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First off, I forgot in my previous message to tell you about how my dad’s appointment at the Subaru dealership went last Friday morning (the 4th). Remember I told you back in January that he could hear a noise at high speeds and he took the technician for a ride that same month though the technician didn’t find anything wrong with the car. When my dad was at the dealership last Friday morning, they told him to bring the Subaru back yesterday (being Tuesday the 8th) because a representative from Subaru’s head office would be there that day. My dad drove himself into work on Monday while the other man drove the rest of his carpool. This way, my dad could go into work early (he got up at 5:30AM which is a bit earlier than the time he normally gets up on days he has to work) so that he could leave a bit early at the end of the day to drop off the Subaru at the dealership. On his way to the dealership and after my mom finished her grocery shopping that same day, they met at the casino in Cloverdale and then my mom followed my dad to the dealership. My mom played a few machines at the casino while she waited for my dad and then they left as soon as he got there. I asked my dad if they could’ve given him a courtesy car, he said that they don’t have any courtesy cars available right now. The other man in my dad’s carpool, Wen, drove again yesterday and my dad rode with them. He rode with them again today because the rep was sick yesterday and he therefore didn’t get his Subaru back yet, and no word whether or not the rep was there today or if the car’s ready yet. My dad phoned the service guy today who works at the Subaru dealership and left a message, the guy hasn’t yet returned my dad’s call. Other than leaving that message, again we heard nothing from their end today. BTW, Wen’s the one who lives just down the street from us and who’s back gate opens into the schoolyard at Bayridge Elementary.

My mom did her grocery shopping at the South Point Save-On after she left the house on Monday and before she went to meet my dad at the casino. She got some of the barbeque salmon that I like which I had a piece of for supper later that same day (on Monday) with some Save-On coleslaw that she also got that same day and a hot cross bun. We had already finished the hot cross buns that I told you we got before Easter from Safeway, she got some more two days ago at Save-On and it was one of those I had with my supper two nights ago. They must’ve been leftover from Easter. The crosses on the bottom of these buns are white while the ones that we had from Safeway were the regular yellow colour. I don’t remember seeing the white cross ones before though both kinds tasted the same to me and I therefore have no preference other than the colour. She also found the Cheese Nips Party Mix that she was looking for and that was the first time she had ever saw it at Save-On so she got a bag and I had some of it for my evening snack later that same day (on Monday the 7th). For my evening snack last night, I had the five marshmallow bunnies that I got when I went to Save-On with my mom before Easter, with those last night I also had the first couple chocolates out of the box of Cadbury milk chocolates that I told you my parents gave me for Christmas. There are two layers of chocolates in that box. Last night I had a vanilla fudge, a strawberry cream, and an orange. The strawberry cream that was in this box was the messier/goopier kind which it’s “filling squirts out at you once you take a bite” if you know what I mean though it was coated on the outside with nice milk chocolate that I liked, I still prefer the type of strawberry cream like what was in the “box of fancier-looking assorted Purdys chocolates” that Mac gave me for Christmas. I think so far I also prefer the Purdys orange meltie to the orange flavoured chocolate that I had last night because I could actually taste the orange in the Purdys one, the one I had last night tasted to me more like milk chocolate than anything. And I liked the marshmallow bunnies BTW, I also think that they’re worth buying again next year. I didn’t try any of your dark chocolate bar that you bought from CHOCOLATERIE BERNARD CALLEBAUT store in Peninsula Village because you know that I limit myself to no more than two things per day that have caffeine in them so that I don’t have trouble sleeping the following night. You know that I had one of each kind of Girl Guide cookie, including one from the chocolate row, for my dessert after lunch that day. That’s one thing that’s got caffeine, and the other one was the last piece of cake which I had for my dessert after supper that same day.

