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Monday June 15,2009 at 3:40 PM

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Remember yesterday as we were getting into your car you saw someone come out of my neighbour’s house across the street and there was a green van parked in their driveway? And then you said “hello” to the person and she said “hi” back. That was my neighbour, Gary’s, house. He was the one that Carol ran to on the day that our relationship ended in August of 2007. Mom and I assumed that they had gone away again until yesterday when my dad who you know can be absentminded said that he didn’t notice their truck and trailer had been gone for the last few days. My dad also told us yesterday that he thought he saw Gary’s wife, Darlene, coming back from a walk sometime within the last few days. Maybe one of Gary’s sons borrowed their trailer or maybe Gary went away fishing with their sons.

My dad’s thinking about taking Wednesday off so that he could go fishing with my uncle Robert at Alouette Lake. And then either on Friday or next Monday, the two of them might go away for a couple of nights to somewhere up country and fish. Remember I told you in the E-mail I sent you on Saturday June 6th 2009 that Robert’s taking two weeks off work and he and my dad might go fishing? And my dad might bring Kiernan with them, he’s gone overnight with them before when my dad went fishing with uncle Robert and Robert told my dad that he’s welcome to invite Kiernan to go with them again.

You managed to get it right in the end where I said that Muriel’s sister, Jessie, is doing about the same as before and isn’t doing worse, but that’s not why Muriel might sell her house. I said that Muriel might be better off to have her own apartment because she doesn’t like to do her own gardening. Lately, her brother who lives in Country Woods has been coming over to do the yard stuff for her. And by the way when we first moved into our house in South Surrey, Jessie was living in the house next door with Muriel until just a few years ago when they had to put Jessie in the home in Morgan Creek because she started hitting Muriel.

Also, you know I haven’t watched any news since before the big altercation two years ago at Christmas except for the few times when I’ve watched it with you. And you spelled my cat’s name wrong the last couple of times when you sang the “SORRY” song, yesterday you said “bet its name begins with “C” followed by “H,” “O,” “L,” and E.” It’s C-H-L-O-E. I know when I said yesterday that of course I know how to spell her name you agreed with me because you know that she’s my cat, but if you think about it don’t you know that it wouldn’t sound like “clo eeee” if it was spelled C-H-O-L-E? Instead it would be pronounced “chole” and rhyme with the word “whole.” Speaking about the cats, I now know why they came out when Carol use to come here but they won’t come out either for you or Larry after you said yesterday about there being too much noise downstairs when I have one of you guys over because both you and Larry are just too goofy.

You said that you got stoked when I suggested that we take the dogs to Watershed Park next Sunday. After all, you’re the one who came up with the idea when you said in the E-mail that you sent to me on Friday May 29th quote “another idea is the waterdhed park from hwy 10 one day.” You couldn’t remember which park I said in my last E-mail that we could take the dogs to and the first park you thought of when you saw me yesterday was Campbell Park out in Langley. I wouldn’t want to go to that park on a Sunday seeing how I told you before that Carol sometimes goes for walks around that one. Anyway, this time maybe we could enter the Watershed Park from the 64th Avenue entrance. Remember you downloaded my map of the trails that we took when I went there with Larry? Do you also remember that my dad will drop me off next Sunday and then we’ll just need to take your Pontiac after we drop off Bubbles at your house on 136th Street?

And I went to Google Maps after you mentioned it yesterday because you also couldn’t find any maps when you tried to search on the myTELUS site. I wonder why myTELUS took their’s down? Anyway, I made a map for Larry using the maps from Google and I attached it to this E-mail for if you want to see it, “X” marks the spot at which my house is located.

Also, you can get the pics that my dad took yesterday at the shower from

DSC00408.JPG - Robert’s sister, Lenora, holding Jacob.
DSC00409.JPG - Jacob’s mom, Jen, is the one in the red shirt.
DSC00410.JPG - My cousin Shelley’s older son, Ben.
DSC00411.JPG - Shelley’s younger son, Marshall.

My dad also took some videos yesterday and you and I could look at those when you’re with me on Thursday.

And I can’t remember where Larry’s going on his vacation next week. He told me where just last Tuesday when I saw him, but I can’t remember exactly what he said so I will ask him in my E-mail that I will send to him before I see him tomorrow. And maybe tomorrow I’ll take him to Crescent Park for our walk, I haven’t gone there with him yet.

Please write me before Thursday.


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