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Wednesday Feb.27,2008


Big news, John...My friend, Kris, is moving and also big news is I talked to him on the phone last night when he told me his big news about moving. This is the first time I talked to anyone on the phone since before Christmas. He first called while I was having my shower last night. I asked my mom when I first heard the news after I came out if I need to call him back. She said I didn’t have to but it might be nice for him to hear from me, I then called him back on my own. Kris sounded excited when I returned his call. He’s moving into a two-bedroom apartment in an apartment building that isn’t too far from the basement suite where he currently lives in Langley. The basement suite that he’s renting right now just has a “living room/bedroom” combination, now he’ll be moving to a bigger apartment that has a separate living room and not one but two separate bedrooms. And he won’t be renting anymore, his grandparents helped him buy his new apartment. Speaking about his grandparents, Kris also told my dad when he talked to Kris on the phone while I had my shower last night that his grandparents aren’t going on as many big trips right now and are mostly staying around Langley. Kris moves in nine days from today on March the 7th and 8th. When I talked to Kris on the phone later yesterday evening, he told me that he hopes to get a cat sometime after he moves. I then asked him “how long” and then he said maybe five or six months after he moves. I then said “and hopefully no later than that.” He then said “Yah, hopefully no later.” He also said that he wants to get an all black cat. That’s exactly what I had wanted, both of our’s are almost black but have small bits of white on them. And then he said maybe he’ll get two cats, I then said “just like me.” He said that when he does get a cat he plans to get one from the SPCA. I then said to him “that’s the way to go,” I think this is the better option than to buy from pet stores. You never know but some of the dogs that are sold in pet stores might come from puppy mills and the same thing with cats. The SPCA was where we got Izzy when we got her a year and a half ago.

Also when my dad took Kris’s call last night when I was upstairs having my shower, he told Kris that I’m going through a tough time right now. I normally don’t want people to know that I’m going through a tough time, none of our friends or relatives know that there are altercations between myself and my parents and they all think that we don’t have any problems and are no different than the rest of the families on my dad’s side. My mom told me that if I choose to call him back and if he says anything about my tough time I could lie to him and say that “we’re just trying to figure out what my future will be and what will happen to me after my parents are gone.” He didn’t say anything though, that’s a good thing.

I had a better sleep last night than the night before and no messy toots last night, got about six or seven hours in total. I fell asleep the first time sometime between 1:30AM and 2 and then I was awake for a short time just after 4. I was awake again from 7 til 8, during which that car was parked in front of our house with its engine running again for about ten minutes after 7:30. I went back to sleep at 8AM and then I was awake since 10.

My dad talked to my grandparents on the phone last night. After he had finished talking to them, I went and saw him in the family room again so I could ask him what they had to say. This is when I found out that they have a coupon for Nooksack Casino only three Fridays; the one they went with my dad (the 15th), last Friday the 22nd, and this coming Friday so they plan to go down there again this Friday (the 29th).

If you got the message I sent you yesterday, remember I said that I had a news story for you but I was getting tired and you told me not to rush into things. My mom told me that she saw on yesterday’s Noon News the story about the male in his late teens who was found dead near a house in Surrey. They suspect that it was a drug house. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Carol could know that you met David Pickton. She’s read about his brother, Willie, and knows all about him. She’s one of those kind of people who would like to see him locked up for good. I miss sharing newspaper stories with Carol.

Izzy’s hyper today and she’s getting into everything. Just after Izzy came in from outside almost an hour ago (at around 12:30PM today), she jumped up onto the cat post in the family room and landed on top of Chloe who was laying on the post at that time. One second after she jumped up, Izzy jumped back off the other side of the post and Chloe stayed on the post after this.

