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Saturday July 11,2009



Would it be okay with you if we don’t go anywhere in the car on this coming Tuesday? My meeting in Port Coquitlam is this week on Thursday and I’m helping John walk his dogs tomorrow as now I have been doing it the last few Sundays and walking the dogs is starting to become part of our weekly routine. I told you that I get tired easily when there’s too much going on in the same week and maybe we could drive to Deas Island on the next Tuesday. And it’s funny that just last Tuesday you mentioned the Dairy Queen that’s on 152nd Street close to where you live, I might go to that one with John this Thursday on the way back from our meeting.

Also, more “Cheers” events to tell you about...The “Cheers” button seemed to have had a mind of its own just two days ago on Thursday afternoon, but only when it was in my hands. I went to press the button after I had won our first game of “Connect Four” on Thursday when it went off twice. First it said “Gan bay” and then somehow it cycled and said the next one. Now I only pushed it once but John didn’t believe me when I told him that. And then later on when John won a game of “Connect Four,” he told me to pass the cheers button under the bridge but somehow it went off immediately when I first touched it before I moved it under the bridge. Strange how none of these things ever happened when John had control over the button...Instead of passing it to him under the bridge the next time he had won a game after I won, I told him that it was in his reach so to reach over and grab it himself.


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