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Larry made me play Chess

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Wednesday Aug.5,2009



Larry brought three new games here yesterday; Chess, Yahtzee, and Uno. He set up his Chess board and pieces ten minutes before it was my snack time and then he said we’d have a quick game just to show me what it’s like. I didn’t think that it would take as long as it did, the game itself took 45 minutes but I didn’t get my snack until 3:30 PM because we kept getting interrupted lots throughout the game by people sending Larry text messages to his cell phone. Carol always made sure that I never got my snacks too late, and she was also good about telling me to pour myself an extra drink at times of the day when I don’t normally have anything to drink like when we’re back at my place for example after doing the walk around Sunnyside Acres on a hot day in the summer.

Now, Larry asked me yesterday what I thought about Chess whether I think it was pretty straight forward or if it seemed more complicated. I already told you that he thought I’d be good at Chess and then he kept going on yesterday after we had the big game saying that he knew I would be good at it because he knows I’m smart. I myself thought that Chess was kind of tricky seeing how there are so many Chess pieces to keep track of, so many rules for each of the Chess pieces, and just a lot of thinking involved. It would take me a while to remember the many different moves.

My mom asked Larry yesterday just before he left if he knew yet whether or not they’d let him work with me next week on Tuesday because he’d be here for six hours on Saturday. He then said that he hadn’t yet received an E-mail telling him that he won’t be allowed to come on next Tuesday. Also, neither my mom or I knew until yesterday when my dad told Larry just before he left my place that my dad called up the city one day a couple of weeks ago to complain about the big fifth wheel trailer that’s been parked in the front yard on the other side of Muriel where they made a space using the bulldozer. The city told my dad that there’s no bylaw saying it’s illegal to park motorhomes or trailers in your front yard. My dad also said to Larry that he feels sorry for Muriel next door incase she decides to sell because the trailer being parked right in view of her front yard might bring the value down.

On another note, my dad doesn’t remember who everybody is that he meets around your house. After you left my place on Sunday (the 2nd), my dad said he thought that Connie was Dianne’s mom. And I don’t know myself whether he remembers that last Sunday was the second time that he saw Connie and not the first, I remember that he met her one time before then. Now, you said in your E-mail response that you sent me the next day on Monday evening:

> just checking as it says in your email that your dad is taking thursday off to take Jenny for her mri ..i'm
> cominmg on thursday still aren't I...

I said that either my dad or my mom will take Jenny to her MRI while the other one stays at home with me. She’s suppose to be at Surrey Memorial tomorrow morning at eleven o'clock and then after you show up here at One, both of my parents will take her to the Olive Garden for a late lunch while you’ll be here with me and we’ll have our usual visit until 4:30. I also said that you might finally get to meet Jenny when you get here at One and before my mom and dad take off with her.

> ...di and i went to tswassento watch jerry doucette play ...mama let him play...good stuff...cheers..John

Did you mean that Di and you “went to Tsawwassen to watch Jerry Doucette play?”

And for if you and Di are going to Elisabeth's Chalet on your anniversary, my mom told me that they were giving a little bit extra off their meals because it’s their anniversary but she doesn’t know if this is still on.


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