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I’m glad that everything heavy we needed to discuss has pretty much all been discussed by now and we therefore didn’t need to discuss anything heavy the last time you saw me three days ago on Monday. I got out with my mom earlier this week for the first time since before Christmas to do our Easter shopping and I’ll tell you about that, but first there are a few things that I think we should touch up on before we go into the meeting tomorrow. You asked me if I still feel the same as I did two months ago or if I feel any better. I asked my mom and she said that I certainly have changed. And you asked me if they all of a sudden find another place for me to live whether I’d go check it out or not, my mom said quote “sure, why not” because it might be the right kind of place for me or the kind of place that I might like. I think that it would be too soon for me to move in with strangers though and that it would be too sudden a change for me, there’s no one else who I would feel comfortable living with right now besides Carol. I know that the chances of this happening aren’t great, and again I’m so desperate to live with her that I’ll do anything for this to happen. I had wanted to live with Carol for quite a while, even before the last altercation that took place a few days after Christmas. I know that Carol is nonviolent and I know that she’s someone who I’d feel safe with. My mom says that I got good people working with me now like you and the people from FVMH, she therefore says that it’s time for me to move on and say goodbye to Carol. The FVMH are all new people. And I only knew you for a couple months compared to how long I knew Carol for. I said in the message that I sent you on Wednesday Feb.20,2008 that I don’t want Carol to just sit back feeling glad that we got help and I want her to actually be around to support me. Again, she’s pretty much the only person besides my parents who I’ve seen a lot of in my life so far. I feel more comfortable with her than I do with any of my own relatives You know that I’ve been avoiding most of my relatives for a long time and it’s now at the point where we haven’t had any of our relatives over here to visit for a while. I feel close enough to Carol that I consider she was the next closest that I had to family after my parents, my mom said that she helped us get through some bad times like when my cousin, David, passed away and a year after that when my grandma (my mom’s mom) passed away but I said to you in the message that I sent you on Friday Feb.8,2008 that my dad thinks Carol doesn’t have a heart and was only being this nice because she had got paid to do so. Keep in mind that I written many times about the “Jenny and Judy connection.” I also said previously that I’d rather meet more people throughout my life who have “contact with/connections to” Carol instead of people who are affiliated with you. My mom thinks that you know all the people who have more training and that Carol wouldn’t know anyone who has as much training as the people you know. I can’t convince my mom that Carol just might know just a few people who have that much training though maybe less than the amount of people you know with that kind of training, but my mom still doesn’t think so. I already had to do a big goodbye for Maureen Linklater. You should know who she is by now after I had mentioned her many times in previous messages. Anyway, I can now see that giving her a big goodbye made sense and that letting her go was the right thing to do because again she wasn’t any help to us but you know that I see Carol differently and therefore I feel that I shouldn’t have to do the same for her.

In fact, I never even did say goodbye to Maureen. And I continued to obsess about her for a year after the last time when she and I saw each other before I had finally managed to let her go. We E-mailed each other lots until a few months after I left High School without finishing grade twelve when she stopped answering my messages. At the next appointment with my psychiatrist (the one on Scott Road), I found out that Maureen had faxed the latest E-mail I had sent her to the psychiatrist and also said that the reason why she stopped writing was because of some policy where old students can’t continue to communicate with the staff after they leave High School even though I was still registered at that school then but was no longer in the BASES program there. That didn’t make sense to me because:
1. She had said to me before she stopped talking to me that after I graduate High School I could drop into the school anytime and see her.
2. I heard about her and the other staff in BASES seeing lots of their other old students and keeping in touch with them after they graduated.

And I don’t think it was right that Maureen faxed my E-mail to the psychiatrist without sending anything to me. If she wasn’t allowed to keep in contact with me anymore, she could have sent me one last E-mail to end it. You should also know that a year before she stopped answering my messages she was the one who I learned from that if she sends me an E-mail I should send her one back. I never got an explanation as to why Maureen stopped writing to me. It seems all the nice people who I’ve met in my life so far or all the people who I ended up liking eventually get forced out of my life. Again, I’ve managed to let Maureen go and I don’t want to have to do the same for Carol. And I don’t think that it should be up to my parents to decide whether or not the relationship between Carol and myself ends.

