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John and his beloved “Cheers” button

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Friday Apr.3,2009 at 4:05 PM



I E-mailed John after you were here and I asked him if he hid the “Cheers” button. He then responded and said that I’ve been sitting on it the whole time. And then I lifted up the cushion where I usually sit on the couch and guess what I found. I was even surprised myself that it didn’t go off any of the times I sat there seeing how he hid it there before and it went off when I sat on it. We played lots of “SORRY” yesterday when John was here and he won the “Cheers” game.

Also, I’ve now known John for over a year and we still haven’t seen a cat on any of my walks with him. He said just yesterday when I saw him that it would be kooky if you and I see a cat on one of the first times when we go for a walk together and then I still don’t see one together with John.

And I’m not sure about driving up to Fish World on this coming Tuesday because I have an appointment in Port Coquitlam two days after that and I get tired easily when there’s too much going on in the same week. And then I’ll probably go out for a snack with John on Thursday after the meeting, I’m thinking about going to Dairy Queen with him and having a milkshake.


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