My mom also went out the day before last Monday (on Sunday the 6th) to pick up a few things. She found some more Gas-X at London Drugs that day which she picked up for me, now I know that they didn’t stop making that stuff though this stuff that my mom got me last Sunday are little orange pills and are 180 mg. The other stuff I told you that my mom bought (the Ovol GAS) is also 180 mg and came in little blue pills. And 180 mg is stronger than the Gas-X that she couldn’t find and use to always buy for me before she got the Ovol GAS, and the first Gas-X that she always use to buy me BTW came in little brown pills.

I told you when we went for our walk two days ago that I remember only getting stung by a bee twice so far in my life. The two times I remember are once when I was only a few years old and the other time out on the playground during the lunch hour when I was in grade seven and going to school at Cindrich Elementary in Whalley. The time I got stung when I was only a few years old, my mom and I were just coming back from a walk when a bee stung me on our street right in front of our house. My dad could hear my scream and he came running out. Also you asked me when we saw each other two days ago if I could still ride my tandem bike if I wanted to or if I’m too big for it. I can still ride it anytime I’m ready to, here is what I said in the message that I sent you on Sunday Mar.16,2008:

> Also when you saw me on Monday the 25th, you asked me if I had ever ridden a bike before. I hadn’t
> by myself, but you know I rode on the back of the tandem while my dad rode on the front even though
> I haven’t been on the tandem since before that time almost four years ago when I got sick in “Ocean
> hores, Washington state” and lost my confidence in a lot of things. My dad also has his own regular single
> person's bike and I told you he went out on it for the first time this year on Sunday Feb.24,2008. He’s had that
> bike for a few years now and hardly used it since he got it...

And my dad and I rented a tandem at Stanley Park a couple of times before we bought our own tandem. I use to also ride on the tandem with Amir, the male worker who I had before Carol, though it’s not that I didn’t like his driving but for some reason I didn’t feel quite as safe with him on that bike as I did when my dad was riding with me. I don’t know if it was because my dad’s a bigger guy, I remember that Amir was short. I also remember when I rode with Amir that I had to put my foot on the ground in order to hold the bike up while waiting to cross at intersections.

My visit with Serena yesterday afternoon went well. I told her that I haven’t gotten angry and that I enjoy my visits with you. She then asked me what I enjoy about being with you, so I told her that lately you and I have been watching YouTube videos. She also said that she knows I like to send you long E-mails and she agreed with you and I that sending these long E-mails is a good way to keep a diary. And I told you many times that I don’t want Carol to miss one bit of everything that's been happening in my life since she stopped working with me last August. Serena told me yesterday that she saw the last couple E-mails I sent you, now I know that you’re still forwarding my messages to these people even though you and I never talked about it again since I first gave you the okay. She also asked me if I understand why she’s working with me and then she asked me if I worked with any other therapists before she started working with me, I then told her about Dr. Mason. He’s the psychologist who I use to see at Able Clinic. And then Serena asked me if I like the idea about her getting me back to doing stuff that I use to do where I feel that I have more confidence in myself, she said that I could just think about it for now and we spent the rest of her visit yesterday looking at YouTube videos. She saw the links to the YouTube videos at the end of the last couple of my E-mails, but she said that it wouldn’t look good if someone saw her watching videos when she’s suppose to be working. I wonder if she has a computer and can watch YouTube videos where she lives, if so maybe she could take the links home on a floppy disc or a memory stick or she could even forward them to her home address if she has E-mail at home. She asked me which of the YouTube videos was my favorite so far, I already told you that my favorite one of All Time is the one of Nora the piano playing cat. Did you know that there’s a sequel to the Nora video called “Nora: The Sequel?” I showed her both the original Nora video and the sequel yesterday. I also showed her some of the videos that you and I saw last Monday and you can get a list with links to all the videos I showed her at the bottom of today’s message. I wish that I could watch all these videos with Carol. And Nora has her own entry in Wikipedia. At the end of the first Nora video, it says “Check out the merchandise in the Raven’s Wing Online Shop” which I know includes mugs, posters, t-shirts etc though I wonder if they sell any Nora birthday cards.

