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RE: : I forgot my pills AGAIN ..,just cant believe i forgot my pills again

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Wednesday July 15,2009 at 4:47 PM

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you wrote:
> ...I wouldn't worry about getting your pills on time now and then .Ive worked with lots of people who forget and take them
> later with no problems.However if its seizure medication thats a problem...

Those are just a couple vitamin pills that I take everyday after lunch.

> ...We went out to the keg last night. i had the spinach salad and crab stuffed mushrooms. we had
> cheesecake for dessert...

Did you go to the Keg thatís on the corner of 32nd Avenue and 152nd Street?

> ...hows your fake cat chloe doing? hehe...cheers,,John

You havenít seen Chloe for at least a couple of months, but I tried to hold onto her just a couple weeks ago when Larry first came to the door after he got here on Tuesday June 30th. She wouldíve got away and he wouldnít have got to see her if I hadnít grabbed her before he showed up. And I guess I didnít tell you yet about Larryís visit on June the 30th, the time when I cleaned his clock at ďSORRY,Ē or about the walk that we did on that same day. I took Larry to the Macs store for the second time after we went clockwise around the red area on the attached map. Also, it was only the first time that I took Larry to the other side of 16th and I couldnít remember the last time I did that walk with you whether we turned right at Lancaster or at Chestnut. Soon after I took Larry straight through when we got to Lancaster, he pointed out a monkey puzzle tree that he saw was in one of the front yards on the left side before we came to Chestnut. I donít remember me noticing a monkey tree or you pointing out one when I went that way with you, and then we came out onto 16th Avenue at Chestnut when I noticed that the scenery was different because we had come out across from Ray Sheperd Elementary School. I donít remember you and I coming out at this far down 16th, so I mustíve did a bit shorter walk with you and we probably came out at Lancaster.

And Larry still didnít meet the Dealman, it was the lady working there again. And at the Macs store that day I got a box of Glosette Raisins and I also got the KitKat bar that you saw was on our kitchen counter. I had the Glosette Raisins on June 30th when Larry and I got home after our walk.

And also on June 30th, Larry noticed in the afternoon that my female beta that I had in my one ten gallon fish aquarium was hovering near the bottom and then it got up and swam a bit. He said that he already knew it was going to die. I donít know if youíve noticed the last few times when you were here that I no longer have a female beta in the one ten gallon thatís in the corner by the window, all Iíve had in there since is just one catfish. My dad put the breeding cage on the other ten gallon where my male beta is and then he moved the sick female into the breeding cage after he came home later that day (on June 30th). She later died. Now I told Larry just yesterday that I still have another female beta down below in my five gallon whoís more healthy and we might try putting her in the breeding cage on the tank where the male is and she if sheíll breed with him, and then Larry said about if this female dies before we get around to doing so then Iíll have to arrange a time with my dad when we could do a fish run and get a couple more female betas.

See you in Port Coquitlam at 1PM tomorrow.


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