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Re: After our Coquitlam visit

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Saturday July 18,2009 at 8:41 AM


Hi Neil

Thanks for the email .Would it be ok to send a copy of this email to Jolie (the behavior therapist) ? I think this email covers your feelings pretty well and would give her some insight. Let me know.

I'm asking again if you take any responsibility for the altercation with Carol? Or do you just believe its all your parents fault ?Is that why you never talked to Carol about it? Is not doing things because Carol was going to do them a way for you to believe she's coming back sometime? I see you wish your parents couldn't see there relatives,Thats a revengeful thought. Also if they go away for any length of time you want Carol there . Thats really controlling your parents,I don't know how long that can go on. I know your parents would like to get away overnight or go on vacation. Or have there relatives come over for a visit . Or go for a walk when they want to . You won't allow that . I think part of you being able to live at your parents house was the hope that you would begin to change. You have definitely allowed some positive changes to happen. Thats why i'm hopeful that more positive things will happen .If they don't i dont know how long your parents can go on following your rules.

Hey , its alright that you've met everyone. You limit yourself because of Carol too much. Doing that won't change anything. It just makes life uneventful and unchallenging.

i don't mention anything about Jenny because I don't know her. I don't have any opinions because its your family.

Lets do the walk that goes behing my house on sunday. so sandals it is.,,Cheers ..John

I'll take the time to check links once you've seen the pictures on line.

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