If I send Carol a letter and she responds, I don’t want her to lie to me if she’s still gunna think about me the way that I think she does. I’d rather she be honest if she’s gunna harbour ill thoughts about me instead of saying that she forgives me about what happened last August. For the third time, I never wanted the same relationship between Carol and myself that is now between Krista and Tyson. Carol also did respite for two other families when she was working with me and she’s still got both of those families as far as I know. I hadn’t heard anything about if Carol stopped working for any of those families because you know that we haven’t really kept in contact since what happened last August, I won’t be happy though if I find out that Carol has a third family after she stopped working with me. There is a 30-year-old girl named Jennifer in one of the other two families and my mom thinks that Carol’s the right person to work with Jennifer because my mom thinks that Jennifer’s easier to take care of while I need more help. If Carol and me do see each other again on a regular basis once our relationship is healed if it even does heal, I want to go and live with her before she’s driven out of my life again. She did talk about fostering at one time a few years ago, but didn’t talk about it again since and said that she would rather stay a TA until she retires. I’m aware that I’m too old to be fostered by the way. I think it’s unfair that I might have to become independent if I no longer wish to live with my parents while Carol’s current tenant, Pete, would like to live on his own if he could.

Even though you said it wasn’t acceptable for Carol to lash out at me and say quote "if you hit you’re mom I’m not coming back here," when I told my mom that she (Carol) can’t say that to me she (my mom) then says that she (Carol) was my worker and she should have been allowed to say whatever she wanted to me. You might be against the idea of Carol lashing out at me, but you can see that my parents seem to think that it was okay for her to do so. Keep in mind that it was going to be the first time in a long time I would’ve been away from my parents for more than one night when Carol wouldn’t let me phone. Again, it doesn’t sound to me like Carol has any remorse or regrets after lashing out at me after my dad convinced me that she was really scared.

And one other thing, we got a reminder in the mail last week that I have a dentist appointment coming up on April 3rd. I asked my mom whether she thinks I should go or change it to sometime a couple months after that. She said to keep it, but I’m not sure about that answer. I did say in the last message I sent you that my mom thinks I won’t stop asking her to explain herself until I get the answer that I’m expecting, but that’s a different scenario...scenario being a situation when I want her to explain herself and she doesn’t give me a clear answer that I can understand easily. Anyway the appointment’s on a Thursday, so if we keep the appointment that means I’ll have to switch with you again that week. It’s a morning appointment, but you know I’ll be tired after that and I don’t like too much going on in one day.

Remember I was offered a spot in Gateway’s day program at the time when that spot became available and we didn’t take that spot because I would’ve had to go five days per week and wouldn’t have been allowed to start with just a couple days per week. Raynor phoned us yesterday morning, he said that he was looking through my file and he thought that it was unusual I was offered that spot in Gateway because at the time when I was offered it I was older than the age that they usually work with. He also said that he’s taking the next couple weeks off and then after that he’ll want to meet with us again to catch up.

Not long after Raynor phoned, Dr. McKibbin’s office called to confirm our appointment for tomorrow. I thought that they’d call today which would be the day before our appointment. They also called on Wednesday February 13th which was the day before our last appointment and after the nurse had asked us when she saw us whether we want them to give us a call the day before or if we’d remember. My mom told her at that time that she thought we could remember no problem, but they still called anyway.

Here is an excerpt from the long message that I sent you on Tuesday Feb.5,2008:

> Do you ever notice when I send you E-mails that sometimes I repeat what happens during each of our visits the last
> time before I E-mail you like for example what I like to have for breakfast or your story about your troubled
> relative. The reason why I do this is incase Carol ever does see the E-mails, I don’t want her to miss one bit of what
> happened in my life since she stopped working with me last August...