Before we sat down yesterday to watch YouTube videos, I told Serena about how you like to build sculptures and make surprises for us while I’m doing stuff on the computer when you’re here. I also showed her the one that my mom made for you. She then showed me what she could build while we watched the videos and I’ll show you tomorrow what she built; she built a Japanese crane (a bird) and a balloon both out of paper. She didn’t build anything out of ping pong balls or cat springs, you said that Izzy might get mad if we sneak more of her toys into the computer room. I wonder if I should also take a picture of the stuff that Serena made, and once I finally download all those pictures I took of sculptures that you built I could then upload them to my Flickr account (once I create one that is). Instead of you creating a Flickr account, you already have the Photobucket account and once I get around to creating my Flickr account we could then compare the two services and see which one has more to offer. Now speaking about sculptures, I discovered yesterday the ping pong ball on the dog which is still laying upside down on top of the computer monitor. And again, I noticed that the dog was laying upside down few weeks before you were last here on Monday but just kept forgetting to write about it.

For some reason, you thought that I’m dwelling on stuff that happened in the past every time I show the excerpt where I talk about switching the two VCRs. Every time a new situation comes when my mom doesn’t take me seriously, I show excerpts from the last few previous situations of the same type as examples so that you’ll clue in on which type of situation I’m writing about. Maybe I don’t need to include these particular excerpts anymore if you know by now which type of situation I refer to when I say that my mom doesn’t take me seriously or when she lets me get away with sending you the wrong information in my messages like about the Super Bowl, about the last two pieces of Easter cake, or stuff about Sarah Daniels whether she’s mouthy on the air or off the air. Even though I know that all of these situations have happened in the past, “how else am I suppose to write to you about these and describe what happened” for Carol, Serena, Raynor, etc to read. I don’t see why in particular you think I’m just dwelling on just the one situation about switching the VCRs when that’s just an example of similar situations that involve my mom letting me get away with sending you the wrong information in my E-mails.

You also thought that my parents would know exactly what to do if they wanted me to hit them, well I think they are doing exactly those things just like you know about the fact that they don’t take me seriously about a lot of things after I go over these things with them numerous times and about how I told you two messages ago that I don't like it when my mom chit-chats with me or makes these certain suggestions. Suggestions that she knew for a long time that I’ll always say no to. I think that maybe my mom on purpose didn’t buy me enough sunscreen last August so that an end to Carol’s and my relationship could be triggered, and I just can’t forgive my mom for doing so. You said that the incident last August was also a thing of the past, don’t you realize that this one thing though it happened in the past has a big effect on Carol’s and my relationship and that effect is still present now. If Carol does harbour ill thoughts about me after what happened, I’m sure that my parents are happy that they got her to think like this. My dad convinced me at his hardest that she was really scared after what happened that day and didn’t want to work with me anymore because she was just too scared to. Once again, I had never wanted Carol to think of me the same way that her older daughter, Krista, now thinks of the boy named Tyson. You know that I didn’t want my relationship with Carol to end the same way that my relationship with Maureen Linklater ended, when I refer to “my relationship with Maureen” I mean when she stopped sending me E-mails. And obviously Maureen chose on her own to end that relationship for whatever reason, but it wasn’t Carol who chose seven years later to end the relationship between myself and her. My parents forced it to end, and ever since they forced it my mom sounds like she’s having fun knowing that she can get away with saying to me that Carol’s not coming back and my dad sounds like he’s having fun knowing that he can get away with saying that she’s gone. My dad didn’t even consider Carol a worker, the only two people I had so far that he considers workers are Amir and you.

