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Monday June 8,2009 at 3:56 PM



Have you been getting my E-mails? I sent you one last Wednesday that was titled “Campbell Park” and then I sent you another one just two days ago titled “hi Larry.” I never got the response that you said you sent me before the last time I saw you.

I thought that maybe tomorrow afternoon you and I could walk over to the Macs store that’s at the corner of 140th Street and 16th Avenue. We’d do a bigger walk first and then we could walk by there on the way back to my place. I’m thinking that maybe I’ll buy a box of Smarties and a “Junior Mints.” I’d have the Smarties tomorrow once we’re back at my place and I’ll save the Junior Mints to have for my afternoon snack on another day. And then after our snack, we’ll play “SORRY” and “Connect Four.”


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