Now if Carol reads these messages sometime, I’ll repeat these jokes you told me:

• Tarzan and Jane are in the treehouse one evening when Jane asked Tarzan to go out and get dinner.
"OK." said Tarzan; he then swings out of the treehouse
An hour later he's back and throws three dead birds and four monkeys on the table.
Jane says, “Oh no. Not finch and chimps again!”

• There is a new study in psychiatry of’s the study of crackpots.

I don’t know if I worded those above jokes exactly the same as you said them or if you think I was good enough at wording them myself. If you got those jokes from a website or if the person who either told or sent you the jokes got them from a website, maybe try to get a hold of that website’s URL and then maybe I’ll go there and send you a few jokes that you might like.

• And there was also your joke about twinning the Port Mann Bridge, if they decide to build another bridge beside the Port Mann they might name the new bridge the “Port Woman.” Seriously though, I have said that twinning the Port Mann could hurt the environment even more because it would bring more cars onto our roads and less people would take transit. Therefore that bridge could continue to be just as bad during rush hours as it is now, but my dad doesn’t think so. He thinks that we need the new bridge and that traffic would be moving compared to now when the traffic is just sitting in line. I guess it’s better for the environment if the traffic’s moving faster instead of crawling. My dad says that bridge was built to handle 1965 traffic and our population is now five times as big as it was back then.

Remember I said in the last message that I didn’t have any stomach problems after having those Dairy Queen onion rings, well I spoke too soon. Before my shower last Saturday night (the 8th), I had a big messy toot while I was in my bedroom in the middle of getting undressed. I couldn’t make it to the toilet in time. My underwear was covered in poop so I had to wrap it in toilet paper before throwing that pair into my laundry hamper. My mom had to flush the toilet paper the next day after she put my underwear on to wash. Now I had two messy toots in the middle of that same night, one at a quarter to 8AM and another one a half hour later at a quarter after. Notice that none of this had started though until more than 48 hours after I had the onion rings.

I did manage to get my average amount of sleep the last bunch of nights which I think would be pretty close to the same as the amount of sleep that you get on average. I’d say that I’d get about six or seven hours most nights, it seems that it’s just once or twice every month when I have problems falling asleep. And I’ll tell you that I think I did better than my mom the last two or three nights, she didn’t get to sleep until just after 5AM the last two nights in a row before last night (Monday and Tuesday nights). She got to sleep a bit sooner last night, but still had trouble falling asleep.

That car was sitting in front of my place with its engine running again yesterday morning. I don’t think he’s warming up his engine, the car was sitting there running for about twenty minutes at around 8AM yesterday morning before it finally took off and I kept hearing it idling several times during that twenty minutes.