As for sending Carol a letter, I was all for sending her one back at Valentines Day if you remember. Just my mom didn’t sound too enthused about the idea though I would love for you to meet Carol. If I send her a letter and then we do meet up with her, I don’t want to just see her the once and then her not see me again. In the message I sent you on Thursday Mar.13,2008, I wrote about how my mom thinks that it’s now time for me to do a big goodbye for Carol now that I got good people working with me, I don’t think my parents could accept from Day One that Carol and me were building a relationship. And I said in the message I sent you last Wednesday (the 2nd) that I don’t want Carol to just say to me “Oh, you’re doing much better now, that’s good” and then be done with me. If I write a letter to Carol and then she sends me the kind of response that you thought I could be worried about receiving from her, it will be my parents’ mistake why she’ll send me such a response.

You think that I might not stop “fantasizing” unless Carol explains to me why she thinks that the idea about she and I living together might not work out, I told you many times that she’s made it clear to me why she thinks that it’s not a good idea and I think that she needs to be convinced to rethink those thoughts. You thought that maybe a caretaker who was also a nurse might be the right kind of person for me to live with because of the fact she’d know more about what to do whenever my stomach is upset. Well, let me tell you that my parents who I lived with and who looked after me for the last 25 years don’t know anything more than what Carol would know about what to do when my stomach’s upset. You said that Carol might change her mind somewhere down the road, and I hope she does so though I’m aware that the probability for that to happen doesn’t seem likely. If Carol will put up with Pete, why can’t she take me. Carol not taking me feels almost the same to me as my relatives saying “no” if I did want to live with any of them. I had wanted to live with Carol for quite a long time, even before the last altercation that took place a few days after last Christmas. I’ll detail again what I refer to as the "Jenny and Judy connection:"

Friday Feb.8,2008:
> ...I don’t think this connection between her and myself is any different than the connection between my cousin,
> Jenny (the one who has FAS), and the lady she lives with named Judy. Jenny is the same cousin who wanted
> me to do the slideshow for her BTW. Jenny and Judy have also known each other for quite a long time, ever
> since Jenny was only a few years old. Judy use to do Jenny’s respite every weekend when Jenny was growing
> up, now Jenny lives with her and she helps Judy look after the younger kids that Judy currently fosters. Jenny
> even calls Judy “mom,” this is because Jenny never had a mom that she could go to.

I told my parents after you left on Monday about your idea of ordering more sunscreen from the pharmacy and then having it delivered, my dad thought this type of service might only be available to seniors who can’t get out and I wouldn’t be eligible. I remember at one time when the vision teacher who did O&M (Orientation & Mobility) with me back when I went to school said that the grocery stores will usually deliver to the visually impaired people, so this includes all types of handicapped people and not just ones who can’t get out. I’m handicapped and should be eligible, we could benefit from this if I could live with Carol so that she wouldn’t have to put up with the stress of grocery shopping every week. And this would be one less thing for her already stressful life. As for her and me going out to buy more the time we go out to the store to get it and then come back here so I could put it on the rest of my body before we go out again, it would be too late in the afternoon to go for our walk at Crescent Beach. And does it not shock you that “Carol was not any support to me that day” after what I told you that she said here in the message that I sent you on Wednesday Feb.13,2008:

> -One evening last August two weeks before the altercation between Carol and me, I had got a little upset
> about something and phoned Carol. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for two nights after this little upset happening
> or if I wanted my parents to go away at all now, so I then asked Carol on the phone what she thought and
> she said in a calm tone of voice that she still wanted to come spend those two nights with me...

