that they better not keep it going for very long or he’ll have to call bylaw enforcement because you’re not suppose to operate heavy equipment in your front yard after a certain time of day.

Also yesterday, we noticed that the fence between Rob and Barney fell down. Remember that Rob’s the guy across our back lane where the two dogs live?

And yesterday was my cousin, Jenny’s, birthday. We had a card for her with $50 cash and my mom was going to drop it off yesterday afternoon when I was with Larry, but she drove all the way out to Langley to find once she got there that Jenny wasn’t home so she left the card with Judy. Jenny wasn’t there at the time because she found someone else to take her out for lunch, she wanted my mom to take her out for lunch yesterday on her birthday but my mom told her that she just didn’t have the time right now. I already knew that Jenny wasn’t home before my mom came home and could tell me that herself because after my mom left Jenny’s place, Jenny got home and then she left a message on our answering machine while I was still with Larry. She left a message because she wanted to tell my mom “thank you for the card,” and then she phoned my mom again just as Larry was about to leave.

Larry won both “outside” games yesterday afternoon and he told me to tell you that he’s going to Elephant Island next week for his vacation. We might do some cropping tomorrow afternoon.

And my dad went into work today, now he might take Friday off to go fishing with Robert at Alouette Lake. Robert has some appointment on Monday and also they need my dad at work on that day so he’ll work Monday and then take off the rest of next week, he’d leave on Tuesday with Robert and Kiernan to go away for three nights and they’d come back on the Friday. They’re not sure yet where they’d go overnight, my mom couldn’t find too many places online but she did see one place in a magazine that she thought sounded nice and it’s called “Hatheume Lake Resort.” It’s somewhere between Merritt and Kelowna. It would cost them $150 per night to stay in the cabins there though and my mom also suggested that my dad could use his $350 bonus he got paid for working 35 years at Hydro to pay for better accommodations so that they could relax and enjoy their trip more.

See you tomorrow at 1PM.


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