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My dad called Lorne last night and he said that he prefers mornings right now. And my dad talked to Ray this morning on the phone, he said for my mom and dad to talk things over with me and then call him back to let him know whether or not we want to try someone else. Now if Lorne was able to come in the afternoons however, I still wouldn’t want him anyway even if he could come in a different vehicle. I don’t want him to have to get another vehicle only because of me, I want someone who’s own vehicle I feel comfortable riding in. And even if I did go everywhere on the bus with my worker and never went in the person’s car, I’d still want the vehicle to be one that I would ride in incase something happens where there was something urgent and we had to go in it. Remember I said in my previous E-mail that one thing Carol said to get me interested about the idea of having another person come on weekdays was that maybe he might have a cool car. When my mom said to me the thing about me having many different workers throughout my life and that some of them might have cars I don’t like, she also said that maybe one day later on I will get that worker who drives the “cool car.” Well, I want to have that worker now. And now that Lorne won’t be coming here tomorrow, I hope to go with my dad tomorrow to Fish World and finally trade the platies that are in my one ten gallon fish tank. That’s the same ten gallon that my new “NO FISHING” ornament is now in.

As for Volkswagen T-shirts, you might’ve heard my mom say yesterday if you were paying attention that I won’t wear any shirt that has writing on it...even if it was a Honda T-shirt or one that had pictures of dogs on it. I haven’t worn a shirt for a long time that has pictures on it, I just like plain clothing.

Again, there’s no such thing as a Volkswagen motorcycle. Only customized ones, and by “customized” I mean ones that people have made from old VW cars.

I would never go to the jungle, but if I did and if a lion was chasing me while a Volkswagen was there with its door open and waiting for me to get in...then as long as I was happy with my life and if there weren’t so many problems, I would definitely get in the Volkswagen. Again, I wouldn’t want to go to the jungle so I therefore don’t have to worry about this.

My dad told us yesterday about a young engineer at his work who stayed there until 7PM on the day before (on Wednesday). And when he left at 7PM, he got beaten up and robbed outside the building. When I asked my dad if he knew this engineer, he said that he was an “engineer in training” in my dad’s department when he was starting out.

And my mom called me into the family room yesterday while she was watching the five o’clock news when she saw before a commercial break that a story was coming up in which people gave suggestions for which dog breed the new president, Barack Obama, should get. Obama promised his family that they’d get a dog if he won the election. In the story, I saw a spoof of that famous Muppet Show song that I told you about and gave a link to in a previous E-mail that I sent you a few months ago, “Mahna Mahna.” And at the end of the story, they showed an excerpt from that one video I saw on YouTube with Serena and then I saw it again with you...” THE ORIGINAL Hamster piano and pop corn.” Speaking about dogs, my mom got a little advertising thing yesterday that came in the mail with her magazine and has a few good pictures of dogs and cats inside it. You and I could scan these on Monday. Now speaking about scanning, since that time a few months ago when you and I scanned those pictures for Jenny’s slideshow my mom found a few more pictures of Jenny that she forgot about and were in our photo albums. She wants me to scan them today after I send this E-mail. And then if Jenny’s available on Sunday in just two days from now, my mom said that either she or my dad could pick her up and then bring her out to look over the slideshow. Once she looks at the slideshow, either my mom or my dad will drive her back home.

I hope that I’ve written about everything you asked for, I might send you more thoughts as they come to me and I hope you will write me.


P.S. Here is one surprise that we discovered you did when you were here yesterday:

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