Until what happened last August, I had been looking forward to spending two or three days per week with her after she does retire from her school job instead of just spending every Sunday with her. I’m disappointed that Carol wasn’t around for my 25th birthday last October (Oct 2007) and that she wasn’t around at all to support me before I went back in December (Dec 2007) to have the dentist rebuild some of my teeth and after I had first found out a few months before that he wanted to rebuild those. I’m also not happy that Carol couldn’t stay with me when my grandparents (my dad’s parents) had their 60th anniversary around the beginning of November last year (Nov 2007) or when my cousin Paul, and his wife, Agnes, had the family gathering a few weeks before the 60th anniversary and a few months after Paul and Agnes got married in Hawaii. My mom therefore couldn’t go to either of the events and had to stay with me, Carol and I made plans to have dinner the day of the 60th wedding anniversary until what happened last August. Also before what happened in August, I knew that my 25th birthday was coming up and had been making plans to have a little party with just six of us; me, my parents, Mac, Kris, and Carol. I had planned to have my Safeway Chinese food and get pizza for everybody else, but I didn’t want to go on with doing so just with five of us after Carol’s visits having ended so abruptly. I still ended up having that dinner a few months later when you got together with me and my two friends a week before Christmas which was a windy day and I remember there not being any bad weather on my birthday weekend. My birthday weekend would’ve been the better weekend to have had that dinner, you remember I kept worrying about the power going out the day we did have the dinner. And of course I say that it was my parents’ mistake why I didn’t want to have the dinner on a not-so-stormy day. I also remember my mom complain that she was the only girl there out of us six.

As for shower mat alternatives, I suggested to my mom that maybe my bathroom at the next place where I live could have a shower stall just like what’s currently in my parents’ master bathroom instead of a tub. It’s been a long time since the last time I took a bath, I haven’t took one for many years. She then told me about how the floor in her shower stall is more smooth right now because the floors in those things wear down over long periods of time, now I don’t know if whether or not this idea about having a shower stall would be any safer than having a bath mat in a tub.

You thought that it was my dentist’s wife, Dr. Huang, who I discussed with about moving out when I was in having my checkup:

> ...It was my dentist’s wife, Dr. Huang, who worked on me today, she hadn’t talked to me or worked on me > since I was only a few years old. Her husband, Dr. Lee, came in and saw me at the end of my checkup. When > he saw me at the end, he asked me if he got this right that “I now live on my own...

You asked me if I had ever wore a bite guard before, my dentist made one for me back in 2002 which I did wear a few times but haven’t wore for a long time. I previously told you that I can’t see myself wearing a bite guard the way I have trouble sleeping some nights.

Logan next door started up his car just after 7:30 yesterday morning and then I heard it sitting there running for the next 15 minutes until I actually fell asleep before he drove off in it. I heard it start up again not long after 7:30 this morning and this time I heard him leave ten minutes later after it had been running for ten minutes and before I went back to sleep.

I counted all of the Billy Joel videos we watched two days ago, we watched eleven in total and you can see my counting at the bottom of this message. Are there any Elton John songs that you like in particular and that you think maybe you and I could look up tomorrow other than maybe “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road?” I myself own quite a few of Elton John’s CDs. One thing that you and I both have in common is that even though we like both of these artists, both of us prefer Billy Joel. I remember just before my parents came home two days ago, you said that you think Billy Joel’s got a better sounding voice. I liked Billy Joel longer than the amount of time I liked Elton John, I didn’t start listening to Elton John until after I’d been listening to Billy Joel for a while. And remember I told you a few times previously that my mom watches "Dancing With the Stars," when that was on two nights ago (on Monday evening) they played Billy Joel’s “She's Always a Woman” during one of the dances though it was sung by somebody else and not by Billy Joel on “Dancing With the Stars.”

Don’t take this as offensive, but you sounded lousy at one of the Billy Joel songs that you sang out loud two days ago (I forget which one) though you did sound good when you sang Zanzibar. I also remember that same day you sang a few Billy Joel songs with my name “Neil” in them, “We Didn't Start The Fire” and one other one. I think that you do a good Ernie accent when you’re not listening to him and again I think that you do Bert’s laugh pretty good while not listening to him though you might not be able to do Bert’s accent just talking without hearing him at the same time. I wonder who Serena’s favorite muppet is from the “Sesame Street” cast, or I wonder if she likes any of the other singers that I like other than Billy Joel or Elton John, or if she doesn’t like any muppets or any of the same singers who I like she said that I could show her some more cat videos next time she comes.

