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just walkin the dog

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Monday Apr.27,2009


Hey Larry, guess what I did yesterday...I helped John walk his dogs for the first time and I got paid 5 dollars for it. I said to John at first that I don’t really care about getting paid to walk the dogs because that was something I didn’t need to be motivated to do seeing how I like dogs, but John said that he’d feel really bad if he couldn’t pay me. He already pays Connie, who lives with them, to walk the dogs. And because his wife, Dianne, won’t walk the dogs, they had previously talked about hiring a dog walker until John asked me if I’d walk his dogs and then I agreed.

Also, John let me start his car twice. His new Pontiac Grand Prix has a remote car starter and he let me push the button from the key chain two of the times within just the last few weeks when we left my place to go out. Until then, I had never started a car before. And John told me that you can only start the car while the key’s not in the ignition. If the key’s not there, you can’t drive the car.

See you tomorrow at 1PM.


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