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Sunday Mar.2,2008

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I thought that I was feeling better yesterday except for having a burpy stomach when I first got up in the morning, but it’s a good thing we decided to postpone Chinese dinner to tomorrow because as I was coming out of the bathtub once I had finished my shower last night I had a messy toot. And a bunch of poop came out with it and splattered all over the floor as well as on the wall a tiny bit. I also got a bit of poop on a towel. My mom will clean my upstairs bathroom this afternoon. I only got a couple hours of sleep last night, I slept from 1:45AM to around 3:45 and then I didn’t fall asleep again until just after 7. I was awake since just after 8. I had three messy toots during the night; one at around 1:30AM, one at 4:30, and another one around 7AM. It seems I had a lousy sleep every second night this last week. The next day after every night I have a lousy sleep such as these I say to my mom “I had enough of this and I want to start getting serious about it” and my mom would then say every time that there’s nothing we can do about it. I don’t like laying in bed awake for long periods of time in the middle of the night.

you wrote:
> ...Thanks for the email and as always i enjoyed reading it...

I’m glad that you appreciate my messages and it seems that you learn a bit more about me each time I send you one, I therefore find that sending the E-mails has been working out for me.

> ...I'm wondering if hanging out with you on Monday from 2 -7 or so would be ok ? I have to go to north van to p/u my
> cds and then to vancouver to p/u a guitar case .let me know if thats ok . If your folks had something planned for
> one i could cancel my trip though...

Two to 7:30 or 8PM sounds okay. And my mom told me to tell you that “if you’re running a bit late not to worry about it.” My dad plans to go into work tomorrow morning and then come home for lunch and take the afternoon off, they will spend their time at the River Rock Casino. I will have a pack of graham wafer Thinsations for my snack tomorrow afternoon. My mom saw the weather on today’s Noon News and today they’re predicting that we’ll only get rain tomorrow morning and then it will clear up in the afternoon. I had been planning to go for a walk tomorrow afternoon after hearing this and before I got your message, but whenever I go for a walk on weekdays I prefer to go before I have my afternoon snack and before the kids get out of school. If we’re going to do any work on our cropping, we’ll have to paste a section back into the birthday card image that we’re currently working on (the long one that we scanned in three sections) because I looked and saw that we frankensteined it In one spot the last time we worked on it. After you watch me do this tomorrow, I could then E-mail you with instructions on how to paste over a frankensteined image in Windows Paint using the “Draw Opaque” feature. Oh and BTW, did you download the scanned images I detailed you yesterday? And also when we get Chinese tomorrow and you’re telling them our order, I’ll have my usual large rice and chow mein so that I’ll have leftovers. My mom will put two pieces of Angel food cake in the fridge before they leave tomorrow, you can make sure I get whichever one of those two is the bigger slice.

> cheers ribbit ribbit.. john


My mom decided to get out for a little walk by herself yesterday afternoon because she felt like she needed some exercise. I had a bit more interaction with my dad again, my stomach was a bit burpy while she was gone so I therefore had him get me a Gas-X.

My dad walked over to the insurance place at 140th Street and 16th Avenue yesterday afternoon to renew the insurance for his Subaru. When he was walking up our alley on his way home, he passed a little boy playing in his backyard with his shoes and socks off. He looked like he was only four years old. When he saw my dad, he looked up and said to him “Welcome to hell, can I take your order?”

My grandparents (my dad’s parents) phoned last night to wish my mom a happy birthday. They also said that they went to Nooksack Casino the day before and they came out with a bit less than the amount they went in with.

My cousin, Jenny, phoned my mom this morning. She said that she was down with the flu all last week and she had the house to herself at the time when she phoned us this morning while the rest were all off at church.

My dad picked a whole bouquet of daffodils yesterday afternoon for my mom.

My parents ordered Italian food for their supper last night from a place in Ocean Park called Delrios. They gave my parents a small coleslaw with their food which they gave to me for my lunch today because they also got another big salad which they only ate half of last night. With the coleslaw, I had ham lunchmeat and one of my Save-On-Foods dinner buns. My dad went for a big walk this morning and picked up the ham lunchmeat on his walk.

Chloe went up and laid down on our loveseat yesterday just before supper but didn’t stay there long because the delivery guy showed up with our Italian food at around a quarter after six and scared her. You know that she’s the one who goes into hiding whenever someone strange comes. Remember I told you in the message I sent you last Tuesday (the 26th) that Chloe can spend a lot of hours on the loveseat most evenings and some evenings I’ll be in the same room with her while I’m laying on the big couch. She’s even on the loveseat some evenings when I’m sitting on the big couch with my TV table eating my supper, but obviously I just missed her last night.

I was laying on the couch two afternoons ago (on Friday afternoon) when Izzy comes running into the room with a pair of my dad’s socks that she brought down from upstairs. Once my mom picks them up later after finding them on the floor downstairs, Izzy tries to get them back from her.

I had some “Dare REALFRUIT Gummies” with water to drink for my snack last night. You can buy these in big bags at Costco and I think you can also get them in smaller bags at stores such as London Drugs. I plan to have cashews for my evening snack tonight with milk to drink, my dad just left to do a bit of shopping and pick up some cashews for tonight. I even wrote him out a shopping list yesterday and that was the first time I made a shopping list on the computer since before the altercation. And for my snack a few minutes ago at 2PM I had the last nine Hershey kisses with three chocolate fudge bells. I plan to finish the HERSHEY’S EGGIES for my evening snack tomorrow night. When it comes to Christmas, I think the “Cadbury Mini Eggs” would be my preference in regards to how they look while I think that the HERSHEY’S EGGIES had a taste I preferred more.

I like all three kinds of chocolate (milk, dark, and white) even though milk is my preference out of those three just like I normally have Chicken McNuggets whenever I go to McDonald's even though I said in the message that I sent you on Tuesday Jan.15,2008 “I might try the Oven Roasted Turkey sandwich sometime when I go there.” Or I normally order a whistle dog when I go to A&W, but I found out one of the last few times when I went there that they now have chicken strips. Currently though, there are only two types of dipping sauce to choose from for their chicken strips; either Barbecue or Plum. You’d think Plum would probably be my prefered choice between the two. Or I’ll still eat Tim Hortons donuts even though my favorite ones are Krispy Kreme.

And speaking about chocolates, you were talking one of the last times when I was with you about the CHOCOLATERIE BERNARD CALLEBAUT store in Peninsula Village. We got stuff from there a few times including a chocolate Santa that we gave to Carol for Christmas either last year (Xmas 2006) or the year before and a milk chocolate cat that my parents gave me for my 25th birthday last year. That store has both dogs and cats to choose from in either milk or dark chocolate.

My dad watched a movie on TV last night called “Secondhand Lions.” It is about a young boy who is sent to live with his two uncles. They have five dogs and a pig. They tell their nephew unreal-sounding stories about their past, but the boy doesn’t know what to believe. I saw this movie when we rented the DVD a few years ago, but my mom says that it’s not one worth owning (or copying). And one of the cast members, Nicky Katt, played in another TV series I use to watch called “Boston Public.”

Thanks for responding to my message, see you tomorrow at 2PM.


P.S. This little guy means “I’m mad:”

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