Before we got to the bulk section two afternoons ago (on Tuesday afternoon) of the Save-On at South Point, we got my big Chocolate Chunk cookie. All they had to choose from for big cookies were Chocolate Chunk, oatmeal, and those dark chocolate ones with bits of white. We also saw in that same section after we got my cookie that they had donuts, this was the first time in a long time we saw donuts at the South Point Save-On. The only two kinds of donuts they had that I would like from what we could see were the chocolate iced long john and the standard round white glazed with hole in the center, the rest looked like they had filling in them. We decided to stick with getting the cookie for my snack because I already had a donut last weekend. Also in this same section, we saw a huge selection of Easter cookies to choose from including the Lofthouse brand white iced moist sugar Saint Patrick's Day cookies with green sprinkles and the green iced Lofthouse brand moist sugar spring cookies with sprinkles. I told you that we didn’t see either of these cookies in Save-On last year and that we got our’s at Safeway. We got a pack of ten Shamrock cookies that day for me to try also by the Lofthouse brand, these are green iced white cookies shaped like four-leaf clovers. I tried a couple of these for my dessert after lunch today and didn’t know until after I tried them that they’re the same moist sugar cookies and just as soft but just a different shape, so the reason why we opened these cookies today instead of waiting until I finish some of the other packages I already have open was incase they weren’t the same moist sugar cookies and if I didn’t like them then that would give my mom plenty of time before Easter to go back to the store and get me some cookies that I like. They also had bigger round containers of the Lofthouse brand moist sugar spring cookies, but the ones in the big containers only come in yellow iced and you’d have to get one of the smaller packs of ten if you want the green iced ones. From the bulk section we got HERSHEY’S EGGIES, Rabbit head Ju Jubes (I’m not sure if these are the Dare ones, but as soon as I saw them in the store they looked like the ones I had last year that I told you were my preference between those and the gummy heads that I told you I had), jelly beans, jelly candies, and five marshmellow bunnies to try. The marshmellow bunnies only came in either pink or yellow, so I got two pink and three yellow. There were two different types of jelly beans to choose from, the other ones were brighter colours but we got the ones that had more green jelly beans. Both types of jelly beans looked to us like they were the same size and my mom didn’t think there was any difference in taste, the other brighter-coloured jelly beans didn’t have any green ones. We didn’t notice until after we got the bulk HERSHEY’S EGGIES and then walked over to the other side of the bulk section that they had a similar type thing on that side that they call “Robins Eggs,” these didn’t look like they were any smaller than the Hershey ones. Once we had got everything we wanted from the bulk section, we then walked over to where they had the packaged Easter stuff and we got a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs. These came in different size bags, we got the smallest that they had which I thought should be enough for at least a couple snacks for me. We also didn’t see until we got to this same section and after we got our HERSHEY’S EGGIES from the bulk that they had little packages of HERSHEY’S EGGIES in this section too, they had both bags of milk chocolate HERSHEY’S EGGIES and bags of dark chocolate ones. I don’t think I tried the dark ones before, maybe next year. My mom was pretty sure that the HERSHEY’S EGGIES we got in bulk would be the milk chocolate ones, I myself think that they were just coming out with the dark ones within the last few years and they only sold the milk chocolate ones for those last bunch of years before. I said to my mom that the first time when I go to have some of the HERSHEY’S EGGIES for one of my snacks maybe I could get her to see the inside of one once I bite into it and she could then tell me whether she thinks it looks more like milk or dark chocolate. The only thing we didn’t get at Save-On is Smartie eggs, we didn’t see any. If I remember correctly we might not have got the Smartie eggs that we had last year from Save-On either, I’ll have my mom watch for them when she’s out in other stores.

Save-On didn’t have much to choose from for Easter cakes when we were there two days ago. I still hope that Safeway will do for Easter one of the round double-layer chocolate cakes that you know I like even though we haven’t saw any Easter cakes there so far this year. I said to my mom that if Safeway doesn’t come out with any Easter cakes maybe we could either get an Easter ice cream cake from Dairy Queen or we could see if the Hillcrest bakery has anything for Easter cakes even though Hillcrest’s cakes are usually a bit more expensive than most other places, but we have bought cakes from Hillcrest in the past...just not as often. And when I say the “Hillcrest bakery,” you know I mean the bakery not far from me in South Surrey that’s in the Hillcrest mall even though it’s that one in Vancouver you told me about before that’s actually called the “Hillcrest bakery.”

My mom went to the casino in Cloverdale for a little bit before she went to the Peninsula Village Safeway and did her grocery shopping three afternoons ago while I was with you. At Safeway she got; a pack of six bran muffins, a big bottle of HAPPY PLANET strawberry flavour smoothie drink, and two more things of Nalley brand chip dip. The chip dip was on sale again so she got one “Bacon & Onion” and one ranch, now we have lots of chip dip. I had some of the HAPPY PLANET drink with my cookie after we got home from Save-On and I had one of the bran muffins for my evening snack later that same day (on Tuesday night) with milk to drink. I also had some HAPPY PLANET to drink with my afternoon snack yesterday and to drink with my afternoon snack today I had cranberry juice.

Not long after you left three days ago, Chloe was standing up beside the kitchen counter with her back feet still on the floor like she was wondering if mom bought anything for her. Speaking about Chloe, she was on the loveseat last Sunday night (the 9th) until my mom came in the room and dished up my supper onto my TV table. When my mom was dishing up the supper, Chloe thought it was for her. Once I sit down to eat after that, Chloe puts her front feet up on the couch next to me for a few seconds while her back feet were still on the floor. Chloe doesn’t usually act like this. Remember I said in the message I sent you on Sunday Mar.2,2008 that I just missed having supper with Chloe after the delivery guy showed up the night before, well I missed her again the next Sunday night (the 9th) because she was gone after she had her front feet on the couch beside me.

