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RE: Off to Elephant Island

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Tuesday June 30,2009 at 8:18 AM


Hi Neil!

I am back from vacation and look forward to seeing you and hearing what you have been up to (sounds like some fascinating events have occurred) . I had some interesting opportunities while on vacation that I think will provide some fun conversations!

See you today….


From: Neil McRae
Sent: June 21, 2009 8:20 PM
Subject: Off to Elephant Island

hey Larry,

Did I catch you before you were suppose to leave on your vacation? I went to the Watershed Park today with John and we took four of his five dogs. This was the first time when he had four of his dogs when I went with him, we only had two dogs the few previous times when I helped him walk his dogs. We were adventurous today, we took different trails than the ones that you and I walked on (we still walked by the Water Tower today though) and we entered the park from the main entrance off of Highway 10. Also when we were out there exploring, John asked me if I’ve seen the iPhone before. I told him that Ray (who works at Spectrum) let me have a look at his on the first day when you came to my place and when Ray wanted to be here the first time that you and I met, but I think he showed it to me before you showed up here. Anyway, John then told me that they’ve since come out with an upgraded iPhone that has a compass as well as numerous other new features. And when we were almost back at John’s car while we were still on the trail, we passed two horses and one of John’s dogs started running behind it. You know that this is only the second time I have been to Watershed Park but today was the first time when I saw horses there.

Did you see the bulldozer that has been sitting in the front yard two doors down from me? My dad said that he saw they were trying to start it when he was driving home from work last Tuesday just before you left. They got it going just after you left and then once they had it going my dad said to us that they better not keep it going for very long or he’ll have to call bylaw enforcement because you’re not suppose to operate heavy equipment in your front yard after a certain time of day.. We also heard it going yesterday evening at 9PM. We think they might be doing some landscaping in their front yard, but my dad said you’d think they shouldn’t have their bulldozer going that late on a Saturday evening when other neighbours are expected to have dinners and family gatherings etc.

And did you hear about Billy Joel divorcing his third wife? My dad went fishing up at Alouette Lake just two days ago on Friday with my uncle and once they had turned the boat around to head back down to the end where they started at, my dad saw a black bear off to the side.


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