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I’ll start by telling you first that a small piece broke off the end of one of my mom’s front teeth today just after lunch so she phoned the dentist and they can’t get her in until 5PM on Tuesday. She said that they’re booked solid until then but they’ll phone my mom if anything opens up before Tuesday. Their receptionist also told my mom to call them back if anything starts to hurt, but my mom then said to me that it’s gunna bug her because now it feels different. Anyway, after my mom phoned the dentist’s office she then phoned my dad and told him to make sure that there isn’t going to be anything on Tuesday that will hold him up so that he can be home before Larry has to leave at five o'clock.

Also, my cousin Jeff phoned my dad’s cell phone yesterday evening to let us know that they’re house warming will be on Saturday August 29th from 11AM to 5PM. Will you be able to switch days on that weekend?

Now responding to your message titled “got em all” in which you wrote:

> ...Sounds like you had a good day with Larry .Did you end up watching a video with Larry or just play games...

We just played games.

> ...You should consider ending your not watching videos as its been a long time .Maybe its time to watch the
> Grinch with your Mom...

I told you before that there were many previous times at which I had planned to watch “the Grinch” with my mom including the beginning of November 2007 until I found out that you were coming for the first time so I then decided that I wanted to wait until after you started working with me for a month or two so that I wouldn’t have had too much to get use to at one time. After that “month or two” was the big altercation that took place after Christmas so I decided to put it off even more, and then the Volkswagen man showed up. He would’ve been the first person to work with me who came here in a Volkswagen, and I never had a worker who showed up in a convertible.

Another instance was after I had managed to make it through an appointment in March of 2007 that I had with the independent psychiatrist who I use to see over on Scott Road. I thought that things had been going okay until after that appointment and there weren’t any problems. Knowing that I wouldn’t have to see that psychiatrist again for three more months I was having thoughts about watching “the Grinch” with my mom in the near coming days until I thought that maybe I’d go sit with my mom and dad in the family room on the evening of the same day I saw the psychiatrist in March. That was the first time in a while when I went out to sit with my mom and dad in the family room and I thought that it would’ve been nice for them to have me, but my mom wouldn’t stop criticizing me the whole time I was in there and my anger started to build up inside. My anger was still built up inside after my mom and dad went to bed on that night, I eventually ran out into the hall and yelled out something at my mom. And then when she got up and came out into the hall, I hit her. Now that my mom was going to tell the psychiatrist in three months that I hit her, I wanted to put off watching “the Grinch” with my mom for three months until after I saw her again. I would’ve tried to watch it with my mom if I knew that she wasn’t going to tell the psychiatrist, but when I told Carol a few days after the incident that I didn’t want my mom to tell the psychiatrist she (Carol) then said that it’s my consequence because I hit my mom. And then Carol went on to say “don’t put off doing things until after then,” but that made me feel even more like not watching movies until after I saw the psychiatrist.

Now, I had planned to walk with Larry over to the Macs store yesterday afternoon and buy a couple chocolate bars for my afternoon snack but I wasn’t sure if we should go through the neighbourhoods on the other side of 16th first and come out by Ray Shepherd elementary school or go across 140th before we go to the Macs store and on our way over there walk by the house where the fun-seeker use to be parked. When I asked my mom on the evening before which way she thought I should take him, she couldn’t answer me without starting a small light-hearted disagreement. She suggested if we go to the other side of 16th that we take a street I haven’t gone down before, but why would she suggest another street after I had already told her twice which way we’d go if she decided the other side of 16th? When I asked her my question for which of the two options that I had in mind, all I wanted her to say was “go to the other side of 16th” if she thought that was the way we should’ve went. If you still have the map that I previously sent you for the walk on the other side of 16th, you’ll see that going down a different street would mean going left at the end of Phoenix (142nd Street) instead of right. Right is the way to go if I wanted to stop at the Macs store on our way back.