Also last Sunday (the 9th), Izzy was sleeping on the couch in our family room just before supper. My dad tried to wake her up so she wouldn’t be awake bugging my parents all night.

Just after my dad came home three days ago (on Monday after you left), he flushed three of my little platies from the tank of baby ones that I might trade sometime within the next few weeks. He then thought that he should test the water in that tank. One more platy died before he did so bringing the total to four. The results of my dad’s water test concluded that the pH level was quite high so he then changed some water in that tank and tested the water again the next day (on Tuesday). The results this time were better but I don’t know exactly what the results were.

I notice that this crack in the plastic mat underneath our downstairs computer chair gets a little bigger each time I sit down at that computer. It seems like we have to keep replacing these plastic mats and I don’t know of any way to make them last longer. We had this plastic mat that keeps cracking for only about four or five months and we still have the last one sitting in the garage right now which my dad hasn’t taken to the dump yet. My dad says that he’s a bit heavier than me and he therefore probably wrecks the mat when he rolls back and forth across it while sitting in the computer chair, so I guess it would take me longer to get that mat damaged that badly because he’s heavier than me. Now if I go out with my dad one day next week to the Fish World store at 64th Avenue and Scott Road to trade my platies in for a store credit, just one of many ideas that I might come up with could be after that we hit Costco, grab one of my Costco hotdogs that I like and don’t get to have very often for my lunch with some fries, and get another plastic computer mat from there. So far I’m thinking about doing this either on Good Friday or next Thursday (the 20th) if my dad can get that day off work, I remember that one time a few years ago the bigger stores like A&B Sound were open on Good Friday but I don’t know if it would be different for the smaller fish stores. If we decide to do Costco for lunch, it could be a lot busier on Good Friday so if my dad ends up taking next Thursday off I’d have to reschedule with you for another day next week. Maybe we could see each other one day on the Easter weekend if you don’t have anything else planned.

My dad picked up a new scratch for me to try when he went for his walk last Saturday afternoon (the 8th). He got a “QUEEN of FORTUNE” and a “KING of FORTUNE.” My mom did the “QUEEN of FORTUNE” so I later did the “KING of FORTUNE.” The “KING of FORTUNE” has six games with the first one being where they give you three rows and you have to match three identical dollar amounts on the same row to win the prize amount at the end of that row. The second game is your favorite game you like to play whenever you go to the River Rock Casino...Texas Hold'em. In the end, I did not win anything on this scratch after playing all six games. I quote my mom when she said “you’re having the same luck on these I had,” quote “I wouldn't buy these again because they're poopy,” and she said after winning nothing on all six games quote “you got as much as I got.”

My dad went out and saw my grandparents (his parents) the next morning (on the 9th). My grandma sent home with him some spice raisin cookies that she made. I had a couple of those cookies for my dessert after lunch that same day (Sunday), I like a few things that are mild but not too spicy. You know that I also like the natcho cheese flavour Doritos chips. My mom and dad each had a piece of the Angel food cake last Saturday night (the 8th) which was the same night I had my Safeway salad and the donut for dessert, there was just a bit more than one piece of cake left but not enough for two pieces. I had one regular size piece for my dessert after supper the next night (Sunday night) with strawberries and whipping cream and my mom said that either she or my dad would have the last tiny little bit.

My dad has to go to Kamloops for a day or two this weekend. He could be gone for the weekend, but if so he’d get in lots of overtime which you know means a lot more extra money. It’s looking more likely now that he’ll go either Sunday or Monday, he also didn’t know for sure before today when he would be going...At first it was thought that he might’ve had to go either today or tomorrow. He told them that he wants to be home tomorrow so he could take the day off to come to our meeting. If it did end up being tomorrow when they ready to pull the cables through those pipes, another guy at my dad’s work named Takashi said he’d go. When my dad phoned home at lunch today, he said that when he and Takashi went for their walk at lunch today he let this other lady go with them. They’ve been warning women not to walk alone in that area because I guess they’ve been having some problems in that area, and the lady said that she likes the speed that my dad and Takashi walk at because the ladies who she normally walks with walk slower than she does.