I guess now I know that highlighting the text in bold red where I talk about what I want to do during our next visit helps you remember my agendas. Before we look at Elton John videos tomorrow, maybe I could show you all the videos that I saw yesterday with Serena. And for next time you and I are scanning, my mom’s gardening magazine came in the mail last Monday after you left and there’s a picture of a dog on the front of it. We still haven’t yet scanned my mom’s birthday card, the cat one that I gave her for her birthday.

My mom thought that maybe we could do 11AM to 4PM tomorrow, that’s a five hour visit. And if we leave at a quarter after 11 to pick up our Chinese food, we should be back at my place in time for the Noon News at 12. Again, you know that you'll be giving them our order because you know how busy that Chinese area gets and you also know large rice and “chow mein” for myself. And then after we order our Chinese food and they give it to us, this will be the first time we get one of the big Safeway Smartie cookies when you’re with me. I remember we got a donut for my dessert the very first time when you and I got Safeway Chinese. And again, I miss having my Safeway Chinese suppers with Carol and I also miss going out to White Spot with her for fish and chips.Anyway, my dad phoned my grandma (his mom) last night. She said that they can meet my parents at the Cascades casino in Langley at 1PM tomorrow even though my parents will leave here at 11AM. And if my parents have time after my grandparents leave the casino and before it’s time to go home, my mom said that they can pick up my dad’s Subaru if it’s ready. My dad told me he can’t take Friday off and have a four day weekend, I guess they’re busy at where he works plus it’ll be better for him to work Friday if he wants to take off at least the afternoon half of next Wednesday to come to our meeting with the FVMH. I remember you thought that we’d be out of that meeting a bit too early to go out for supper that day, so my mom thought that maybe all four of us could go together in one vehicle (her Honda) and then either once we get back to my place my parents could go for a short walk on the beach while you and I have our visit or if you’d rather leave as soon as we get back to my place you could then come back at 1PM the next day (on Thursday) and we’d still have our regular visit from 1 to 4:30PM. The appointment on Wednesday is at 2PM which is usually my snack time, either way my mom thought that we could pick up a milkshake after the meeting for me to have on the ride home. There’s either that Dairy Queen I told you about where we stopped at one time many years ago to pick up a dessert on our way to my aunt and uncle’s place or there’s the A&W at Shaughnessy and Wilson. It’s not too often I get a milkshake from A&W though you know that the DQ ones are my preference, I have a week to think about it. Or if anyone else wants to have something, we could all sit in the Dairy Queen before going back unless my dad wants to get back across the bridge before rush hour starts knowing him. If you want to sit upfront with my dad, I’d sit behind you and you know that my mom’s a lot shorter than me so she’d obviously be better behind my dad who’s a big guy. I hope that Dr. McKibbin’s not gunna want to increase my medication once again this time, and hopefully we’ll get a morning appointment next time. You remember he said last time that the only morning appointments he has available most days are at 9AM which sounds a little too early for me, I prefer my morning appointments when I’m able to get in at either 10 or 11. Serena said that she thought that it’s a good idea that you and I go out for lunch or a snack after our meetings with FVMH depending what time of day the meetings are, she thinks that I deserve a treat after having to sit through those meetings. Speaking about whom, Serena didn’t know whether or not she’d be at our meeting on the 16th (next Wednesday) but whether she is or not she did book another visit at my place for Wednesday the 30th of this month again from 2:30 to 3:30PM. She said that she might call us before next Wednesday to let us know whether or not she’d be at our meeting that day. She said that she wasn’t there last time because she had what she calls quote “an engagement that could not be changed” which I assume means that she had an emergency.

A couple news stories that I know about:

• Did you hear about the Newton mom who was cut with a machete during a home invasion last week? She was sleeping on her couch with her nine-year-old daughter in their basement suite when the attacker crept in through a window that she left open for her cat. She said that he hit her three times and then he tied up both she and her daughter with a spool of wire. He made off with $15 cash and a bank card. And the Newton mom in this story works as a waitress in White Rock BTW.

