About Me

This is just a picture of me.
This picture was taken back in September 1998. Hopefully soon I will have an updated picture of myself.

Okay, my name is Neil McRae if you haven't noticed already. I am 18 years old and I live in Surrey, B.C., Canada with my dog and parents. I'm in grade 12 and I go to Semiahmoo Secondary. I currently have three friends and I have a youth worker that I'm looking at jobs with. Maybe I'll have a job next year if I graduate grade 12 this year. I am looking into working with either dogs or computers, most likely computers.


I even have a condition called albinism. It makes my hair white, it makes me sensitive to bright light, and it makes me so I can't see very well (I only have 10% vision).

My Hobbies

I have two computers, I have 486-80 in my room and a bran new Pentium 667 in our computer room.  We bought our Pentium last summer. I play lots on both computers. I use them to play games, do homework, and go on the internet. Besides computers, I do some things like swimming, bowling, hiking, and tandem bike riding. We have a tandem (two-seated) bike. My dad rides on the front and I ride on the back because I can't see well enough to ride a bike by myself. Maybe soon I'll have a picture of that bike on this site. I also like playing with my dog. I take her for lots of walks. One sad thing is that I had a good page about my dog on my last site that got deleted. Everyone I knew liked this page. Luckily, I was able to save this page (I had it backed up on my hard drive) and I uploaded it to this site so you can see it here.

Places I Go

Here are some links to great sites related to me and my condition and other sites in my area.

Semiahmoo Secondary - my old school's site
NOAH - NOAH is a place for people with vision problems
CNIB - the CNIB is another place for people with vision problems
Lake Listings - lots of great lakes in B.C.
97 KISS-FM - my favorite radio station
BCTV - a news channel in my province
YTV - a great channel in my country
BC-Transit - find out about all the buses in my area
Castle Fun Park
Harrisand Sand Castles
The Chilliwack SPCA

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