Notice this in the part of the message with the gray background that you didn’t read before we did so where I said about going to DQ for onion rings:

> I thought that maybe tomorrow would be a good day to go to Dairy Queen for my onion rings and I’d just get a medium
> 7UP to drink with that and no fries after the stomach problems you remember I had the last time and then my mom said
> from now on I’d probably be best to “just get one or the other.” Again, I didn’t expect that many onion rings in a
> size small...I think they really packed them in there. If I have to guess what you’re gunna get, I would say...a Caramel
> Sundae for you, Mr. Sundae.

In that same message under my image from the "The Lion King," I gave a quote Timon said “Tastes like chicken.” Now a quote Pumbaa said was “They call me Mr. Pig.”

How about “They call me Mr. Sundae?

I couldn’t find a scene from the movie or an image of Pumbaa when he says “They call me Mr. Pig,” I hope you like the image I did find though.

And now I know not to use a gray background again on messages I send you because it’s the s ame colour hex as the cursor.

You can download the twelve images (it was twelve, not eleven) we did three days ago from
And the second package including the front cover image for the PC game “Colin McRae Rally” from

Out of those six patterns my mom has a feeling that I’d probably like image42a(12).bmp the best, she says that image42a(6).bmp is bright but doesn’t like it, she likes image42a(8).bmp and image42a(9).bmp, and image42a(2).bmp was one that you liked and we did just for fun. It probably won’t end up being #2 that gets used in the end. Maybe I could post a poll on-line sometime to see which one of those twelve images gets the most votes.

I tried doing a few searches under “Patterns Search” at results for “Dizzy Izzy” without the quotes, but I was right when I said that lots of results would come up for “Lava Lamp.” We use to have my cousin David’s lava lamp in our crawlspace after he passed away, I don’t remember what colour it was and I think his ex-girlfriend’s son might have taken it. His name is Kiernan. It might be neat to have a green lava lamp if I have a bigger bedroom sometime, maybe at the next place I live. Other than that thought, having my own lava lamp is another one of those many things that I just never think about just like I haven’t really thought about having a page on MySpace for another example.

I'm not normally on the computer after supper, the only time again when I sent you an E-mail after supper was that day when the nurse came to visit almost two months ago to let you know how the visit went earlier that same day. I had finished typing that message with the gray background before supper last Wednesday, it just didn’t get sent until after supper because my mom saw my image from Aladdin when she was checking the message and she called me into the room as soon as she saw that image. Where I had said above that image that “I’ll bet that you didn’t know Aladdin had a dog,” my mom told me that was a monkey in the image and not a dog. When I had said that above the image about Aladdin having a dog, I wasn’t referring to the monkey in the image. Maybe I should’ve used a different image:

Or I could’ve still used the same image but just cropped out the monkey like shown here:

I guess there’s room in the above image to paste a dog to the right of Jasmine. Or you remember one time when I looked at one of my dog books with you and we saw one weird looking dog that I had never saw before and that I thought looked like a monkey and not like a dog, well maybe Aladdin’s pet who I cut from the above image is a monkey dog. My mom knows that I watched the Aladdin movie many years ago and remember all those characters quite well, so I don’t know why she’d think that I thought it was a dog in that image. I was referring to the dog in the scanned image who you said could be on a magic carpet when I said that I bet you didn’t know Aladdin had a dog. Anyway, after my mom had called me into the room I then went on-line to look up the names of the characters so that I could add their names underneath the picture and that’s why the message didn’t get sent until after supper that night.

There are three new images for us to scan tomorrow, they were all in yesterday’s paper...more pictures of dogs dressed up including one image of two dogs wearing sunglasses. It was one of the times we scanned last week when you heard me sing for the second time and I sang that 1940s hit about the spray can. The first time you heard me sing, I sang “Whistle While You Work” from Disney's Snow White.

