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Tuesday May 5,2009 at 8:08 AM


Hi Neil,

Our conversation got me to thinking about this video:

I like the sound and the video…it has a warm summer feel invoking a smile thinking back and envisioning the future as a welcoming place. What do you think of it?

Your plans for us sound good.


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Subject: Billy Joel - River of Dreams


I don’t have the “River of Dreams” album on CD, but I legally own the cassette. You suggested that we put the album on one day while we’re playing our games and we obviously can’t play the cassette in your laptop though I have been planning to download all of the songs online that are on my cassettes so that I could do away with my cassettes and then burn my downloaded music onto CDs. I just haven’t got around to downloading the songs from the “River of Dreams” album yet and then burning them onto a CD. And when you saw the song lyrics and the modified cover that I made for this album, you asked me if “The River of Dreams” is my favorite of all Billy Joel’s songs because you saw the lyrics in my binder. I don’t really have a favorite Billy Joel song and the “River of Dreams” album is not necessarily my favorite of all his albums though I do like a lot of the songs that are on that one album alone including “All About Soul,” “Shades of Grey,” “A Minor Variation,” and “The Great Wall of China.”

I’m thinking that maybe we could drive to Campbell Valley Park on Tuesday, that’s out in Langley near 16th Avenue and 200th Street. And I’ll bring my camera with us, but I can’t think of anything there is at Campbell Valley Park that I want to take a picture of right now. I discussed with John before about creating my own account with Flickr (the online photo sharing website) and once I create one, maybe I’ll upload the pictures that I took at Crescent Park when I was there with John yesterday.

And I’ll let you know that I don’t want to do too much, especially anything new or different, on the next Tuesday (May 12th) because I have a dentist appointment two days after that and I told you before that I get tired easily when there’s too much going on in the same week.


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