There weren’t enough Christmas smarties left for my snack last night so I had a couple chocolates with them out of a small box that my grandparents (my dad’s parents) gave us for Christmas a few months ago. I had the two soft chocolates out of the four that were in that box, you know that I prefer softer chocolates to either hard ones or chewy ones, and my mom had the other two. We thought that one of the two chocolates I had was a Caramel one and the other one looked like it was just chocolate on the inside. I don’t like too many other Caramel things other than some Caramel filled Brussels Chocolates that my aunt and uncle (Karen and Robert) gave us for Christmas last year (Christmas 2006). The two my mom had last night were a coconut one and a chewier Caramel one. And the brand of chocolates we had last night is Russell Stover. When I told my mom after we had the chocolates last night to save the box and not throw it away until after the next time I E-mail you so that I could give you the brand name I also told her to take me seriously, but she didn’t take me seriously and threw the box into the recycling before I could get the brand name. Here are some other examples of times when I told you that she doesn’t take me seriously even after I tell her to do so:

• From the message I sent you on Wednesday Feb.20,2008:
> ...I tell her enough times that she has to speak louder but she never takes me seriously. And when it comes
> the times when I don’t know that my mom has disappeared to the other side of the house until I try to ask
> her a question while not knowing she disappeared, it usually takes me two or three tries before she can hear
> me and before I get an answer.

• Sunday Feb.10,2008:
> Speaking about the above image, there is one section of it that we didn’t scan yet. What you see above is thebr> > left side of the image, the other part we scanned last Thursday is the top-right corner which says “IS IT EASYbr> > BEING GREEN/,” and we didn’t do the bottom-right corner yet which I told my mom to save for me but shebr> > didn’t take me seriously and she threw it into the recycling. Luckily though, the recycling hadn’t been thrownbr> > out yet so we were able to recover it...

• And of course one of the reasons I told you cost me my relationship with Carol last August, my mom bought me only one bottle of sunscreen after I made it clear to her to take me seriously and buy two.

Now speaking about scanning, I told my mom to look through the rest of her gardening magazine today that came in the mail yesterday before she cuts out the one image I already told you about to see if there are any other dog or cat images I might like. And this time she better take me seriously. When we go for our walk tomorrow afternoon, maybe we could go to that trail again on the other side of 140th Street. After we get back, this will be the third time I have five pieces of Terry’s Chocolate Orange and then there should be enough left for one more snack after tomorrow. I’m still on the OASIS brand cranberry juice.

Remember I told you the same day my mom bought me four things of Nalley brand chip dip when lots of things were on sale she also got both a bag of Hawkins Cheesies and a bag of Doritos. I plan to have some of those cheesies for my snack this evening. Most times when I have either cheesies, Doritos, or the Old Dutch Rip-L potato chips for my snack in the evening, I have a can of CANADA DRY ginger ale to drink. Tonight I will be having a can of “ice UP” for a change which is the Save-On brand of 7UP. I also have two bottles of Lime Crush that I’ve had for a long time, but whenever I plan to drink one of them I keep ending up changing it to either “ginger ale” or “ice UP” at the last minute after my stomach being upset. Whenever I have either a can or a bottle of pop to drink at home, mom pours the pop into a glass for me. Otherwise if I drink right from the can or the bottle, then I have to use a straw and mom knows that drinking through a straw can make be burpy.

This message is now two pages long (not including the PS). It might’ve only been more like one and a half pages if mom had taken me seriously about not throwing away the box of chocolates just yet and I therefore wouldn’t have had to write out examples of previous times when she didn’t take me seriously after I made it clear to her to do so.


P.S. A few thoughts I have in response to your message titled “Fw: 7 Amazing Holes” :

> 2. Glory Hole - Monticello Dam  
> A glory hole is used when a dam is at full capacity and water needs to be drained from the
> reservoir.
> This is the glory hole belonging to Monticello dam in California and it's the largest in the world, its
> size enabling it to consume 14400 cubic feet of water every second.
> The hole can be seen at the top left of the photo above. If you were to jump in for some reason
> your slightly
> damp body would shoot out near the bottom of the dam (below).

I never saw anything like that before. That was my own opinion of course.

> 4. Great Blue Hole, Belize
> Situated 60 miles off the mainland of Belize is this incredible. Geographical phenomenon known as
> a blue hole.
> There are numerous blue holes around the world but none as stunning as this one.
> At surface level the near perfectly circular hole is 1/4 mile wide, the depth in the middle
> reaching 145 meters.
> Obviously the hole is a huge hit with divers. Read more here.

I quote my mom who says “that looks cool.”

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