After our appointment tomorrow and while you and I go for lunch at White Spot, I’m trying to talk my mom into checking out a couple fabric stores on United Boulevard to see if they have the right kind of material I want to make our cats’ Christmas stockings. She already knows about one fabric store that’s over there and at one time a while back when she was looking either on-line or in the phonebook she found two listed in that same area including the one she already knew about but we’re not sure if they’re both still open and won’t know until they go over there. Those Christmas stockings can take my mom a while to make and therefore if she starts work on them now she might have them done in time for Christmas.

We went 152nd Street on our way to South Point two afternoons ago instead of 148th because they are still widening the road there. My mom thinks that they are finally four-laning 148th. And I think it’s about time they four-laned it, I’m not sure if they’ll four-lane it as far as the High School though. I remember when my mom would always drop me off and pick me up when I went to that school, it would always be busy and would take us forever to get through there. Anyway, it took us a long time to get through when we went 152nd on Tuesday. A policeman was standing at King George and we had no idea what he was doing, we thought that maybe he wasn’t allowing traffic to turn left at the intersection and head North on King George because they could’ve been clearing an accident down that way. The policeman didn’t leave and the road wasn’t open to traffic again until just as we were finally getting through. When we finally got to South Point I asked my mom if she thought it wouldn’t have taken us any longer if we had went 148th, she then said that she was beginning to wonder that too. We tried going home 148th, but just after we crossed King George the traffic was starting to back up due to the construction so we turned at 28th Avenue and took a shortcut home via the back roads. My mom thinks we could probably go 152nd on the way to our appointment tomorrow instead of 148th, she also thinks that we should get through that way a lot faster tomorrow because it could’ve been that policeman who was holding us up two afternoons ago.

I asked my mom if I should still ride with you or if I should ride with her and my dad on the way to the meeting tomorrow, she then said that I should probably still ride with you because she thinks that you assume I’m riding with you. Either way though, I’ll still have to ride with you on the way back if we’re going for lunch. And even if I do start riding with my parents again, I think it’s a good idea that you still go with us to our meetings because you work with me and understand some of the problems...And I also like the idea of you and me going out for lunch after the meetings.

My mom will tie my shoes before we leave tomorrow if she hasn’t already done so before you get here. At White Spot, you know I’ll order the two-piece fish and chips with Sprite to drink and the fish and chips will probably come with coleslaw. The fish and chips usually just comes with one thing of tartar sauce. My mom thinks that just one was enough for me the last couple times when I ate at White Spot, but I can’t remember if I used two any of the times I went with Carol and am not sure whether we should ask for two things of tartar sauce when we order tomorrow. And you can pour the KETCHUP for me whenever I need more. Carol usually got the BC Burger when I went to White Spot with her, but she didn’t get fries with it. My mom remembers Carol said that she had gotten Dilly Bars a few times when she went to Dairy Queen but mom couldn’t remember if Carol ever got a Dilly Bar any of the times when she went there with me. My mom remembers a few times when she (Carol) went there with me she got this banana blizzard that she liked and she said that it was good, not the Banana Split blizzard. I guess Carol got different things each time I went there with her. I’m not like your mom and am okay with either a booth or just an ordinary table at White Spot, when they seat us we can tell them that we want the darkest they have that’s available at that time. Tomorrow’s still not suppose to be a bright day weatherwise and you remember my mom said that a window should be okay if it’s like that, but the darker the better.

Our appointment tomorrow shouldn’t be as long as two hours. The last few appointments I had with my psychiatrist on Scott Road weren’t long at all, maybe not even a half hour long. When I first started seeing her many years ago in January 1999, the first few appointments were an hour long and then they continued to get shorter the more we got to know each other.

See you tomorrow at 9AM.


P.S. Just as I was finishing typing this message, I could hear my mom in the kitchen yell at Izzy to get down off the microwave and when my mom did so Izzy didn’t get down and instead swatted at my mom.

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