Also two nights ago (on Monday evening), I wanted to have an “Oatmeal to Go” mixed berry bar for my snack and also I told my mom earlier in the day that I wanted her to set out a bag of allan gummies for my afternoon snack on the next day incase it was raining and I didn’t want to walk to the Macs store. I wanted her to get out the allan gummies for me and check them before I go to have them to make sure that they feel soft and don’t feel like they’re sticking together which you know has happened a few times. Now when it came time for my evening snack two nights ago, my mom said to me that she needed my help in the kitchen cupboard because I am much taller than she is and am able to reach things that had been pushed to the back. I don’t mind reaching stuff in the kitchen cupboards for my mom because I’m taller and I don’t have anything to argue against that. Now, I didn’t know what she wanted me to reach on Monday evening so after she called me to come help her and before I came into the kitchen, I asked if it was the oatmeal bars that she wanted me to reach and she said “yah.” When I got to the kitchen cupboard, she told me to reach for that box in that back corner. I put my hand to the back of the cupboard but there weren’t any boxes back there. When I told my mom that I can’t find a “box” back there, she said “bag” and then I said to her that I didn’t know the oatmeal bars were packaged in bags because I had always thought they were packaged together in boxes. Now it was then I had found out that she was able to reach the oatmeal bars no problem before she called me to come help her and that it was the “bag” of allan gummies that she wanted me to reach. Then when I asked her why she said “yah” after I asked her if it was the oatmeal bars that she needed help reaching, she answered by saying that what she said earlier was quote “yah, the allan gummies.” I must’ve only heard the “yah” at the beginning of what she said and didn’t hear the rest of it, but a lot of the times when I ask my mom a question and there’s more than one answer for her to pick from she’ll say “yah” before she answers me. If I’m not sure whether she wants me to reach the box of oatmeal bars or the bag of allan gummies for example and I just ask her if the oatmeal bars are what she needs my help reaching but I don’t say the words “allan gummies” in my question, then she should only start her answer with “yah” if her answer if “oatmeal bars” but not if her answer is “allan gummies.” Or let’s just say if instead I did ask her whether it was the oatmeal bars “or the allan gummies” that she needed my help reaching, she might answer by saying “yah, the oatmeal bars.” If she just said “yah” and didn’t say anything after that, I wouldn’t know which thing she wanted my help reaching. To me, saying “yah” and then saying “oatmeal bars” is like two different answers. My mom doesn’t agree with me when I say to her that there’s probably not a lot of other people out there who would say an unnecessary “yah” before they give their real answer, but I never met another person who does that.

On another note, Larry asked me in his E-mail that he sent me two days ago on Monday and he also asked me yesterday in person what are he and I going to do for community activities during winter since it rains so much then. I’ll remind you again that Jennifer, the girl who Carol also provided respite for at the same time Carol worked with me, didn’t like to go out much and Carol was okay with that.

Also, Larry made me shuffle the deck a couple times yesterday afternoon when we played “SORRY” though he usually shuffles and then I cut. He thought that I did a good job of shuffling then he said that he appreciates it if we take turns shuffling. Even though he did ask me if I was okay shuffling and even though he thought that you should have to take turns shuffling if you want to move the pieces, Carol didn’t mind shuffling the cards every time when I played “SORRY” with her.

And because I might not have enough of the OMBRELLE brand “Face” sunscreen for tomorrow afternoon, my mom and dad stopped at the London Drugs store in Peninsula Village yesterday on their way home from the Starlight but they were all out. I might have to use instead one of the ones that my mom bought within the last few months for me to try and I didn’t try yet, either the “KENeSYS” brand or the “VICHY” brand. You remember that I already tried the “BANANA BOAT” brand “Face” sunscreen but that stuff bothered my eyes. And this is why I use a separate sunscreen on my face, because a lot of the “Body” ones irritate my eyes.

Please no heavy conversations tomorrow, see you at 1PM.


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