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Monday July 6,2009 at 10:13 PM

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Hi Neil,

Yes I saw your cat email! It was hilarious! I love animals so it is always wonderful to see pictures of them in such interesting poses. My favourite was the one with the cat in the dogs mouth, so large but so gentle…its nice to see how creatures that are so different can get along together…building trust and friendship…a good message for humans….

Here is a link to one of my favourite videos that exemplifies this:

Wow what unusual SORRY and CHEERS events…if you want to really throw John a curve ball try setting up SORRY on the coffee table and play there! WOW would that ever surprise him! J He would be VERY impressed…

I know Deas Island Park very well and love walking there! It is so pretty along the river and this time of year the birds will be singing…sounds like a great idea! I haven’t been there for awhile so I am looking forward to this…we could even come back along river road so we can see different scenery on the way back home…

See you at 1PM Neil


From: Neil McRae
Sent: July 6, 2009 3:21 PM
Subject: A suggestion


Did you receive that funny cat E-mail I forwarded to you last Tuesday? The one titled “FW: Have a nice day.”

John beat me again yesterday at “SORRY.” Could you believe that all four 11s came up in a row during one of our games yesterday? Now in “SORRY” there are four of each card and I think that yesterday has to be the first time in all the years I’ve played the game when all the cards for the same number all came up together.

And speaking about the games, remember when you were here on Tuesday June 16th that you found the “Cheers” button in the living room instead of on the kitchen table? I told you that was because I brought it in there two days before while John was in the bathroom and then I hid it underneath one of the cushions on the couch hoping that John would sit on it when he comes back. He sat there but it didn’t go off until just as my mom and dad were coming home about 25 minutes later, I had set it underneath the center cushion while John was in the bathroom but when he came out he sat on the cushion at the end of the couch. The “Cheers” button didn’t go off at all on the time before when I tried to do this to him because that time I set it underneath the end cushion but he sat on the center one when he came out of the bathroom. And do you realize that I started doing this to him because he did the same thing to me one time while I was in the bathroom and it went off the first time I sat on the couch?

Now when you saw me last Tuesday, you asked me to E-mail you after I come up with some ideas about what you and I could do tomorrow. Do you know the trails at Deas Island Park? My mom suggested that maybe we could go there because she knows that I haven’t been there for a long time. Take Highway 99 from my place and get off at the last exit before the tunnel. And then once we’re at the park, we could start by following the Tinmaker’s Walk to the southwest.

See you tomorrow at 1PM.


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