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> ...Would it be ok to send a copy of this email to Jolie (the behavior therapist) ?

Yes, of course itís okay. Have you not been forwarding my E-mails for a while to Dr. McKibbin, Raynor, etc? You hadnít said anything to me that you stopped doing so.

> ...Is not doing things because Carol was going to do them a way for you to believe she's coming back sometime...

As much as I desperately need her to come back and how much my life depends on that, did I say that I believe that it will actually happen? I still wouldnít do the things with anybody else besides Carol even if I know that sheís not coming back, even if I do believe that sheíll come back, or even if I donít know at all whether or not sheís going to come back.

> i don't mention anything about Jenny because I don't know her. I don't have any opinions because its your family.

> ...because its your family.

Itís actually not my family...itís my mom and dadís family nor did I ask you to have any opinions. I thought that Iíd just share this with you at the time when it actually happened just last week when Jenny phoned my mom and told her that sheís been having fights with Judy seeing how you let me share with you previously when she had to move out to a shed in the backyard because two more kids wanted to come live with Judy and Judy didnít have any other space to put them. I guess you have no comments this time around though. And keep in mind too that Jenny is the one who knows Kris, she lives in Langley not far from where Krisís grandparents live and you have read a few times already about how Jenny was who we found out from about Kris getting hurt. Now Carol let me share everything with her that was going on in my mom and dadís family, and I remember too that she had some opinions about a few of their family members. She also shared with me everything that went on with her family and she shared with me every Sunday when she came here about everything that happened in her school on the previous week. I miss that and now Iím two years behind in keeping up to date about whatís been going on at her school.

> Lets do the walk that goes behing my house on sunday. so sandals it is.,,Cheers ..John

So weíre not going to Trish's this time?

> I'll take the time to check links once you've seen the pictures on line

Okay, I went to
with my mom and we looked at the pics and video of me with Bubbles as well as the surprise ďSORRYĒ pics. Now, I remember you told me that thereís also suppose to be pictures from Dianneís birthday but I didnít see any there.

And our new neighbours are moving in today next door at Marvin and Marjoreeís house. They just immigrated here from Korea and they have two small kids, a little boy and a little girl. My dad already went over there and met them but he said that it will take him a while to remember their names because all four of them are different than names that we are use to. Also, he told them that we have two cats so if they ever see the cats come into their yard my dad told them to just shoo them out.

And then now Iíll hope that Todd Antifaev wonít be the realtor who lists the house thatís next door to me on the other side when it goes up for sale because heís the one that knows Carol. If they put the sign up and I see his name is the one thatís on it, itíll mean that heíll be there lots before the house sells. I could just easily walk over there anytime I see him next door and ask him to get in touch with Carol about getting back together with me. Or maybe Iíll go over there before the house goes up for sale and tell Muriel not to pick Todd Antifaev, I just might tell her about the open house he was going to have but he didnít show up at. Now think about this idea being a change for me, Iíd walk over there all by myself and tell Muriel that I donít recommend this realtor. And you do realize that I'd be okay with the realtor selling Murielís house as long as Carol started seeing me again at least on Sundays?

Also, my grandpa will be coming in again tomorrow morning. Normally he doesnít come here on two weekends in a row, but my dad says that the wine he siphoned last weekend has to be racked off and then they stir in the finnings. Now my grandpa showed up as early as eight o'clock when he came in last weekend, but this time my dad told him not to come until 8:30 or Nine. Iíll want to get up at 10AM which is earlier than the time that I usually get up because Iíll want time to put on my sunscreen and weíll also need extra time to drive to your place so that weíd be there at One.

See you tomorrow at 1PM.


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