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Monday July 27,2009



On Saturday, did you get the thunderstorm where you live?

My friend, Kris’s, grandpa is in critical care and I don’t know if he’ll live much longer because he’s had leukemia for a long time. Remember that Kris is the same one who was in hospital himself for a few nights back in April of this year after he got hit by a car? Anyway, his grandpa went in on Saturday July 18th and the doctors thought that he wouldn’t make the night. Also, he has tubes hooked up to him and because of which he is not able to talk right now.

My cousin, Jenny, who lives not far from where Kris lives out in Langley phoned my mom yesterday in the evening. She said that she had been out with her caregiver, Judy, earlier in the day yesterday when Judy’s car ran out of gas just after they left Costco and when they were on their way to Wal-Mart. Because Judy was a member with BCAA, she called them up and they brought her a can of gas so that she’d have enough to drive to the gas station.

My dad phoned home today at lunch to let us know that he was in RONA and he said that he saw they have window air conditioners for $150 each. He might bring one home for my bedroom window.

I have a story to share with you tomorrow that was in last week’s edition of our local Peace Arch newspaper. It’s about a girl named Michaela Robinson who is very small, I don’t know whether or not “dwarfism” is the condition that she has. Anyway, she was in the BASES program at Semiahmoo Secondary for a short time while I went to that school and was in the same BASES program, she was three grades below me. And this wasn’t the first time that she was in the paper, there was another story in the paper a little more than a year ago that was about her and the first time when I saw her in the paper was when they showed a picture of her with Jared from the SUBWAY commercials. Also, John told me that he met Michaela.

See you tomorrow at 1PM.


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