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Wednesday May 6,2009



These are all the Billy Joel videos on YouTube that I’ve seen so far:

• #1 - Billy Joel: The River Of Dreams
• #2 - Billy Joel: My Life
• #3 - Billy Joel: You May Be Right
• #4 - Billy Joel: It's Still Rock And Roll To Me
• #5 - Billy Joel: Big Shot
• #6 - Billy Joel: Allentown
• #7 - Billy Joel: We Didn't Start The Fire
• #8 - Billy Joel: Uptown Girl
• #9 - Billy Joel: Piano Man
• #10 - Billy Joel and Elton John: Piano Man [Tokyo dome, Japan 1998]
• #11 - Billy Joel and Elton John: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road [Elton John featuring Billy Joel - Madison Square Garden, NY, October 2000]

And I’m not sure if I’m interested in starting a blog right now. I remember you told me that I could post photos to it, but John has an account with Photobucket. And I’ve already been planning that once I create an account with Flickr to upload my photos, him and I will compare the two services and see which one has more to offer for free, which one has more advantages over the other one, etc.


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