• And there’s the story that you discussed with my mom two days ago while you were waiting for me to come downstairs about the fugitive who killed his three kids. The kids lived with their mom in Merrit, and they lived in a trailer. The dad was staying there for the last few days before he killed his kids, I think he was staying with them while he was looking for work or something. The mom left for a few minutes one evening and the dad killed the kids while she was gone. The dad was gone when the mom returned a few minutes later to discover the dead bodies in the trailer.>/p>

And I’ll update you on the cat stories:

• After you left two days ago on Monday, Chloe went outside when my mom opened our deck door for her and of course Izzy follows her. A while later, both cats came back in at the same time.

• Yesterday before Serena came to visit, I asked my mom if Serena saw either of our cats the last time she was here and my mom said that she couldn’t remember. Serena reminded us later when she was here that she hadn’t seen Chloe yet (and she still didn’t get to see Chloe yesterday) though Izzy was in the family room with she and my parents while you and I went out to Dairy Queen. My mom’s watch kept reflecting light off the walls and the ceiling, Izzy kept chasing the light so my mom took her watch off and then once she did so Izzy was then interested in my mom’s ring that she was wearing.

• And one evening last week when my dad was sitting in his chair in the family room doing one of his Scratch-and-win tickets, his scratch was reflecting light off the walls and Izzy was chasing that light. Speaking about scratches BTW, I told you in the last message I sent you that I had two scratches to do last Sunday evening; a CAPTAIN CASH and a “Lucky 7s.” I won $2 on the “Lucky 7s” though my dad didn’t remember to cash it yesterday, I hope he cashed it today.

• Yesterday evening, Izzy was walking around our family room carrying the little LED light in her mouth that I told you my dad brought home. You should also remember me showing you this light BTW.

My mom went to clean the big couch in our living room this morning where I’ve been having my meals and using our little DustBuster hand-held vacuum cleaner which wouldn’t work very good. She then cleaned the filter and then she said it worked a bit better. Maybe it’s time for it to be replaced, now I got one idea for something that my dad and I could buy her for Mother's Day coming up next month.

My dad sent me another funny E-mail today this one titled “"FW: HIGHWAY in Bolivia." My dad sent me the same message last year in a Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Show, maybe he didn’t remember that he already sent that one to me. I could forward you the one he sent me today though we learned from our past experience that for some reason you can’t receive forwarded messages from me. I hope I don’t have to take time rewriting the whole message into an HTML document again.

See you tomorrow at 11AM.


P.S. I count the Billy Joel videos we saw on YouTube two days ago followed after all of the cat and dog videos we saw on that same day:

The two talking cats

Video Response #1: Here's a nice translation
Video Response #2: Cats Yelling At Each Other

Funny Dog that sneezes when told to
Ralph the Wonder Dog [Some guy made this video to test the quality of the video from his Canon S3 still camera.]
Mojo's bag of tricks
My dog gets me a tissue when I sneeze

• #1 - Billy Joel: The River Of Dreams
• #2 - Billy Joel: My Life
• #3 - Billy Joel: You May Be Right
• #4 - Billy Joel: It's Still Rock And Roll To Me<br> • #5 - Billy Joel: Big Shot
• #6 - Billy Joel: Allentown
• #7 - Billy Joel: We Didn't Start The Fire
• #8 - Billy Joel: Uptown Girl
• #9 - Billy Joel: Piano Man
• #10 - Billy Joel and Elton John: Piano Man [Tokyo dome, Japan 1998]
• #11 - Billy Joel and Elton John: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road [Elton John featuring Billy Joel - Madison Square Garden, NY, October 2000]

YouTube videos that I saw with Serena:

Nora, The Piano-Playing Cat
Nora: The Sequel
THE ORIGINAL Hamster piano and pop corn
Eric the cat plays piano
Cat Playing the Piano (a real musician) [Sugar the Pianist Cat]

* denotes a video that you and I already watched together.

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