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Saturday July 31,2009 at 3:50 PM

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My mom called me into the family room yesterday as soon as she saw the story on Global National that was titled “Canada's pinball wizard” because she saw Eden Stamn in it. They said that he’s “Canada’s top player” and remember I told you before that his dad was a Science teacher at Semiahmoo Secondary when I was going to school there. I wasn’t in any of his Science classes but on most days at lunch he sat at the same table where I sat with the rest of the kids that were in BASES.

Also, when we watched the Noon News on Thursday and they talked about the small forest fire that happened near Indian Arm, remember they mentioned that a group of kids who were camping at Camp Howdy had to be removed from the area? I remember that Carol had told me about Camp Howdy and that Derek, who had Carol for a TA some of the years when she worked at H T Thrift elementary, went there with his grade seven class on their end of the year camping trip. And Carol had also worked with a few other kids who had gone to Camp Howdy.

On another note, my dad told me yesterday that he can get “Microsoft Office 2007” for just $11 through the “Employee Purchase Plan” at his work. I’m happy with what we have right now, but my dad said that he can get it for a cheap price. And currently we are running “Microsoft Office XP Pro 2002” on both the laptop and also my desktop in the computer room downstairs

Now, did you get my E-mail response I sent you yesterday and on which I attached our newest scanned image? Here it is again incase you didn’t get it:


you wrote:
> hi Neil
> hopefully you mcan see these photos..dont know if you have power point..cheers/
> john

I was able to see the photos. Is that suppose to be a toy or the dog’s tongue sticking out of its mouth? And I wonder where that freeway is, I had never saw one that had so many lanes? Or where’s that tunnel through the mountain?

Now, remember yesterday you said that you didn’t know how to close our deck door in the family room? My mom and dad couldn’t get it to close so they had to call up the store who installed it ten years ago and have the service man come this morning to fix it. And he only had to stay here for just a few minutes because it had just come off its track and it was easy to fix that. I thought that the guy should’ve had to done more than just put the door back on its track because my mom thought that there might’ve been something else wrong with the door seeing how we’ve had problems a few times previously with the door sticking but it seems fine now. Now, can you believe that my dad didn’t get an answer yesterday after he got home when he tried to call the phone number for, Euroline, the company that installed the doors. He called them again a little while later, he got through that time and he left a message saying that it was urgent and we needed them to come as soon as they’re available but no one returned my dad’s call so he ended up phoning the number again this morning.

Also, my dad had to sleep downstairs on the family room couch last night because they couldn’t close the door and they didn’t want anybody to come in. He usually gets up at 6AM to get ready for work, but this morning he slept through and didn’t wake up until 6:50 so he had to phone everyone in his carpool to let them know he was going to be ten minutes late picking them up.

My cousin, Jenny, who I told you lives out in Langley phoned my mom yesterday evening. She said that she still wants to go out for lunch with my mom and dad and she said that she wants to go to the Olive Garden because she’s never eaten there before. She also said that she’s off from her paper route for the next two weeks so my mom thought that it might be a good idea to take Jenny out sometime when I’m with either you or Larry during her time off except for Monday the 10th is the day on which Jenny will be going out with my auntie Darlene. And then Jenny phoned my mom again this morning to let her know that she has to go for an MRI next Thursday morning (August the 6th) at Surrey Memorial and she doesn’t know if Judy will be available to drive her, so my mom told her to call us if she can’t find somebody else to giver her a ride.

Also remember yesterday you saw that the birdhouse was full of baby birds? Now yesterday evening just before Jenny called, my dad was in the family room when he heard either the mother or the farther start to squawk so he went outside to see that Izzy was standing near one of the baby birds that was on the ground after it fell out of the birdhouse. My dad then picked up the baby bird and put it back in the birdhouse.

Please write me before Sunday.


P.S. Our newest scanned image is in the attached ZIP file.

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